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  1. I was hoping for an elite score to... but that's a pipe dream cause I'm no Hoffman fan... Getzlaf would be a solid 4th line C pick up to pressure Evans and Poehling to perform. Anderson Suzuki Caufield Toffoli KK Gallagher Byron Evans Lehks Perry GETZLAF* Armia Drouin** Poehling Ylonen * 4th line wishlist ** status unclear
  2. I feel like Chiarot is an underrated skater for a big man... Edmundson Petry Chiarot ????? Romanov Hakanpaa Kulak Wideman** Norlinder Brook **Is he signed ?? That would be a bruiser on each line but everyone is fairly mobile still... The problem is with DeAngelo and Hamilton likely going elsewhere. There is no option in the UFA market to replace Weber. Hopefully Romanov really really takes a step forward this season and can cement a place in the top 4... cause I just don't see a top 4 option in the UFA market at this point. At least not long term
  3. Hakanpaa anybody? He didn't even make Dlbar UFA dman list... I say he's a darkhorse Dman
  4. Thats disappointing as I believe only those 2 are options to replace Weber unless we consider Suter as a lefty...
  5. I'd like to see Edmundson Petry Chiarot Hamilton/ D'Angelo*** Romanov Hakanpaa* Kulak Wideman** *Picked up Hakanpaa in fantasy hockey and he actually had solid numbers... hes also a big boy to so he could fit in well with MB/ Richardson style of defending ** there because it's reported in forum ***Hamilton is the clear #1 choice for me but D'Angelo could be another viable option when considering on ice performance only
  6. Im sorry but if the kid wants to come to Mtl... MB NEEDS to sign him period! He's easily worth Pietrangelo money. Especially considering that he would be a free asset that would cost us no players or picks to sign AND please don't be telling me he's not a free asset because we are spending CAP space on him... how ridiculous when we all know what free to aquire means.
  7. I still believe if a top defender as his hamilton wants to come to MTL on the eve you lose your captain... you sign him as long as he's asking for what is fair value...
  8. Gimmie a break... everyone understands that you use up cap space to sign a freakin player. What a joke!
  9. I disagree... Hamilton is a huge asset and if he can be signed as a UFA then he's a FREE huge asset that can be traded for other assets if it doesn't work out as long as there is no trade restrictions in his contract. I say go for it... hes still very young and would be 35 at the end of this 7 year deal... if he even wants to sign for 7. Likely 5 years so he can cash in huge again
  10. So 5 current and former 1st rounders and a top 5 nhl goalie prospect in the NhL right now... Eichel is an absolute beast but that's to much for anyone... at least for my liking and guaranteed to much for MB
  11. Im of the thinking we NEED to get Hamilton.... especially if we want to build off of our playoff success this past season and help the young kids grow... Edmundson Petry Chiarot Hamilton Romanov Kulak *Insert UFA here Norlinder Brook *Likely need to sign 2 defenders to make noise in the playoffs Will Norlinder be given a chance to crack the line up???
  12. Rumour of Ristolianan in for Weber??? In a trade. I BELIEVE this is NOT the answer...
  13. Marchand is extremely talented more so then a pest... not sure Gallagher is that level offensively
  14. I couldn't agree more... the guy has been hurt by snapshots the fingers only LOL
  15. You'd think LTIR would be the option here on drouin if he's not back from whatever ails him. Could he had been the difference in these playoffs? Highly unlikely. Its amazing when you think 2 of our highest paid forwards largely played zero role in this run (10M for Tatar and Drouin.) You'd have to believe if they expose Weber the Krak likely take Allen and if they protect Weber they likely take one of Edmundson or Chiarot...Or maybe they sign a UFa and were in the clear. Caufield has already replaced Tatar in the top 6 How far away is norlinder from being the puck mover we crave? Is Evans the heir apparant to Danault? Is Poehling centering Perry and Armia on the 4th line? Cause I want Perry back! Surely weve seen the last of the scratching of KK and Romanov
  16. Drouin is gone Tatar is gone And I believe Danault is gone (which would be sad) Its to early to be talking next year...
  17. Agreed... likely they will have a game plan set and ?burrows? Would be tasked with executing
  18. I want the all time record for time not trailing in the playoffs!
  19. At this point you'd have to believe there has been a falling out or breakdown somewhere between Romanov and management. The kid played 54 games in the regular season ffs...
  20. Incorrect... They would sing it any chance they got... in the 1st the 2nd periods even. It was part of the habs swagger... That was our song until one day we decided to chant soccer chants instead in the mid 90's I believe we converted to Ole I'd love for the roof to be blown off the rafters tonight with nah nah nah nah #bringbackhabsswagger
  21. Fix special teams ... fix regular season. We are already a very good 5on5 team
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