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  1. Yeah but, hockey is all about emotions rollercoasting up and down - I wouldn't want it any other way I'm by the way down to 76. Very odd, but as someone mentioned, the calm before the storm.
  2. Well, thanks but I'm not back - I've never been away to begin with I still visit HW a couple of times every day, both from work and from home, I just don't post alot.
  3. My heart has been pounding like a mo-fo all day. Just a couple of hours prior to game 7 it's rising steadily and I reccon it will hit the roof when it's time to drop the puck. I was a bit curious so I had to measure, right now mine is on 96 (and I've been doing nothing the last couple of hours). What's yours? Count for 30 seconds, multiply by two. You know the drill GO HABS :hlogo:
  4. I think pressure for one. Also, it's not a secret that every other team loves to play in Montreal and for some reason everytime a team visits Montreal they tend to get that extra spark of motivation...
  5. Am I the only one not able to connect to the game on centre Ice? I'm subscribing via ESPN360. All the other games work fine
  6. Yepp, Aftonbladet afterwards asked him if he has ever before felt being this close to a retirement, to which he answered "No". He also said that he doesn't believe that he'll play another game this year (can't really tell if he ment the remainder of this year or the entire 07/08 season). - Things don't look good, he continued.
  7. There are some rumors floating around in Swedish newspapers about forsberg and montreal as well today...dunno how much those rumors can be trusted though...probably not much...according to the newspapers anaheim or detorit are the hottest contenders for forsberg... http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss/sport/story/...,998114,00.html http://expressen.se/index.jsp?a=875147 http://www.dn.se/DNet/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=2244&a=616836
  8. Hey guys, I'm a regular visitor of HW but don't post all that very often...just out of curiosity - does anyone know when the Canadiens last time did NOT have a sellout crowd in Montreal? It must have been centuries ago
  9. I don't wanna jinx things so I'll say Carolina 5, Habs 0... GO HABS! Can't wait for the puck to drop....
  10. haha, that guys is just awesome! José who??? 1. Dominik Hasek, OTT 2.09 2. Cristowall Huet, MON 2.14 3. Henrik Lundqvist, NYR 2.17 4. Manny Legace, DET 2.17 5. Miikka Kiprusoff, CGY 2.20 1. Cristowall Huet, MON .930 2. Dominik Hasek, OTT .925 3. Henrik Lundqvist, NYR .924 4. Tim Thomas, BOS .923 5. Tomas Vokoun, NSH .919 Let's hope he can carry us through the playoffs just as good..!
  11. Allright guys - I'm off to bed. 2:30 am over here. CJAD will be on in the background....hopefully I don't get all too excited and can fall asleep in either of the intermissions - gotta get up early tomorrow oh, almost forgot... GO HABS!
  12. Let's go Habs! Let's go Sens! I want that 7th spot so bad right now...
  13. Not a lot of rest for these guys...let's hope for another 6 goals in this one Let's go Bleu Blanc et Rouge!
  14. Of course...I'm not complaining....Dandenault is scoring, Bonk as well, can't really ask for more....
  15. several scoring chances for the pens already...what the hell is going on...
  16. God damnit - WE just went into daylight time over here in Sweden, and I had no clue what so ever - that's why I got so confused...
  17. What the F%$@?!! Isn't CJAD broadcasting tonights game? There's been some religious crap on air for over 30 minutes now...what the heck.... edit: oooh...never mind....you guys turned the clock back one hour last night, right? Damn - that means I'll have to wait another hour for the game to start...we don't go over to daylight time for another month or so :|
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