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  1. Zednik diserved it. Good job! It's good to see him go through a hot steak.
  2. By the way, he said that in an interview before the game was played
  3. When Montreal played L.A last game, Kovalev stated that it was very minor injury, and he should appear in the habs first home game since the road trip on thursday. So not this game, but the next we should see him.
  4. Nope, O'neill won't be traded due to an injury. Not sure about the details, but check out http://www.tsn.ca Right now it's a top story in the hockey section, and it's a heartbreaker because he would be a great addition to this team, but not this year he won't be traded.
  5. But hey, garon stood on his head, made great saves and basically gave us those 2 points, and we'll take them....but we need to be prepared for next game.
  6. Whoa.....habs were quite fiesty this game. Komisarek played a good physical game, and koivu had a REALLY nice hit. Good to see a smaller player make hits like that. Overall a poorly played game by habs, not alot of shots on goal and let too many on our goal, even though they were all saved except 2.
  7. I sure hope he gets back.......I'm still so mad that he got injured and he's not playing tonight. Finally a habs fan in toronto can sit down on the weekend and watch a game, to see the newly acquired alexei kovalev not playing. It's really upsetting. but oh well, habs WILL win!!!!
  8. Ya, I live in toronto, so unless they play an odd TSN game during the week, then i cant watch them for another week too. And damn that sucks how I can't watch kovalev play tonight.
  9. Ya, I am pretty sure.....i doubt he'd be playing, but maybe by their next game he'll be ready to go hopefully.
  10. I just made a thread that i copied and pasted from nhl.com.......doesn't seem that bad and I'm guessing he should be back by tuesday at the most...thats my guess
  11. 12:32 AM EST, 03/06/2004 Forward hurt in first game with Habs GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) - Alex Kovalev lasted about one-half game with his new team. The new Montreal right wing absorbed what he described as a mild shoulder separation Friday night in the second period of a 4-3 victory over the Phoenix Coyotes. "I feel like it's not going to take that long," said Kovalev, who joined the Canadiens on Wednesday after the New York Rangers traded him for prospect Josef Balej and a second-round draft pick. "I had a separation in that left shoulder, it was separated a lot worse than I had now. You can see I'm moving my arm and everything, so it feels more like a bruise." Coach Claude Julien listed Kovalev as day-to-day. The Russian forward was hurt when he extended his right arm to reach for a puck along the boards, and Coyotes forward Shane Doan crashed into him 9:22 into the period. --Source from nhl.com
  12. habs will win.....and its going to be a close one......thats my prediction, of course!
  13. I don't think that Julien should change the zednik-koivu-kovalev line. They are all players, but kovalev is from a completely different team, he needs some time to get used to how the habs play, and how koivu and zednik play. Don't break them up, and don't worry, they'll be putting the puck in the net more then u'd ever think. :ghg:
  14. Ya, I guess you have a point. After watching the highlights of the game, when kovalev was checked into the boards, he didn't fall or have a big reaction at all......I'm not saying this is a big lie, but the injury should hopfully be really mild.
  15. YA KOIVU NICE HIT!! GOOD JOB MAN!!! and about kovalev i HOPE he can be back on monday/tuesday at most.......im just hoping, but i really have no clue
  16. He'll be back with even more momentum....you guys just wait!
  17. God damnit! Kovalev better not be out for long! and same with markov....he just got hurt!!!! this sucks right now!!!!
  18. Ya that quote makes me like him so much more.
  19. hahaha, ya you sure don't hear montreal media go on and on about kovalev, and the toronto media (healy, etc.) are UPSESSED!!! evertime i turn it to tsn, they are talking about him.... I am watching the leafs vs. islanders game right now, and its the first period, but watch it and wait for the intermission and watch them ramble on and on about leetch.
  20. Can dowd hit? is he gritty? does anyone know?
  21. Ya dagenais is a great player, nobody should be saying that he should be traded.
  22. I hope it's true if we got witt. I do not think that giving up hainsey and a pick for him would be okay. Too much. A player that I would like to see in a habs uniform is------------Jeff O'neill!
  23. Gee, ya I'm hoping for a hat trick, but hey, realistically speaking in my opinion, on his very first game with the habs, I say he'll get 1g 1a. 2 pts. but thats only for the very first game....
  24. I don't think trading sundstrom is smart. AND DEFINTLY DO NOT TRADE DAGENAIS....thats one thing i can't stand to hear. He's very young, and can really score. He's got a great shot.. Yes, I do not think the dealing is done, the habs will go after a solid D-man AT LEAST. but hey, its gainey, hes great, and he might have some tricks up his sleeve. He may pick up a D-man but that might not be it!
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