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  1. Has Kinkaid won a game all year? The only way you are going to have a chance to get into playoffs is keep him out of the lineup.
  2. I don't know where the notion come from, that you can only have a certain amount of centers. In a perfect world, all players would be interchangeable , including defensemen. History would tell you, that on the forward lines, centers are the most sought after. The reason is that most coaches play their best players at center, no matter what league you are playing in. I am suggesting that you could have a team of thirteen centers. You could also have a team where you move defensemen up to forward when needed and/or vice versa. My point is that having extra centers is an asset and not a disease you must cure.
  3. Your question sort of suggests we need an upgrade on and off the ice?
  4. Agreed. I think he makes decisions too slow when the puck is on his stick. Anyway he has been moved to 3rd pairing. I believe our problem is getting production out our first pairing. Something has to give.
  5. 47 31 3 1 4th in Atlantic 7th in East 249 goals
  6. MB will be graded by his total body of work, just like everybody before him. I do believe there is some reason for optimism. At the end of the day, the success of the Montreal Canadiens will define him.
  7. We can argue what caused what, but as far as can see the results constitute the pudding. Therefore to-date I give MB a failing grade. CC is right.
  8. Day 2- Worse than the first- NADA- MIA
  9. Sounds just about right. If Montreal matches, does he come to Montreal and/or does somebody out bid that ? OR THAT IS acceptable and he never becomes free agent?
  10. I do believe agents become free at the end of the month, not the end of the Stanley Cup play.
  11. Agreed-and if that don't work, morph him into coaching
  12. No you are not alone. I keep hearing we need defense first. I believe this defense would look a lot better with a little more offense. Duchene works for me. I am good with anything that gets that putrid powerplay going.
  13. Just to clear things up I said for starters which would be something to the effect of " in the first instant" or " I will start my argument with" and nothing to do with starters as you propose.
  14. My argument was value for the third pick. Tkuckuk had 20 goals this year. We may not know Kok's potential for another three years. I don't believe necessarily in picking BPA but there is a case that they didn't here. I would tell you that they have needed a #1 center for years. I don't have a problem with their pick. Just saying1
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