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  1. I was positive in the other thread, If you think MB is anything but an average GM, that's your opinion. I have said numerous times that if you want a bubble team that Price can carry you threw a round MB is your guy. I have higher expectations. We will see what they do against the Jets. It's one round, 12 more wins to go, we will see how many they get
  2. Last years playoffs? Price carried them
  3. They changed something after game 4 and were much more aggressive on the puck
  4. Yea, thats the thing, are they a team that bubble team every year winning a round or are they a dangerous playoff team that can make it to the final 4
  5. Yes, fire him when the season is over for the same reasons i mentioned, It's Price 9 years ago and it's Price now. hasn;t done much to improve the rest of the team
  6. holy cow, i didn't see that one coming for sure thanks to carey price and just enough offense
  7. too much standing around, as soon as they scored they stopped moving forward. Not a good recipe for success
  8. Pushing the leafs to 7 isn't my idea of doing damage especially scoring 2 goals or less in 6 of them. I still fire everyone if they lose tonight, 2 round will save MB Unfortunately Molson, MB are fine with being mediocre
  9. They just stand there and pass the puck, its like watching the movie hoosiers, 5 passes before you shoot, 5 passes before you shoot.
  10. Caufield is the only dangerous consistent player they have going right now, he creates opportunities, hit the post several times in the series and is a pretty good play maker.
  11. Those 2 score by committee guys you mentioned had 6 goals this year total.
  12. Yea, so that was there schedule, same as the habs habs preyed on the Canucks,
  13. No it doesn;t, the Leafs had plenty of points to make the playoffs in any division, There playoffs have been poor the past few years, not the regular season
  14. They would have missed playoffs the past 2 years other than a pandemic and NHL changes, No real reason for optimism, if they go back to the regular division they are not a playoff team too many holes
  15. We will see, both teams have a recent history of folding when things get tough
  16. D will be so gassed they will be pilons Monday night
  17. Shoot, my bad, i thought it was 3-2 again Either way that was only the 11th time in Price's playoff career they scored 3 or more, absolutely pathetic. Maybe 12 0r 13 depending on how OT is counted
  18. Leafs had way better chances, Price was the difference as usual
  19. He isn;t proving anything 2 goals or less in all 6 games, 2 OT winners to get them to 3, If it wasn;t for Price, he would have been canned years ago. Everyone still needs the boot when the season is over
  20. I read all year price sucks and Allen was the guy? What happened?
  21. The habs haven't scored more than 2 goals in regulation time and it's 3-3. Insane
  22. They need to find some D on the bottom pair to play more than 7 minutes
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