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  1. If Eklund is correct about that Grabovski and a #2, I think I'd do that. Your thoughts?
  2. Ya you could be right, but why would he be scouting the Bulldogs? I think Gainey has an offer on the table for Waddell and he wants to see the prospects play in person, hence why he is at the game. Hopefully we land Hossa, how unreal would that be?
  3. Just thought I'd mention that Waddell was interviewed by the guys broadcasting the Bulldogs/Marlies game. Waddell said there are 5 or 6 teams interested in Hossa, and that talks have heated up the past 24 hours.
  4. P.S Glen Healy just said Montreal has followed Calgary around for the past 2 weeks, so "Montreal and Calgary will get the deal done".
  5. Not necessarily, I have a feeling Bob will try and lock him up right away. Everyone thought Kovalev was supposed to be a rental and even though he was well into his 30's, he ended up becoming a huge piece of the team and still remains like that today. I think Hossa could be a similar thing and even turn into Bob's replacement of Kovalev when he eventually gets too old/retires/ whatever happens with him lol
  6. Ya I saw that as well, neat stuff, hopefully he likes what he see's...I'm personally pretty flexible when it comes to trading for a player like Hossa. How many players are over 6 feet tall, over 200 lbs and can FLY on the ice like Hossa can. He's a finisher, as well as a playmaker, and would be an incredible addition to our team. Sure, many people rip on him for his bad performances in the playoffs, but I just looked up his playoff stats and besides 1 or 2 years about 8 years ago he hasn't been bad. On top of all of that, he perfectly fits into our lineup with his style. Bring Hossa to Montreal!
  7. More about Hossa from the Toronto Star: http://www.thestar.com/Sports/article/306399
  8. Agreed. We aren't very strong 5 on 5 (although we have improved which is good) so we NEED to capitalize when we have all of those PP's presented for us. Easy to lose games if you are Montreal when you don't capitalize on those opportunities. Last night was a very sad night because of that.
  9. Not even 1 goal for Gainey? Not even with all of those powerplays? what is going on...
  10. GO HABS GO!!!! Gainey jersey retirement night, make him proud boys
  11. Yes because Montreal is going to kick some ass. Why are French Canadian women so good looking that I can tell you RIGHT NOW that when I grow up I will marry one?
  12. 2 Dallas stars scouts at the game tonight according to the CJAD post-game show. According to 2 sources very close to CJAD, there are two offers out there to G.Ms on the table regarding Ryder.... woops my bad, this should be in Rumours section - my bad.
  13. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WE HAD IT....4-3... that call on Hamrlik was just AWFUL. absolute phantom call, i only saw one replay but i didnt see any interference there. Huet simply was not good enough.
  14. Lapierre fights?? wow...holds his own too...looks like those 2 will go again later this game, still chirping from the box... imgoing to continue watching GO HABS GO
  15. This seems pretty cool, however I don't know if faerie should be considered really... He was around for like a year, and pretty much had like 3453462456247256 posts, mainly about hot finish/swedish guys. Liked the habs, but was a fan of another team (Vancouver maybe? I kind of forget...)
  16. Probably nice and hungover from 2 nights of heavy drinking after that huge come-from-behind victory. lol
  17. sheesh, down 2-0 after 1. The boys better smarten up, we can't pull off these comebacks any time we'd like. As for goaltending, I don't blame Huet for the first goal, but boy oh boy he could've EASILY stopped the second goal, that goal was plain awful. I've noticed our goaltendings isn't bad, but terribly inconsistant. hopefully huet recovers in the 2nd and 3rd periods.
  18. please tell me these Tanguay rumours are true. If anyone here has any doubts on him, take a look back at his career stats, and one word to describe him will pop into your mind: CONSISTANT. consistant 70-80 point seasons for Tangs, and he is not one-dimensional like Ryder, he is a great all around player and an incredible passer. He would really help the first line with Koivu and Higgins.
  19. haha johnnyhasbeen I totally give you credit for that. I was reading the earlier posts and read yours, and I was like OMG. Too bad Ryder didn't end up getting the 'Trick, but that's still good enough! GO HABS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I CANT BELIEVE IT WOOOOOOO OOOOOLLLLEEEE OLLE OLE OLLLEEEEEEE OOOOOLLLLLLEEEEEEE OOOOOOLLLLLEEEEEEEE
  20. THESE REFS ARE AWFUL!!! hopefully we can draw some penalties in the 3rd and get some quick goals with the PP...but by the way the refs are calling things tonight, I don't see us having a PP the rest of the game. Pleaseeee have a strong third!
  21. I'm very sorry as well Cataclaw, just like every other poster on Habsworld... Kovalev was asked about Hollweg's comments, and he basically said "They can come after me if they want, it's part of the game. But if they do, they will just get penalized or get it right back just like they did last time."
  22. According to Bob Mckenzie, Gainey has an offer on the table for Tanguay...he said Ryder and a pick. Gainey is also coveting Sundin, Hossa according to Mckenzie... Obviously Sundin is a great player, but I would puke seeing our young talent playing for Toronto.....
  23. Great win. Excellent games played by a number of players, especially Gorges and Bouillon. That Rivet to San Jose for Gorges and a 1st is looking better and better with each game.
  24. Ottawa wouldn't do that in my opinion. Gerber vs. Huet is debatable, Huet probably wins but not by that much Neil brings more to the table than Begin or Dandenault, once again could be arguable but I'm sure most would agree they would rather have Chris Neil Vermette >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Begin or Dandenault
  25. P.S How could we not score on all of those powerplays late in the game? With our league-leading PP, the goal was basically on a platter for us and we couldn't even score against the measly leafs PK....upsetting
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