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  1. Canadian (plastic) money or US money? 😂
  2. Some excellent photos of him in the twitter comments, too.
  3. True to form. But I really have a hard time envisioning him in a Habs sweater for more than a game or two, given that he can't stay out of the box.
  4. That's now a 2-0 hole for Tampa to climb out of. They need to win both games at home ...
  5. Maybe yes, but that second-rounder is essentially a lottery ticket, no guarantees that it's going to pan out. In any case, I do think the Avs are also very happy with this trade.
  6. Wright really thinks about the game. In Athletic's interview with him, Coolery and Slafkovsky, each one was asked about what they did well and not so well this year. Wright: Slafkovsky and Cooley just commented about consistency and confidence, but Wright is analyzing the game, trying to figure out what works and how to beat the defenders. Spectacular or not, I really think he's the Wright player for the Habs and for St Louis to coach.
  7. Just looking at points doesn't tell you everything. Allan (#32) and Zellweger (#34) are both LHD. Zellweger's ceiling might be roughly similar as Mailloux, but from the Habs' perspective, he's on the side with a logjam of prospects, not the one with the big gap. (Allan's ceiling is substantially lower, I think.)
  8. I don't think many people are counting on Primeau. However, I expect that Wright should be on your list. Possibly Mailloux, too (though much risk still attached to him). That said, I really don't see an intentional tank next year -- there wasn't even one this year (OK, giving Armia the last few weeks off to stay with his family was probably intentional). My guess for the team is somewhere in the 20th-30th range, but much depends on the goaltending situation, and that will likely not be clear until sometime in the fall. As for the cap situation, in St Louis's third year, we will have, if no one is traded: Weber, Price likely on LTIR Suzuki, Evans ($9.5M) Gallagher, Dvorak, Armia ($14.5M) Caufield (TBD) Petry, Savard ($9.8M) Petry will surely be gone, and then the rest is quite manageable; only Suzuki, Anderson and Gallagher have contracts beyond that season (apart from Price and Weber).
  9. I think this is right. They are likely not expecting to be in the playoffs next season, but I don't think they are intentionally targeting finishing at the bottom of the standings again.
  10. So, when does Julien's contract expire? Ducharme is still getting paid for next season, as I recall.
  11. Both of those dueling goalies did end up being pulled. 😂
  12. Pronman's assessment values Slafkovsky's size and puck skills higher than Wright's hockey sense and compete (those are the four distinguishing attributes). My hockey sense says that St Louis would love to have Wright on his team.
  13. Yes. While he was not the optimal pick, neither was he a disastrous one. What the Habs should have done is matured him in (maybe some combination of Liiga and) the AHL. Instead, he got picked at top three (look how good I am!), was given a high roster spot (and TOI) immediately (I really am!), and never spent any substantial time in the minors. The Canes sealed this sense of entitlement with a $6M offer sheet and then a $40M eight-year contract, neither one of which he really had to work for. Contrast this with his fellow Finn, Ylonen. Picked at #35, spent two years in Liiga and another two in Laval. He may not have had the raw talent (ceiling!) of Kotkaniemi, but he knows he needs to work at it, and has shown that commitment in Laval. And he may yet end up being a better NHL player ...
  14. Mrazek of three years ago was better (.914) but this past season he could only manage 0.888, worse than Montembeault. Mrazek is on a downslope, Montembeault might yet have a chance to improve. So, I don't see him as an upgrade, for sure, and potentially worse. A (late) first-rounder might be worth that, if it's for next year's draft. Just don't assume that it's going to be a goaltending upgrade.
  15. Two years of Montembeault-level performance but at a cap hit of almost $4M? Would it really be worth it?
  16. The penalty call? Or the complaining about it? Chabot had his stick between Bjorninen's legs, which will normally get called. Bjorninen appears to have fallen after Chabot pulled his stick back, which looks like a dive, at least with the benefit of a video review. But there were other poor calls, or non-calls, in both directions, too. This stuff happens all the time. Even in the NHL playoffs. Referees are human and make mistakes. The downside of the IIHF format is that it's a single-game winner-take-all, so one bad call can decide the winner.
  17. I really don't think using English is an issue if you are playing for the Habs. Taxes are a bigger challenge for attracting UFAs.
  18. They did have Hasek for their last Cup in 2008.
  19. Anderson 1g+7a, +2, average 15:00 TOI Armia 5g+3a, +9 (tied for 3rd in the tournament), 15:00 TOI Farrell 2g+4a, +1, 14:00 TOI Armia was pushed down to the third line but the Finns really rolled four balanced lines so he still got plenty of ice, just less stellar linemates. Whether he stays or is traded, this tournament performance is a good thing.
  20. He would need to go on waivers again to go to Laval, so that's a non-starter. But keeping him away from Springfield, while not nice for him personally, would be a boost for the Rocket -- he scored 24 assists in 40 games with Springfield this season.
  21. Kotkaniemi is really racking up the ice time tonight, over eight minutes already with one period to go yet!
  22. I completely forgot that we had drafted him. Uh huh.
  23. The Canes pulled Raanta after falling behind 3-0. And put in Kochetkov, who let in the second shot he faced. Oh, how badly I feel for them.
  24. That's right! Might not get many starts, though, if Hofer stays as hot as he has been against Charlotte.
  25. It looks like the next round will be against Springfield (and our old friend Matthew Peca) as they are ahead 2-0 at the second intermission and look set for a series sweep vs Charlotte.
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