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  1. Plus Cheechoo will hit and show some heart for you.
  2. I'd say let Weber develope at least one more year in the AHL. Take Diago for example, or Laps. Most of the time, if a player plays in the AHL a couple of years, it will him a better NHLer.
  3. One hit wonder. Playing with great players and still can't get it going, but maybe with a change of scenery?
  4. Great idea guys and props to BTH for a well wirtten article!
  5. Ever since that Orpik hit, he hasn't been the same.
  6. That is one of the most intelligent and funny things I've read in a while
  7. Marky should have just blasted a slapper into that scumbag of a ref's shins. And then when he is down the fans should dump beer on him. F You refs :puke:
  8. What helps make Laps so effective is his speed and Chips won't bring that quality to the table.
  9. I love how BGL is so calm in his fights. He ain't scared of anyone, and thats what you need in your enforcer. He has faught every goon and beast in the league and will NOT back down. Big Georges :bow: :bow: :bow:
  10. Price is in tonight. I would like to see BGL get the odd shift with Tangs and Lang. They were good together in the third. Begin is on fire.
  11. Didn't look like it, but BGL must have hurt Peters in that fight because Peters never had a shift after that. Either that or maybe the trainer couldn't remove the sh*t from his pants.
  12. Wow I love the BGL, Land, and Tangs line! Begin is the best at performing what is asked of him.
  13. I hated Sundin as a leaf, but I still would have liked him if he signed with Montreal. But since he never, and the way he went about the whole thing, it makes me hate him even more The top two things I'd love to see this year are BGL kicking the piss outta Lucic, and right after that it would be Sundin playing like garbage for the Canucks and their fans booing him. And him losing in the first round
  14. I agree, Laps has been amazing this year. And you know why? Because he is one of the few who treats each shift like it was his last. If everyone had the hustle and effort of Laps, we would not lose.
  15. Unbelievable. Everyone wanted him to hit more, he did. Now we find someway to make him wrong. Can we ever give somebody on the Canadiens praise without backing it up 10 minutes later with a flaw? Price will have a you know what, and before some people congradulate him, they will say he gave up a bad rebound, or gave away the puck. Lats has prolly put togther his best 3 game streak of his career and we still crictize him. We blame Briere and Vinny for not signing here. Why should they? To get looked at negatively?
  16. All Koivu is worth is 3.5 IMO. Kovy could sign for 5 million.
  17. GO HABS! Hope Big Georges has a good game
  18. Komisarek was amazing. Lock him up Bob
  19. Couldn't agree more. Even if he won't be 100% at skating, dress him for the 4-6 min we will need him for.
  20. FOR PHILLY: Komi=Probable Laraque=Questionable Price=No go
  21. I have lost all respect for Staal, that God damn pussy. When that Leaf player borke his hand and nose and had a concussion, he got up quicker than Staal. Halak made an amzing glove save...
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