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  1. That's expensive! A third rounder for a fifth defencemam that's to be UFA.
  2. If there's any truth in todays rumour about Marleau, then Montreal is screwed. Only a three-way deal could make it work as I don't think Montreal could or would deal with either Markov, Komisarek or Hamrlik. Earlier I said Koivu would never be traded. Marleau could be the only exception. Maybe he would like to end his career somewhere warmer along with his old buddy Rivet? And. Finaly... A Permanent Trade Rumour post is never complete without adding a trade proposal. Marleau for Koivu, Canadiens first round pick and a prospect.
  3. The Habs are on solid ground and Huet lost his last start. I think this would be a good time to start Price. Tampa is stugling but still has great offence that should test Price.
  4. But I do think he would fetch a late rounder... (Or better) Im wondering who'd want him. (Since the price would be a lot more than a late rounder. (Or better)
  5. It seems like there's a language barrier here... Im not doubting Saku Koivu would bring a first rounder and a fourth liner in return. But it would be insane to trade the captain for that! The same thing could be said about Lecavalier in Tampa and Marleau in San Jose. But the big difference is that Tampa has Richards and San Jose have Thornton. If the Canadiens could get Koivu to wave his no-trade clause what could the Habs get in return that would be concider an upgrade? In my opinion: None. Therefore, along with the fact that he has a no-trade clause, Saku Koivu will not leave Montreal via trade. Get it now?
  6. Er, what? Of course Koiuv has value. But would it be possible to get anything better in return? That's the question. All 29 other GMs would get Koivu if the price was right, like a late pick. But that's just stupid to speculate about. Get my point?
  7. I don't think Koivu will ever leave Montreal. Who'd want him? He's small, has just played a few full seasons and has never got far in the playoff. Sure he's been captain of the weakest version of the Habs, but I have a hard time seeing that he would atract much atention on the market.
  8. Does anyone know about Korneev? Russia has practicly won the Euro Hockey Tour today after Finland beat Sweden 2-1. Swedish rookie Patric Berglund made is first real game for Sweden. Berglund, runner up for MVP at last World Junior Championship, is the third player in Sweden to play for the national team before playing in the Elitserien. Oduya and Zetterberg was the other. I like what I see and I'm sure we will see more of him in the NHL. I think he's allready signed by the Blues.
  9. Two games. One versus the Sens, and one versus the Leafs. One win. Pretty much what could be expected... But it's always harder to lose to Toronto. But they can't lose every night.
  10. I think it was in early september. I don't get it why, it would be confusing?
  11. This Obama figure seens like a decent man...
  12. Emelin was in Sweden today for the Sweden-Russia game in The Globe Arena. LG Hockey Games has just begun and Russia beat Sweden 4-3. Emelin was solid, even if he took two bad penalties. In my opinion Kostantin Korneev was just as interesting. Do the Habs still hold the rights to him? The game was one of the better played this season. Eremenko in goal was brilliant.
  13. Two scenarios. The Leafs will be hungry after the humiliation versus the cats. Yes, I noted thet former Habs Zednik scored a hattrick. As long as he does it versus the Leafs he's an asset to our team. Or... Salt in the wounds! The Habs are better than Florida and should win by two digits!
  14. Not confusing at all. The leauge has two divisions. The Super Leauge and the Vysshaya which is divided into two conferences. East and West. 20 teams. 16 teams moves on to the cup. Two teams are degrated to the Vyssahaya. Each team play each other 3 times. 57 games per season. Then playoffs. Best of five.
  15. But Alfie has a great team that move focus from him. Spezza and Heatly are not far from nomination as well. In Washington rookie Nicklas "Bäckis" Bäckström is second in scoring. But the MVP and Norris seems obvious. The Calder and the Vezina is far more interesting.
  16. I think there's a difference between the man and the hockey player. The man Saku Koivu is great. He loves Montreal, he's taking a lot of critics but smiles anyway and he gives a lot back to the community. Losing such a man is a loss any day. But his play hasn't been that good al season. I think that goes for the whole line. And they only one that can change this fact is the hockey player Saku Koivu. He's the veteran. He's the captain. He's still the verry soul of the Montreal Canadiens. Ryder scores 30 goal in a season. Everybody happy. Higgins getting 20 and just as many helpers. Without Saku Koivu this won't happen. Ryder will never be anything but a goal-getter. Higgins could be more on his own but he's still in a phase where he needs support. They day things will go Koivu's way the Habs will have two great lines. I hope it happens soon.
  17. I don't think Forsberg would concider Montreal. Higgins and Emelin might be to much for Hossa.
  18. Source? That he rejected the Red Wings shouldn't be suprising news to anyone. I don't think he will play in Anaheim. The Logic choice would be New York or Denver. New York because he loves the city and often spend some days there. Im also pretty sure that his girlfriend have something to say here and who can say no to New York? Denver because I do think that's the team in his heart.
  19. There hasn't been any major trades this season. Im wondering if trading deadline will follow that curve or if it will explode. Anyway, I think Forsberg is the key. When he's signed trades and deals will emerge. My guess is that Forsberg will play for a New York team or the Avs.
  20. I see this as a last atempt before the trading deadline. But how will the third line look like? Ryder, Higgins and Streit? Would it be possible to try Higgins at centre again? Or will Ryder be seated in the pressbox once more?
  21. Ovechkin. He plays on a team that wouldn't be half as good as they are with him.
  22. I don't have the same opinion. Both north americans and europeans have learn from each other since Ulf Sterners days, sure. But there's still difference. Big time. As a europeans myself I guess I watch a lot more different hockey. Not more, but from different leauges and countries. Europeans take slapshots (even if Marcus Näslund still hasn't) and North Americans are wearing helmets. I wouldn't say Ovechkin is Russian in his play. Just as less as Thomas Holmström is Swedish in his style. There's always exceptions. Malkin and Datsyuk... Have you even seem one of them deliver a bone chrusher? But back to topic... Hossa is a great player but I would rather see a move or two by the deadline that would fire up Ryder on the third line and a guy that could give us a physical go-to-the-net-mentality. In my dream that would be Fedorov and Tanguay.
  23. Sure they have. They had a line with Russians when they captured versus the Flyers. But there's always exeptions. But just look at the fact how many european captains whom has lift the cup? I don't know exactly but I'd guess that there's 50% european captains in the NHL and just once has such a team won. Coincidence? I think not. It's the teams with the best mix that tends to win in the end.
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