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  1. Cammalleri is the shiznit !!!!!!!
  2. Halak isn't the most talented guy ever, but he has heart and he fights every damn time he's in net. That's pretty much all you can ask for.
  3. Holy Sh*t that's one crazy game !
  4. I can think of about 25 other reasons why he should be fired.
  5. He just fanned under the chin, this would of been a knockout shot.
  6. Bergeron looks even worst defensively than Brisebois. Yep.
  7. With Gainey wouldn't surprise me. With all the gifts he makes them, he's probably still on their payroll.
  8. Yep, Latendresse wasn't good enough for that Brilliant hockey mind that is Gainey. That sloppy SOB Price keeps getting starts after 3 years of bullshit beer league goaltending though. This franchise has been sh*t since Patrick Roy got traded by another genius.
  9. I'm the biggest Habs fan ever. Gainey & Price are the disease and I'm the cure. Alright I gotta go losers. I predict 5 goals for the Sens against that sloppy b*tch Price.
  10. Price should've made the olympic team. OLE OLE OLE !!!!
  11. Smells like 4-2 soon. Gainey is the worst GM in the NHL.
  12. Spacek looks like he goes to KFC way too often. I've never seen a NHL player with a triple chin before. SAVE BY PRICE !!!!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!
  13. Spacek misses the net. Haven't heard that before. 3 years, 11.5 millions... :puke:
  14. They'll probably put Price in next game Halak lost... What a joke.
  15. Lard ass Brodeur probably as pumped as when he wins the cup
  16. Booing really helps the team morons !
  17. Beer belly Brodeur goaltends doesn't he ? Price dreams about being able to move like that.
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