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  1. it'll be interesting to see what kind of reception Briere receives from our fans after turning us down in the offseason...
  2. I think we could get a decent player. This same question was tossed up at hfboards.com (where there like thousands of league-wide members) and the replies from fans from other teams was pretty positive. A coyotes fan said he'd offer up shane doan for it. Now, I know that fans arent the GM's, but I still think that GM's can see something in that package - Ryder - Is a proven and capable 30 goal scorer on a team that suffers with offence. He could be like Cheechoo possibly if playing with a guy like Thornton. Halak - Showed brilliance when called up last year. Excellent stats, however with only like 11 games played. Probably seen as a pretty good prospect who has a #1 goalie potential. 2nd - welll, its a second round pick. I can see this package getting us something decent in return, if we trade with the right partner.
  3. All I know is that I think it's time to trade Halak Ryder and 2nd for some scoring.
  4. GOO HABBSSS GOOOO Let Kosty play please Carbo! He deserves a better chance, think about Latendresse his rookie year, went 16 games without scoring didnt get scratched once (i dont think)
  5. Yeah, the SHOULD have Ryder on the bench after that performance. If it's going to happen to Grabovski, Latendresse and Kostitsyn it better happen to him; it'll show Ryder that not even the "vets" are safe
  6. wow, good to see kovy score again, but wake up guys seriously. lets capitalize on this pp heading into the third!! Oh and about Ryder - I like him, I really do, but maybe we should consider trading him while his value is still decent. I haven't seen anything special about him so far this year
  7. Yea, they aren't against us, its just natural as Fanpuck said. However, they can easily screw up alot and some games things really don't go our way, just like in Toronto sometimes.
  8. GOOOO HHHHAAABBBBSSSS GGGGOOOOO Win this baby, lets see some offence out there
  9. I went absolutely nuts when Kovy tied it up, soo happy... Shortly after i was extremely let down to see Kosto (unpressured) gave the Sens a gift...that was heartbreaking.... Although we cann blame Kosto for that, lets look at Carbonneau and ask ourselves WHAT WAS HE THINKING having a player like Kosto out there at that point in time...so painful I want to scream. Technically we shouldn't expect to beat a team like the sens, but every once in a while you have to steal some games like Florida did to us...tonight was a veryyyy winable game and we couldnt capitalize due to the stupidest turnover one could commit.
  10. GO HABS GO!! Hopefully a big game from Carey tonight, and hopefully a big game from all of our lines HIGGINS WILL SCORE TONIGHT!!!!
  11. I know...For the life of me I don't understand Carbonneau's thinking, but hey these aren't the official lines yet so lets wait and see. GO HABS GO!!
  12. Regardless of whether he may end up leaving us next season, how has Ryder not been a factor for us in the past 3 years? The guy competes for the Calder his rookie year, and has had nothing short of a "scoring" season every year on the Habs. He has been the only one on this team who had the capability of scoring 30 goals in a season, and just because we didn't have the talent surrounding him to help him out...he's useless now? If you are expecting him to carry the team on his back your sorely mistaken, but for the Canadiens, he's been a big factor. Your making it seem like he's a piece of junk.
  13. Coming from the same game who ripped on the heart and soul of the Canadiens... Anyways, we can win this game, but it's going to be a challenge. GO HABS GO
  14. In my opinion, it looks kind of cool having "HABS" on the mask instead of some nickname...Its better to represent the team. Also, Price probably doesnt have any cool nicknames so he just decided to go with that lol
  15. WWWOOOO ATTA BOY PRICE!! the higgins/koivu/ryder line was outstanding tonight, and how about kovalev with plekanec?? nobody thought it would work but tonight it looked pretty damn good. keep the lines this way carbonneau.
  16. Very excited for the game tonight...don't quite know what to expect out of Price though, but if Carbo and Gainey felt he looked good enough in practice i bet it's the right decision. Ruutu is out of the lineup tonight, probably a good thing for montreal. Tonight is going to be a good one, SHUT DOWN CROSBY. GO HABS GO
  17. I was at the game tonight...and lets just say we shot ourselves in the foot and let the leafs crawl back into it by making stupid giveaways/penalties, and by not being able to close the game on that 4 on 3 pp in overtime.... Brush it off, its the second game of the season, lets hope they improve for their next game. btw, the habs fans got the OLE going in the ACC...lasted for about 20 seconds but it was cool none the less haha GO HABS GO (i hate the leafs so much)
  18. Hey guys...I have Cogeco digital cable with RDS on it, and apparently Cogeco is adding the RDS hd, but it didnt show up tonight...anyone else here have cogeco and can let me know where i can find it...or if i should call or something? any help would be appreciated.
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