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  1. Well another simple screened shot from the point… and the lightning have the lead.. as I said… breakaways are not the answer against this goalie.. just like price is hard to beat… you need traffic in front. we have one goal in this series.. a double deflection off two Tampa players…
  2. Well we got a PP… they have had a few breakaways but that isn’t going to work… they need to get traffic in front and get some point shots, just like Tampa is doing to price.. 4 minutEs… they need to get one here!
  3. Two shots in tEn minutes won’t do it against this good a goalie… need to get some actual offensive pressure and some bodies in front of the net…
  4. Honestly.. I don’t see any positives out of that… instead of pushing back and building some momentum they got pushed around and the score run up… they need to forget this one and make adjustments..
  5. The habs haven’t really had any pressure on Tampa… dump and chase isn’t working as well against a very good defence… hits are almost equal, Tampa can play that hitting game all night and the habs will come out the worst for it. I agree the goals were pretty fluky but the goals are 4 to 1… Tampa had had far more chances and can defend a lead better then any team the habs have faced.. the habs will need to make some serious adjustments to get back in this series..I really wish the islanders had knocked these guys out..
  6. I didn’t need to hear those stats.. one win in 15 games against these guys… ugh
  7. They need to start putting shots to the net and driving hard there without the puck… just like Tampa..
  8. There was the bounce they needed… let’s see if they can get going now with a bit more confidence..
  9. They really have had no pressure on Tampa at all..a few good breaks but facing a price like goalie… they need more chances and more traffic… they need something good to happen…
  10. Ugh…. I honestly see no chance the habs are getting three goals….🙁
  11. Tampa just stifled the islanders… they are a very good defensive team who have enough talent to score while playing a tight checking game… there won’t bE a lot of room out there..
  12. The galley penalty was weak a but it was about third one on him… the first one was when he was breaking through the middle without the puck and was completely tackled… no call… I think the refs wanted To settle it down.
  13. Probably…at least across all the lines… remember these guys are way over the cap… this is basically a stacked team.
  14. Ugh… I just realized I am on a five day backpacking trip starting on the first.. I could miss most of the series and a cup win…
  15. Obvious pick just led to a good chance.. I know the whistle is away but come on.
  16. Gallagher just isn’t the same player… feels like he is just flailing at the puck..
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