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  1. I know, but he's playing like garbage. How about dressing him but not playing him a lot??? It's jsut taht he hasn't brought offense, he hasn't brought defence, he hasn't brought leadership... He basically hasn't brought anything. I know we want to attract UFA's, and I was one of those last year saying you can't waive Sammy because it won't help recruit UFAs, but I just feel like Smoke brings nothing and is taking up a spot of a kid who could be learning. I'd rather play Kosto or Begin every night, or call up Lappy, then play Smoke.
  2. okay, let's hope for injuries, and I guess you're right about the waiving him, but is it really a huge problem, him being benched. He doesn't have to be benched permanently, more like every other game. Besides, if this results in Gainey being unable to attract 36 year old 4th liners in the future, I'm not crushed about that loss. And I will respectfully disagree that Smoke WAS supposed to be Bonk's replacement. The 4th line centre doesn't get to make 2M a year.
  3. I totally agree with this. What's the point of risking further injury when he's not playing anywhere near his true ability anyway. Give him a week off or something and see how he's feeling.
  4. I don't care if we can't trade smoke because of his NTC. Bench him indefinitely. If we really really want to get rid of him, waive him. I think we need to call up O'byrne and Lappy as well, or at least O'byrne.
  5. wow! just read through the whole game thread and I gotta say, ppl are really a little overworked about Higgins. Yeah, he's not playing fantastic according to the stats, as in not burying all of his chances, but he's got 9 goals already, right? Not too too bad, I don't think, and you can't question his effort most games. Also, I'm almost sure he's injured. I LOVE how Komi's playing, but their roles are completely different, so it's hard to compare. Komi's not expected to put up the same stats on offense. He's a monster out there and I"m very happy for it, but it's his 5th or 6th full season, not third, so why are we even comparing the two of them? I have to say though, I don't think higgins is a 40/40 guy, at least not this year, but I don't think that means he's all talk, no action either. He works crazy hard, and gives his all every shift, and often enough, he makes stuff happen. That's all I ask.
  6. you just know if he was on our team and he went 5 games without scoring, we'd all be attacking him though... btw, I LOVE your sig.
  7. well, on the bright side, whoever wanted to see how Price would react after playing a crappy game, we'll find out on his next start... why is it 8 minutes? If there's 2 double-minors, isn't it a 4 minute 5 on 3?
  8. ugh. I'm sick with a cold and this is making me sicker. I'm going to bed. Sometimes I just think we should mail in the 2 points and not bother against NJ :puke: In the words of Boone on his blog tonight: And this game began with such promise.
  9. yeah... how many saves was that for Brodeur in the first? 14? 15? too many for us not to get a goal.
  10. great article, thanks. I hadn't seen it. and yeah, he just keeps winning. let's hope he can keep the streak alive tonight...
  11. well, I'm not sure what makes me sad? I was just not really following why you felt the need to post that you felt the devils would win on a habs site. And no where did I say anything about not realizing you've had our number for 4 years, or longer. I'm far from a 'vet' on this board, but I've been watching the habs for 7 years at least, and I know when a team has our number, but just because they've often won in the past, doesn't mean they'll always win in the future. We will see what happens tonight. The thing is, if Montreal wins, I won't be on here saying anything about how that makes me better than you. Wondering if it'll work the same if NJ wins? I get the impression it won't. Well said simonus, well said. I'm not mad, just a little baffled.
  12. ummmm... how does it make you feel better to go on the opposing team's fan site and talk about your team? wouldn't you rather hang out with fellow devils' fans? Or are there too few of them? or you can't find a site?
  13. I usually HATE playing NJ too because of our terrible record against them, but I'm actually cautiously excited for this game. I'm really glad Price is getting the start. It'll be a good test to see how he does with Marty Brodeur at the other end of the ice. It's funny too, on Habsinsideout, they had an audio clip from interviews in the dressing room, and Pat Hickey says to Chris Higgins, "You've never lost in their building" and Higgins starts laughing and then he gets the joke (since they've never played in this new building) and goes "what's he saying? What's that crazy old man saying?" lol...
  14. if he can keep playing this way. But playing this way for a whole season is hard. I'm HOPEFUL he'll get 30 for sure. Not so sure about 40.
  15. I knew I couldn't go away with them leading a 1-goal lead with 5 minutes left and expect them to KEEP it! Heaven forbid!!! Yeah, this really is getting annoying. The worst part is that when you think about the playoffs (if we ever get there) the games are usually close and we have a habit of losing the close ones this year. Or at least that's how it's seeming right now without me checking the stats...
  16. I'm not watching, but boone says Chipper's been really good on faceoffs. I like htis kid more and more...
  17. he's not turning out to be my favourite either (as a player. He seems like a really nice person though...)
  18. what's "the call"?? I have NO idea what you guys are talking about and I'm feeling just a bit left out hehehh. Is Chips actually faster than Ryder? Wow, that says something about Ryder, doesn't it? I don't think speed is exactly Chips' strong point, but he has pretty good hands. His real strength though is just how well he sees the ice. yeah, so on Habinsideout.com, they showed those lines, but they've got Smoke's line listed as the third, and Chips' listed as the 4th. I guess we'll see how they're used and who sees more time during the actual game. I hope Chips' line sees a lot of minutes. It would be good for Chips, and Dandy, and Ryder. I hope they play real "Shutdown" hockey, while the Kosto/Beige/Smoke line is the more grinding, crash and bang line, if you know what I mean. And I agree that Chips has really flown under the radar. Probably the best thing that can happen to him is for people not to really notice he's as good as he is and then WHAM, by the time they realize he's a well-rounded solid NHLer and he's ironed out the kinks in his game. I think all our other kids have to deal with being under the microscope so much (Lats, Price, Kosty, Grabs, etc) that it's kind of nice for Chips to just bring his lunch pail to work and slowly, inconspicuously turn into a really solid defensive forward...
  19. these lines sound pretty good. Hopefully Lats on the first means more crashing and banging and standing in front of the net. Both Higgy and Lats have chemistry with Koivu so lets see what the 3 of them can do together. I like Chipper as our 3rd line C and Smolinski as our 4th line guy, as I feel Chipper's playing well while Smoke has struggled somewhat lately...
  20. Heheh... I wanna be rose coloured. it's more fun. but I don't wanna be disappointed. Your attitude is admirable. and ps: thank you for telling everyone to play nice on the boards...
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