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  1. evans played in half the games and no PP time, you are reaching big time on KK As i said at the time, you don;t draft lars eller 3rd over all
  2. KK sandbagged? The guy who hasn't scored a goal in like 2o games. he should be benched.
  3. Cant win if you can't score, crazy how bad this team is offensively
  4. Let's be honest, Price is games over 500, Allen is 2 games under with the same amount of games. This team goes as far as Price takes them
  5. Caufield was playing with better players in the ahl
  6. and what is the excuse for after the first 10 games of the year? They have 14 wins since
  7. How is harder to make the playoffs this year, they only have to beat 3 teams?
  8. Take the 7 wins wins in the first 10 games and it gets much worse, 13 wins in the last 36. Ouch,
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