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  1. definitely. Get a good player, if he's from Quebec. Then that's a plus.
  2. Yeah. I really enjoy the new team but I would of liked to see the Kostitsyn go away.
  3. We have a better team. We just lost players we actually cared for though. Give it a few games and we'll love the new guys.
  4. Basically that. As long as the guy can get the team going then he's perfect.
  5. It's up to Price to do the ######ing saves. Markov is injured so the pressure is on Price. If Price allows goals then it's his fault. And if we lost it's his fault because there's only a small difference in goals scored on both teams so a key save could of changed the fate of the game or a different goalie could of change the fate of the game.
  6. And they will give up that many shots. And it does matter who's in goal cause our D is broken. And if Price is really not the problem? So why would it hurt to put Halak in nets? I think Lapierre is gonna come back on fire next game. He's not gonna take what happened to him at the end of the game.
  7. Laraque should of definitely fought. Is it really his choice? Don't think so. I think Gainey held him back. Give Halak a chance. There is nothing to do with the D. No Markov, hurts the team. But the team will have to live without him and stop trying to find solutions. There is only one solution and that is too stop the shots. Which Price failed to do. Bruins play very dirty at the end of the game. I'd like to see Lapierre, Lats, and Komy bring a bit more roughness next match, I would really be suprise not to see Lapierre get his revenge on Saturday.
  8. Ah sorry, I failed to see the sarcasm. ... listen to him screw up the players names, talk about other sports, 5 seconds of delay on plays. I won't miss him.
  9. No good? He's done very good so far. He's obviously the better man in the pre season games so far. We still got some other goalies to see. But I've liked what I've seen from Denis tonight.
  10. Guys, I wanna know. was the 3rd goal a bad call and Detroit player pushed Fleury. Or did Fleury lose balance on his own?
  11. Yeah, that was horrible lol. USA are in deepshit right now. And I'm pretty sure they're losing their game against Norway.
  12. When the habs win it's skill. When they lose it's the other team who got lucky. Come on guys.
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