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  1. Cindy is still -2 for the game, one shot. And should be counted as -3 for that first Habs goal that he was sitting in the box for.
  2. Calm down, stay out of the penalty box, block the shots, clear the lanes and let Halak do what he does best. A two-goal lead going into third is definitely better than anyone could have expected.
  3. Right -- four straight penalties to us. Bettman has radioed his instructions.
  4. We need to get out of our own zone and test Johnson.
  5. Not on a hotel Internet connection -- more frustrating than anything. CJAD is all right, the announcers are good -- and I grew up listening to hockey on the radio so I don't feel particularly deprived.
  6. Four goals on 13 shots -- and they said Fleury plays great in important games?!?!? Another PK done!
  7. Cammy! And, OK, some credit to AK as well ...
  8. Just about 1 AM in London now. I don't dare go to sleep yet though!
  9. Bell Centre tickets being scalped for $50 according to CJAD ...
  10. Agreed 100%. And how they have played -- giving it their all (with a few glaring exceptions). I'm proud of our 2010 smurfs, err, Habs!
  11. Two hours behind you -- it's now 11:36 PM in London, and it's almost game time. We'll see if the adrenaline can keep me awake ...
  12. What's with all the early penalties? The Penguin power play is no fun for us.
  13. All right! I like Fleury's save percentage to start the game
  14. A win on Monday night is all it takes to get to that game 7. It looked like we didn't get a lot of bounces tonight (though I only saw the first period at home, and then the end of the third at the airport), but we looked pretty good, I thought. And I'm happy with the late goal, even though it wasn't enough -- it took away a possible second SO from Fleury, and psychologically a far better outcome than 2-0 (or 3-0 with an EN). Will be following game 6 on CJAD and HW from London, unless the hotel has a miraculously good Internet connection.
  15. Finding a way to get more than 20 shots? Yes, absolutely. But that doesn't require changing the system wholesale, we just need to get some energy into some key players.
  16. Alas, I'm afraid SK is less of a weapon than he is a tool ...
  17. More importantly, 18 shots or less by the Habs!
  18. Why couldn't they play like this earlier?
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