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  1. Gomez starts looking good and he takes a shot to the leg!?!
  2. well, I'm something like 3-2 this season... hopefully I can improve my record. Pouliot-Gomez-Gionta still looking more and more dangerous each shift.
  3. Hamrlik Returns! For the first time since the season opener, we have our big three defenders playing at the same time. Without Hamrlik, the Habs played a pretty decent game against the Sens; with Hamrlik and the new Giant Mexican Chicken line, the Habs should have no trouble against the Lightning... except that we have learned not to get too confident with the 2009-10 Habs... Let's hope they don't show up flat. Price gets a chance after 5 straight for Halak.
  4. To be fair, Halak gave up 6 goals coming in rusty against the Sabres on December 3, but was able to get back in 3 games later even though Price had played very well in the intervening games.
  5. not a bad period. I'd love to see a better score, but Pouliot-Gomez-Gio is really changing the dynamic of the team.
  6. Gionta confirmed to play tonight. Haven't heard on Hamrlik.
  7. What to do When You Lose Your Excuses? Gionta and [not] Hamrlik come back [or don't] TSN says Gionta and Hamrlik are playing tonight. RDS says that Hamrlik is out, but Gionta is a gametime decision. One thing is for sure - Halak is getting his fifth straight start. But we are left with more questions: Will Halak save the sieve-like Habs defense? Will the Senators offense be rendered impotent by injuries? Will Hamrlik steady the defense and help the Habs keep the Senators to 39 shots? Will the new powerhouse line of Gionta-Gomez-Pouliot tire out the Sens as they actually force an opponent to worry about getting scored on for 40 minutes of the game? Will Sergei Kostitsyn be able to bring his playmaking skills to Metropolit and Pacioretty? Will Martin roll 4 lines if Moen is on the fourth, or will Moen be relegated to PK duty? Will the Habs score their 20,000th goal? If so, who will have their name entered into the team history books? These questions, and more, answered tonight @ 7:30 Eastern
  8. you're making me think about unpleasant things. Kristo got a decent goal against Slovakia, a had some good chances but no goals against Suisse.
  9. you shut your mouth. I was having a great time today.
  10. I've been watching a bit of the world juniors and I just thought I'd mention that Kristo looks very solid and creative. Nice to see a quality kid in the pipeline.
  11. that'll show people related to me who live in Toronto!
  12. Scene of the Crime Some people are worried about Markov playing the Leafs, a team againt whom he has suffered his last two injuries. The leafs should be worried about Markov Captain Andrei has come back with a vengeance and has - with the help of Halak, Plekanec, and the reanimated AK46 - led le tricolore to 3 straight road wins. Some have minimized the Habs' recent winning streak, saying that they have come against bad teams. Perhaps, but the leafs suck. The boys are coming into the ACC awake and ready to go. They are coming to WIN. GO HABS GO.
  13. cmon Habs29Retired -> Brevity is the soul of wit.
  14. no, after 4 Price losses (perhaps too long), the Canadiens gave Halak the nets for 4 games. Halak started a fifth straight game, but Price was able to start the 3rd after Halak allowed 4 goals in 40 mins. Price got to start the next game and was given a bit of a long leash considering how rusty he had become from sitting for almost 2 weeks.
  15. Merry Christmas, all my gentile friends. (Chanukah has been over for a while)
  16. I'll say Plekanec with 2 assists, Gomez and Pouliot each get an assist on SK's first goal of the season. 4-2 Habs.
  17. Habs head south for Christmas December 23, 2009. 7pm Eastern. Look who's joining the squad: Looks a bit more Last Temptation than Nativity scene, but hopefully he can bring order to the chaos. Keeping the Hurricanes penned in their own zone while peppering them with shots would be a great way to reduce our horrid shots against. Halak in nets. GO HABS GO. WIN.
  18. what are the odds that Hamrlik will be good to go tomorrow? I haven't heard a good report on the nature of his injury.
  19. hopefully Hamrlik can fill in... it'd be a ton of fun if Weber gets called up again just to sit in the press box.
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