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  1. I agree with ya Chris ... I like l'il Bouillon, but man, he's not doing much this year. Still rusty from that injury or something.....
  2. I like those trios for tonight. FINALLY - Kovalev/Samsonov are split up to start a game.
  3. "Perez and Pleks value are only diminishing" Whaaaa????????
  4. "Carbo's system is simple: all out offense when you've got the puck;"- Kozed How can you be sure of this Kozed? I agree with a lot of the points PB made. We're playing too passive - defense giving up the blueline too easily and letting opposing forwards waltz right in... and most importantly - what happened to the 2 man forecheck Gainey implemented in the latter part of last season. That tactical move turned our season around. We're a pretty fast team - we would thrive with a 2-man forecheck. I see no downside to it whatsoever.
  5. No argument there Marble - I'd much rather Cammalleri than Forsberg too.
  6. Cammalleri would be nice, but I'm doubting LA would want to give up on a good young player like that while they are in a rebuilding phase. They've got Kopitar #1 center and Cammalleri #2 center... that's a nice start to rebuilding - I don't think they wanna mess that up. Rebuilding as they are, I kinda doubt they'd want an expensive veteran like Souray either.
  7. Sorry Nesquik buddy, but Trizzak is right - this is not the same as a 3-2 or 4-3 loss. We suck-diddly-ucked. oops, not Nesquik... I meant Habitforming
  8. If we were REALLY mean we would show footage of Dany Heatley's smashed-up Ferrari from a few years ago... but that would be too mean....
  9. Chris, you're right... this isn't just one game, this is a symptom of something worse. I think this team kind of overachieved for most of the season (masked by a fine goalie and an effective powerplay, ie. Souray+Kovalev) and is coming down to earth. I liken it to a team who finds themselves if 1st place but has a negative GF/GA differential (like the Canucks) - it just can't last. Have to disagree with your trade ideas though buddy! That's way too much for Forsberg.
  10. We're just too passive - on the forecheck and our defense. Why did Carbo abandon the 2-man forecheck that Gainey had instilled in the latter part of last season? That bugs the hell out of me. And our defense - they collapse back giving up the blueline to the opposition on a silver platter.
  11. You got it right on Harry... Theodore got into the coke and then went right downhill. Simple as that. Nobody to blame but himself.
  12. Yes I know... but the correct term for it is "Brainthrust". Really.
  13. Right on JMMR. Hey, your banner should say "Brain Thrust", not "Brain Trust".... just wanted to point that out to ya. :-) Oh, and "Brainthrust" should be just one word too. Nice lookin banner though!
  14. Good Lord no man... there will be room for them next year. Kostitsyn and Grabovsky are a big, big part of our future ... we better not trade that away. Trade away the older and less productive veterans. Next year Samsonov won't be here, Bonk will probably be gone, as will Johnson. Grabovsky will be our 2nd line center next year. He could be the next Daniel Briere.
  15. I completely agree with ShortHanded and OneSharpMarble. Something needs to be done. Having patience is fine and dandy, but you can overdo it. Sometimes you have to take action. The 2nd line should have been changed up 10-15 games ago... it just doesn't work, yet they keep flogging a dead horse. With all due respect to others like Kozed, Shortcat, Cataclaw, Chicoutimi Cucumber, etc... who continuously preach the "don't panic" and "P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E" mantra and who seem to 'mock' the rest of us who suggest changes should be made, I have to strongly disagree with them. Our good record up to this point is deceiving... I have the feeling that we are a house of cards that could come crashing down at any time. We rely way too much on Huet and the power play. Not good. I love ol' Carbo, but I don't entirely agree with some of his decisions: (1) As mentioned, the way he insists on keeping Samsonov and Kovalev together. They just don't click. Stop it. (2) Sending Lapierre back down. When Lapierre was up here, the 4th line was a legitimate offensive threat with Latendresse and Streit. Latendresse loved playing with his buddy Maxim, and it really showed. They were flying out there. I saw a 'buoyancy' and lightness of step in the Habs that I hadn't seen in a long long time. All 4 lines were rolling, and they could all produce offensively. It was very Buffalo Sabres-like. There was NO need to send Lapierre back down at that time... roster freeze my arse. We could have put Murray on waivers just before the roster freeze. Nobody would have claimed him anyway... every team in the league has at least 2 or 3 guys like him (or better) on their farm team. (3) Overplaying Huet. Huet is a premier goalie in this league, but he doesn't have the stamina of a Martin Brodeur (at least not yet anyways). Huet can't play 5-6 games in a row and be effective.. he just can't. he can play 3, then Aebischer should play one - that should be the routine. At this stage, Huet is good for about 55 or so games a year...not 70. (4) And what happened to the 2 man forechecking that Gainey implemented towards the end of last season that in my opinion, really turned us around. Carbo is back to a 1 man forecheck with the rest of us sitting back just waiting to be attacked upon. God I hate that.
  16. I haven't heard a thing either. Poor bugger, he took an awful whack to the face. ...Plekanec had some mustard on that shot. He's gotta have a broken jaw at least, I daresay. That would mean he's out for a bit... no excuse now not to call up Lapierre.
  17. Perreault? Responsible defensively??? never thought I'd see those in the same sentence...LOL
  18. We should have Aebischer in net against the Panthers Friday and keep Huet for Tampa Bay Saturday. I believe you should always keep the superior goalie for the 2nd game of back to back games.
  19. I think I heard somewhere he's got the flu, Ryder
  20. yuk, same here. Even though Zednik is no longer a habs, I'm still hoping one day I hear he challenges McLaren to a fight and gives him a damn good puk in the mouth.
  21. oh my GOD!! Look at the picture of Kovalev with Rivet on RDS/TSN... Kovalev is actually SMILING!!! First time this year I think!
  22. hehe, was just dreamin out loud boys... I know it's not feasible. I ain't loco! ;-)
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