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  1. ugh. how stupid to let in a goal like that at the end. should have been 5-0, but overall VERY VERY good.
  2. yup. best way to play with a lead is to try to expand it
  3. I hope you're right but I have a bad feeling about this one.
  4. I'm not even sure we have enough to trade for one of these parts. sigh.
  5. This is what I don't get... He DID seize the opportunity when he got it. His rookie season, he was over a PPG player until they moved him off the top line. How is that NOT seizing the opportunity. The top line of Koivu Kovy Perogie was broken up not because they stopped producing, but because they were the only line producing and so the team eventually slumped and Julien decided to spread the offense out. I agree Higgins showed it, and so did Lats, but I can't believe you seriously can consider taht Perogie didn't.
  6. Heheh. well if we're being all-inclusive, how about a crescent? It's the last day of Eid Ul-Adha today. Not sure if I'm the only Muslim on the boards?? Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukkah/Happy Eid to all on the board, and let's hope our boys give us the present we all want tonight: A win!!
  7. he wasn't "Routinely" put on any top line. He got 2 shifts here, two shifts there every 15 games or so when the team was already down a few goals and Carbo was doing his typical line juggling. And about good work ethic for a russian, I think you're taking it a little too far. Not all russians are prima donnas, and not all canadians are hardworkers. Let's be fair here.
  8. Good things about this game: -our goalie was hot -we got a few goals 5 on 5 and also managed to score on the power play -Kosty jr. scored his first NHL goal bad things: -majorly outplayed. Huet and Lats stole those points for us. I know we should be happy about escaping with a win, and I am, but we need to play better as a team. Hopefully the fact that the players said they weren't happy with their play despite the win means they're slowly starting to change. All I know is that playing like this regularly won't get us wins regularly. We need to be better.
  9. yup. I was in 5th grade the last time the habs won a cup....
  10. I didn't watch last night and in hindsight I'm really glad I didn't. But coming on here to check the boards and wow! We're young, we're gonna be inconsistent, and we're still missing some pieces of the puzzle. Until the young guys we have mature and turn into bonafide players, or until we get that solid pure scorer (either a winger to play with Koivu or a 1st line centre to move Koivu to the second) we'll be like this. At least the potential's there...
  11. of course he said this, but a little "suggestion" by gainey would go a long way I think.
  12. Gaah! Must you jinx the poor kid?? He was *this* close his last two games.
  13. yeah. I remember that. it was crazy. I try to stay as objective as possible. Happy birthday!
  14. I'll take your word on it, I just don't think we're alway objective when one of our guys is injured. taht's the only point I'm trying to make.
  15. I didn't see the play, but I wonder how many of us would feel that way if it was Hamrlik's hand broken after getting tangled up with one of their players.
  16. considerably, none of them, yet... but there are still injuries that happen. And everyone who's so in love with little kost should remember how excited they were about Perogie's first two games in the league. I'm not knocking little kost, but he's only played two games, not enough to prove he's gonna be fantastic. And until he was called up, and we'd won two games in a row, we were all bemoaning our lack of offense, and saying we have too many third and fourthliners, but no one talented enough to play on a first or second line. All I'm suggesting is that someone like perogie is talented enough to play on the first or second, but also defensively sound enough to play on the third and has great positioning and an excellent plus minus. How is that NOT a kind of player we want. He'd fit basically anywhere. If we want to be as solid as a team like the Sens, consider the fact that they've got some offensively talented players on their third line, not just their top two...
  17. on habsinsideout, after lil kosty's first game, they have audio of his interviews in the dressing room the next day, and they ask him if he liked playing with Koivu and higgins, and he says yes. And then they ask him if he likes playing with his brother more, and he says yes again lol...
  18. I'm not expecting to get anything for him. The best we can hope for is he retires, or gets little to no playing time for the rest of the season and Chipper gets the ice time he would have. No other team is gonna want him at what's left of 2 M the way he was playing.
  19. He only got to play on the third for about half the year, and then Carbo basically benched him or gave him 5 minutes a game on the fourth for the second half. If he knew he was gonna get a real chance and get to play, I think he'd come back. At the same time, he probably already feels pegged by Carbo and figures he won't get a real chance. It's a shame to me. We complain about not having enough offense... He's talented. He never got a real chance to stay on an offensive line even though he did GREAT with Koivu and Kovy at the beginning of his rookie year. The same way I've been saying put Kovy and Koivu back together, they worked, when Koivu was slumping, last year I kept thinking "just Play Perogie on one of the top two lines with other offensive players and let him show what he can do" when the team was slumping...
  20. I agree completely. He didn't have the chance to prove anything. I'd definitely take him back, and try him on the third with Gui and Chips. Gui Chips and Perogie is a third line that could be both offensive AND defensive, as well as they're all fairly big players. People forget that he had the highest plus minus on the team last year, and that he was the third player in the Johnson/Bonk shutdown line. At worst case, he's a solid third liner with some offensive potential. BUT, he could be more offensive and talented than some of the guys we have playing on our top two lines. He could be another Afinogenov or Datsyuk, given a chance to play on an offensive line with the right players. Remember how bad plex stunk for the first half of last year? We all love him now... just saying...
  21. I'm a bit mad, but trying to look on the bright side. We finally play a great 60 minutes, and two of the guys who put in some fantastic effort (A Kost and Lats) are probably injured Well, let's hope whoever fills in for them brings in the same effort. I was really hoping we could roll with the last win, and the way they play tongith will show the team's character...
  22. so would I in theory, and when I think about it logically. But I get so frustrated when we're losing.
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