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  1. If we can’t score soon with all this pressure the Jets will be flying in the third
  2. Frustrating tHat Habs are still so dominant yet the score is tied… we need another one soon as we are all over them.
  3. Arghhhhh two goals oVer Price… people need to stop jinxing stuff… this game isn’t over..
  4. If they could have a PP like that every time they would score a lot of goals… I do agree it was a weak call… our PKers best be ready.
  5. Well we have some much better teams coming up… I will wait and see how they do against Vegas or the Avs…
  6. That was a pretty shot…faked the defender then perfect shot on net…
  7. May be good this is a back to back… Jets have no time to change their mindsets… if the Habs can score quick tomorrow the Jets will be even more demoralized…(or price stones them early)
  8. Nice shot from our end… let’s sweep…
  9. Jets take another bad penalty… they are frustrated…
  10. I hope we get an early third period goal… my fear is they will sit back the whole period and I can’t take that kind of stress…😂😂
  11. Well shit… I guess we need another goal..that will give the Jets some life.
  12. And a penalty… refs making it CLEAR They won’t tolerate frustration hits…
  13. Oh bEautiful… that is a knife right to the heart of the Jets.
  14. Big PK needed… I think the Perry lIne is the best line below the goal one we have had in years…
  15. Fantastic hard working shifts leading to goals… let’s get another and I think the Jets will fold..
  16. If the Danault line could pick up more offence we would be winning these games with ease… seems like every time they enter the offensive zone the puck is right back out… Armia, Staal, and Perry are playing inspired hockey…
  17. Ah right you are! they got a break with the slow drop at least.
  18. Wow… nice shutout by Price… tight game…
  19. Danault can’t score against a defence man… 🙄
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