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  1. Ahhw, a classic Montréal-Atlanta matchup.. I still remember this game a couple years ago.. Head coach Therrien started this rookie goalie.. won 6-0. Montréal-Atlanta.. the memories.. Go :hlogo: go!!
  2. Thanks bud. Standard was the better team though.. than that %*$$çà?? Kuyt!! in extratime.. *sigh* Go Liverpool!! :glare:
  3. Detroit San Jose Pittsburgh Montréal
  4. if they win tonight ill get myself a mohawk as well now, if thats not a good raison to play 60'!! Go :hlogo: go!!
  5. Thanks for that link.. another good reason not! to go to bed :hlogo:
  6. since day 1 picked Pittsburgh, San Jose, Washington, New York & Montréal to get to the second round, Im stickin to that.
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