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  1. Weber gave lee an earful about the cross check so the prick called the habs on a weak penalty..while ignoring several Vegas penalties.. he should be fired..
  2. These two clowns should never ref a playoff game again… just disgraceful..
  3. Chris lee has always sucked and always screwed Montreal… leaf fan
  4. Whew…. Glad we got the win but they can’t keep playing like this,.l we need a full 60 minute effort.. and maybe some refs who are willing to call Vegas…
  5. Seriously… we are going to play the rest of the period in our zone… even a good offensive shift would kill some clock
  6. They have to get On their horses and stop this turtle shit
  7. Seriously…only a matter of time when you sit back for two periods…
  8. Playing the whole period in your own zone is not how you defend a lead..
  9. We need some offensive… or at least some offensive zone time and pressure..
  10. Price is keeping theM in it right now… we need our fourth line to push back
  11. Guys need a sixty minute game tonight… they can’t sit on this..
  12. Not really.. only the US and the UK were ahead of us early and they have domestic supply and wouldn’t allow exports of vaccine, so Canada is more like the rest of Europe and we have been ahead of them since close to the start. Israel had a special deal ( four tImes the price and handed over medical data for studies) which wasn’t available to Canada. it was a bit rich seeing CNN call out Canada for being behind the US while the US was hoarding the supply… meanwhile, we passed them in percentage with at least one dose and soon enough will pass them entirely, given the rampant vaccine hesitancy in the US… I just hope Quebec can find a way to get more home fans in the arena for the coming rounds..
  13. Unreal… overtime….. I can’t complain about the effort or any sitting back… the habs are all over them.. they just can’t get a bounce.
  14. We are completely dominating this game… now we know what teams feel like shooting on Price.
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