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  1. Oh those sweet sweet leaf fan tears….
  2. Definitely selective reffing.. let a number of calls go and then call that away from the play..
  3. Seriously… every game they do this in the third..sit back and then take penalties…
  4. Playing with fire… we need some offence.
  5. Habs are playing all defence again. Bad strategy..
  6. Refs sure are not calling interference and holding now… better not give the leafs a cheap power play
  7. Habs really need to come out and get the next goal… if they turtle for 20 minutes the leafs a will come back…
  8. That would be truly sweet to see…
  9. And there is the make up call to let the leafs start the next period on the PP..
  10. There is the first next goal… keep them coming boys
  11. Price is holding them in now.,, they have to keep it together.. bad clears and running around.
  12. Sweet…let’s hope that gets him going..
  13. It would be nice to see our D score from the point…
  14. An early Goal or two might deflate the leafs, but then I would expect the habs to pull their usual disappearing act until the leafs have tied it up..
  15. Nothing tastes as sweet as the tears of leaf fans…
  16. Kk takes the opportunity to show all the ladies how long his tongue is… 😂😂😂
  17. That was a timely call… you should be coaching!
  18. And we keep icing it… I would call a TO and get them a rest.
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