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  1. Looks like the house cleaning has started
  2. Good if they clean house i hope their isn't any hold overs. Bring someone in with a new vision.
  3. I have never seen a season where their have been so many blow outs and the team has just been out played as much as this year. Is the fact that Bergevin and DD haven't been fired because they're French and from Montreal? Does Molson ever care about this team? I don't think we can do a full rebuild since we have so many players on long term contracts. Only way would be us eating a lot of the long term contracts. But Bergevin ego won't let him do a rebuild or even trade top guys on this team. What needs to be done is a full clean house of management coaching staff and scouting staff. Then once everyone is gone and the new people are in place you can start a 5 year rebuild plan. I don't mind the losing seasons as long as the out come will give us elite players to compete for a cup. Tired of this bubble team shit with no plan that's been going on for 9 years. That's my venting and reason for not posting as much since most of it would be negative❌and not good i thought it would be better not to post than post.
  4. Just going to be another bubble team and draft pick year. Only difference is pick is looking better for the Phoenix coyotes. Bergevin is going to do the samethings he always does wait it out till Price gets back. When Price comes back he gives us just enough wins to knock us out of the lottery pick. So Coyotes will be getting a good pick from 11-20 which is where I see the habs finishing up.
  5. Has Price been that good in net over the years that he hides so much weaknesses on the team's over the years? One player cant make that big over a difference can they? How can this team be this bad without price? Have we taken price for granted over the years🤔
  6. Their was only 1 player I ever followed that got traded and that was Roy. I don't really care once someone gets traded or leaves through free agency. I look at the players we have now and that's it.
  7. I think Martin Brodeur would be a good choice. But who ever it is i hope they don't keep anyone from this staff including Timmins. Just clean house and start fresh.
  8. Bring back the red button please🙏
  9. So is that Bergevin plan then all along.... Get the first overall pick for the home crowd instead of a cup🤔
  10. If this is what life without Price looks like..... I don't like it 😔😫
  11. If Molson decides on a reset/retool/rebuild I don't want our scouting staff and Timmins part of it. Time to let them all go a start fresh with a whole new scouting staff. Someone new to head it.
  12. But the reason Bergevin has been unable to add a superstar without giving up a top player on his roster is because he can't draft and develop players that would give him trade value to pull off such trades. I'm okay with trading a top prospect to get help to win now. But we just can't do that because our drafting and developing of players are bad.
  13. This post is about tanking and getting a higher draft pick. I'm pointing out that might not be a great idea since under Bergevin we have zero 1st round picks playing on this team. Which has included 3 top 10 picks 2 of which were 3rd overall picks. Not a good track record.
  14. No one that was drafted in the first round and develop by Montreal. Canfield would be the first and only one in 10 years. Under Bergevin.
  15. Oh and in case you were wondering we have zero 1st round picks playing on this team under Bergevin, and he had 2 number 3picks over all under his belt.
  16. Same pattern over and over We keep rushing these kids in the line up because of lack of depth and failed plan to add that depth through free agency or trade. So when these players struggle we send them down. We do this to them for a good year or two then give up and trade them for another struggling player.
  17. Here we go again........Latendresse.......galchenyuk..... ..Kotkaniemi........ Now Caufield. Organization has no clue on how to develop players the right way.
  18. This team has never replace Markov and it shows how good and under rated he was.
  19. It will never happen under Bergevin. When has Bergevin ever tried for a better lottery pick when he's teams were out of the playoffs? Never he's ego won't allow him to give up on his team's. He just use's the same old excuses every year I will not make a trade just to make a trade I will not make a panic trade Injuries are out of my control Players don't play up to there potential It's all between their ears I did my job it's up to the players I believe in this team and believe this is a playoff team Did I miss anything???? It's kept him employed for 8 years.
  20. That was the same problem in the Stanley cup finals and was never address in the off season.
  21. Well every year we come out of the gates strong but tail off at seasons end. Maybe we're just trying the opposite this year🤔start slow end strong💪💪
  22. First time watching a full game my takes on it is this The players look lost playing the defensive system. A lot of missed coverage. What happen to that aggressive D from the first 8 games of the season last year? They hit everything, created turn overs, push the offense which generated goals. This system that is in place just doesn't seem to suit these players.
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