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  1. Don't know if I can take it... My favourite player a duck. QUACK! Can't be... And I alos wonder what Anaheim are up to? Why spend all the Karya-money on Fedorov when they need deepth?
  2. I hope that Sergei listen to his father and comes to Montreal. Anything new?
  3. ch_nl


    What happened to The Fourt Period?
  4. Well... Hammarby is giving a go on Elitserien. They also aquired Trygg who defenitvly could make it on a elitserie team. Isn't former Montreal-player Zarley Zalapski alos in Hammarby?
  5. Niklas Anger and Kim Staal is not NHL caliber. Anger is too soft and Staal has seen his best days. Staal is not a prospect even more and he just signed a new deal with Malmö IF. Anger is too small and as someone mentioned, soft. The best prospect Montreal has in Sweden is Leksands defender Johan Eneqvist. Could be solid if he keep on developing. And just to mention... Habs also have the rights to Frölundas Peter Ström... Born in 75. (Ehrem... Ho said that Zetterberg would be a Calder candidate over a year ago?...)
  6. Didn't anyone see him at the world?
  7. I don't think we are talking about the same Perreault... I don't care if he's small. He scores. Two years with the Habs and over 100 points. There's no reason to trade away him! Only Zednik and Koivu had more points. And they played on the first line. We loved Bulis. And still Perreault had 8 more goals. Plus we get the best guy at face-offs in the whole NHL. I just don't get it...
  8. I can't understand why someone would like to trade Perreault. GIVE ME ONE REASON! And please, don't say that Ribs needs to be on the second line in order to develop...
  9. Hmmm... Sundström is a left winger. And I think Bulis has played his best at the left side to. Both Bulis and Sundström takes responsibility in the defence. And Kilger is not a playmaker. I hope that we keep Juneau. Here what I think... 1. Zednik - Koivu - Audette 2. Bulis - Perreault - ? 3. Sundström - Juneau - ? 4. ? - ? - McKay Trade Czerkawski, Dackell and Kilger among the ordinary players. Let the young players fill the remaining spots and trade the ones that I mentioned for some reliable defencemen. (Mattias Norström was awesome in the WC) And what's the news on Sourray? Will he ever be back?
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