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  1. Aw yeah I picked the right gameto watch my first full gamne of the season! It's not even 9 and the game is already over tough, that's really weird!
  2. So far Washington looks like the big winner of free agency, they did the smartest moves. Colorado and Philly have to be kicking themselves right now. Nice to see two small market teams in Columbus and Buffalo actually signing guys too. These 2 teams looks significantly improved. It wouldn't be UFA period without a big contract being handlded by the NYR but compare to what they paid in the past, what they gave Richards actually looks reasonable. I tought he would make the bank explode more than that, considering he was the only real superstar forward avaible.
  3. I dont get WTF Philly is trying to do They get rid of Carter and Richards because of locker room issues, ok, I can understand that.. but then why on Earth do they turn arround and sign one of the biggest prima dona ever in Jagr? Isn't he one of the guys you would want most to stay away from if your goal is to clean up your locker room? Plus, he's 39 and hasn't played an NHL game in 3 years. I'm not sure he will be really effective.
  4. Chicago must really regret than they had to give away Byfuglien and Ladd for almost nothing. They are a big reason why Atlanta is such a good team all of a sudden! Since Nov 19, they have beaten Washington, Detroit, Montréal and now Boston. Perhaps it is time to take these guys seriously!
  5. Rest in peace Mr. Burns.
  6. Cammalleri - Plekanec - Kostitsyn Gionta - Eller - Pouliot Moen - Gomez - Lapierre Pyatt - Halpern - Boyd Our first line is golden so far, i'd really hate to see it being broke up. I'd really like to see what Eller could accomplish playing consistently with wingers who have good offensive capabilities. I think it's no coincidence he produced his first point the moment he was sent on the ice with AK46. That kid have a lot of potential but he's not on a high enough level to carry a line by himself (at least not yet) so he need some support. Gionta/Gomez needs to be broke up I think, they look for each other too much. I dont think Gomez would produce a lot of offense with Moen and Lapierre as wingers but he wouldnt get many goals scored against either. Nothing's against Pyatt but he just dont belong on a top 2 line.
  7. I think part of the reason why AK is so awesome so far this year is than he dont have to worry about his younger bro any longer.
  8. Halak's a great guy and I wish him success in St Louis! He deserve it! That said, we sure rocked those Senators tonight uh
  9. it wasn nowhere as bad as what happened in the NBA back in 2004, so giving him a higher suspension would had been plain.. dumb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3nOFLCprtE...player_embedded
  10. Damn Devils and their trap. That was one boring ass game and I aint saying that just because we lost. I enjoyed watching the opening game against the Leafs for instance because it was an actual battle... the Devils win by casting a sleep spell on their ennemies (it ends up affecting the audience as well!).
  11. Gorges is definitively a top 4. I say top 2 even, the only D on team who is better than he is is Markov due to his superior offensive capabilities. Gill is a top 4 too in my book. He is beast in the playoff with his experience and that ridiculously long reach of his. That leaves one spot, which I give to Harmlik for now tough Subban will have to replace him after this season. I like Harmlik but $5.5M he is worth no more. So the depth cahrts goes likies this IMO -- Right Now -- 1) Markov 2) Gorges 3) Gill 4) Harmlik 5) Subban 6) Spacek 7) O'Byrne 8) Picard -- July 2nd, 2011 -- 1) Markov 2) Gorges 3) Gill 4) Subban 5) O'Byrne 6) Picard Hopefully someone in Hamilton will be able to overcome O'byrne and/or Picard, tough I suppose we'll have to wait to know the answer to that question.
  12. Gorges is such a beast. I laugh thinking we got him for frikkin Rivet. O man, we sure robbed the sharks on that one. His contract up after this season, isn't it? I really hope we keep him, he's such a stabilising presence for our D. Thankfully his lack of offensive production will limit how much dough he'll get, but he sure will get an interesting pay raise, be it from the Habs or someone else. I have no doubts he'll get snatched up real quick if we let him make it to UFA.
  13. Epic vixtory. he team could had laid down and just accept the loss but they kept fighting and came from behind. I feel really good about this team, tough I cant wait for Markov to be back! O and it seems I was wrong about Kovalev.. even against the Habs he dont seem to give a crap. Sens fas are really angry at him right now.
  14. Ottawa suck so far this year. We have no excuse to loose against them even if it's 2 games in 2 nights. I mean come on, it's the beggining of the year, they have no excuse to be tired. The guy to watch out for tonight is Kovalev me thinks. Sure he sucked so far this year but I bet he'd like nothing more than making the Habs regret to not having signed him back.
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