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  1. is it because they'll be over the limit with others coming off the IR (Breezer?) and since he's sick, or is this actually a conditioning stint. I wouldn't mind him getting a few games down there, but if he's sick with the flu, what's the point of sending him down??
  2. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah. That's stressful. As soon as I see the words Gainey and Press Conference, I assume big news is coming. Who knows? Maybe something is coming? Maybe Ryder's finally played well enough that we found a trading partner?? One can hope (or dream...)
  3. I agree, I was worried about how long Price was sitting. glad he's playing again tomorrow and I hope he has a really terrific outing. I really really really hope Huet didn't catch that flu from Koivu, or else it means it's travelling through the team ... Ugh.
  4. just wanted to clarify that I wasn't saying you specifically said the disrespect thing. It's just something that's been mentioned frequently on the board and I wanted to address that I'd thought of it before it was pointed out to me. The thing aobut "why mess with the depth of the team" is that the whole point of depth is that the best players get to play. otherwise what good is that depth. If you have depth but you play the mediocre guys and have the better players riding the pine, you've accomplished nothing.
  5. you think anyone would pick up Beige or Smoke with their contracts in the salary cap era if they were waived? We could always call them back up if we have to. I know, I know, it's disrespectful to a vet, blah blah. But these aren't the stars, they're the pluggers, and they've been truly and legitimately outplayed by the kids so it's not malicious.
  6. Lol. but what would that do for Ryder's confidence?? I agree. I think we're all expecting too much from Higgins too soon and then we get disappointed when he's not over a point per game player. Remember, this is only his 3rd year. I also hope for about 70-75 points next year, and I think he can hover around the ppg ratio when he hits his prime, but I don't think he'll ever be more than that on the "points" side. Remember, he brings a lot of other stuff to the table. Intangibles, physical play, energy, leadership.
  7. lappy's an energy guy too... he needs the time more than either of them.
  8. I am absolutely opposed to sending Lil Kosty or Lapierre down no matter who comes back. They've proven that they can play, and play well, in the nhl and they deserve to be here. I would rather waive one of the under acheiving vets or make a trade where we get back a low draft pick than send one of them back down. We have the youth we've been going on and on about for years and it's finally coming to fruition, so why should we throw it away...
  9. works for me. I love the way the kids are playing, and you know they're still improvig, so I want them getting as much time as possible.
  10. see, watching o'byrne play regularly with Breezer injured makes want him to keep playing in place of breezer. Hamr's GREAT at bringing up kids and teaching them the game. I'd rather o'byrne keeps playing and breezer sits when they're both back, but I know it won't happen.
  11. I know, I know, but I was just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad at him. I felt like we just needed to get rid of him no matter what, sort of like Samsonov. Glad he's here this year and I'm not Bob Gainey.
  12. I feel SOOOOOOOOOOO bad for him. What looks like his one chance, and his equipment doesn't arrive??? Unbelievable. I'd like to see what he can do too.
  13. yup. Same for me. I was ready to trade him for a bag of pucks this summer to anyone who would take him, and now he's playing great.
  14. did Kostopo make it out for another shift after getting hit with the puck??
  15. exactly. As good as he is in Dallas, at the time of the trade, he was a smart-alecky, problem and controversy causing player who only made things MORE insane in montreal then they already were. Good for him that he's improved and I think the trade shook him up. If he was still here, I DOUBT he would be putting up anywhere near these numbers.
  16. I have a bit of a soft spot for Streit, but realistically speaking, you're right, he'd be one of our more "expendable" pieces and could be sat without too much damage.
  17. I HATE the flu!!!!! Who's playing in his spot JMMR??
  18. totally agreed. Lats is great on the first, and Higgy's great on the third. As long as we go for offense and pressure instead of backing off with a one-goal lead, then we spread out the offense in a way that makes sense, not just break it up and have it not working anywhere. So if the third line is with Chips instead of Lappy up the middle, move Lappy down to centre the fourth and sit Kosto? Or does Ryder sit and Lappy just move to his spot on the wing on the third line?
  19. that's how I feel about them too. It's always miserable, and boring to watch. I'm hoping cataclaw's right and it's not too tight defensively because they're a bit tired.
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