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  1. The 2 weeks before the trade deadline turned out to be quite exhausting for all of us Habs fans. During those days many went to bed a night still debating who Bob Gainey would trade and who he would get in return. During those days this forum has been kept red hot with rumours and wishes. Most of us woke up in the morning to go to work with still in mind all those rumours and wishes and rush to our computer to watch if they were really dreams or reality. Some were gratefull to see a star player like Kovalev coming to town and some were chocked ( Dagenais maybe?) to see a grinder like Dowd joining the team. But at the end those 2 additions were enough to allow the team to continue in its progression while avoiding disturbing the great team spirit. So our Habs are making the cut and now it is time for us, the fans, to relax and give back to our boss some precious companie time lost in the turmoil of the trade deadline. It is time to relax because when the playoffs start the real season begins and for us, the fans, that means more nights without sleep and more rumours about injuries and line-up to deal with. And what about if our Habs make it to the end...?
  2. Don't take me wrong! O'Neil is a decent hockey player. But lately too many people are ready to give our future for a guy who with more past than present. We have an exciting team to watch and we don't need much more this year to make a good run in the playoffs. After the game in L.A. this past weekend we might want to add some more grit to the team while keeping the chemistry. Idon't really have any name but just have a look at the third line since the addition of Dowd: Begin - Dowd - Ward They can do everything on the ice and none of them will backup along the boards. Now I always like Daze since his days in junior in Beauport where I used to go to watch him. Yes he is always hurt and that's why we could get him for a fourth draft pick. For cheap anyway. He's a big guy with beautiful hands and loves to stand in front of the net. If he's cheap he would be quite an addition to the Habs.
  3. The addition of Dowd is Gainey's way to bring some coaching help for the younger players during the playoffs. Of course Dowd adds a little bit more finesse and weight to either the third or fourth line but he also brings some experience to show to guys like Begin and Ward. These two are not getting much anymore by watching Juneau and Perreault play. But that addition leaves a lot of players to sit in the press box every night..?
  4. Why? Simply because the Habs have already much talent on the first 2 lines with the addition of Kovalev. People are talking against Dagenais but it will be interesting to see what kind of influence Kovalev will have on him. Kovalev likes working the board and use his size and that's exactly what Dagenais has to learn to become a decent player.
  5. Gainey and Julien will have a huge part in deciding Kovalev to sign with the team and that won't be by talking dollars. Kovalev has learned to play in Pittsburg with Mario and to be happy. Then he has experimented the big dough with the Rangers while being unhappy. I am quite confident that Julien will give him back the taste of playing a great game while being happy and making good money. Gainey will part with a few players with their last year of a contract in July 01. Perreault, Juneau, Dackell won't be back with the team next year if they are still with the tyeam comes July 01. Kovalev won't required a 8 millions a year contract to stay if he's happy again. Gainey will sign him for the same 6 millions.
  6. Balej was quite impressive when tha Habs called him up a few weeks ago. He showed some incredible hands but at the same time confirmed what everyone already knew. The Habs have too many good players with the same abilities. Kovalev is probably one of the most talented players in the NHL. No it did not work out in New York but that is Sather's fault. He just threw a bunch of talent on the ice asking them to score 10 goals a game. Kovalev will be greeted by Julien with a system that will use the best of his talent. Kovalev will become a terror on the power play for the other teams. We had Ribiero and Koivu to control the puck and both became masters in creating openings for Ryder and others. Just wait till you see Kovelev handling the puck... Oh my! How scary it will be for the other team...
  7. I agree that Lindros can be quite a player when he's willing to play the way he can. But I would be curious to give some Flyers and some Rangers a call about his attitude. Lindros has never been a team player and many of his teamates will say "good ridance" when he's gone. Yes he could help the Habs to go an extra round in the playoffs this year but the risk of seeing him destroy the team concept or get injured with the first bodycheck simply makes him unwanted. I wonder what would think Ribiero to lose his job as the first centre to Lindros..?
  8. If you look at the Habs roster you will see 5 young players that every GM in the league will envy for the next 10 years: Ryder, Ribiero, Komisarek, Theodore and Garon. And we might have a couple of very good prospect in Hamilton in Higgins, Klepanec, Balej and Hainsey. I guess soon we will have to give some credit to Houle and Savard for their drafting. But if Gainey is patient this year and refuse to trade away these good prospects we will have a beautiful team to watch during the next few years. Of course we would have to give something to get a guy like Ryan Smyth but only as long as the 5 top names remain untouchable.
  9. I hate Lindros! And for many reasons. First he cried because he was not playing close to home while he was junior. So they traded him to be close to his mother. Then his mother and father told him he could not play for the Quebec Nordiques that drafted him because they were french over there and he would not make the same amount of dough. Then in Philadelphia he became a big whiner when he was not playing with John Leclair because he needed someone with lots of talent beside him so he could score some points. Then he got kicked out of the team by being disposed of by B. Clarke who could not stand Baby's father who decided that Baby was not mature enough to chose his own agent. Then he got demoted to the fourth line by Glen Sather in New York because he continued to be a underachiever. Then he wants to come back to play hockey after 8 concussions after his own brother just about lost the meaning of life after a few concussions. So Lindros in Montreal? This guy deserves to be forgotten forever or at the most to be remember as the most selfish and ignorant hockey player on the planet.
  10. Komisarek represents the perfect prospect for a NHL franchise these days. He's got the size, one of the best set of hands to make the first pass, the desire to learn and, lets hope, a lot of talent to fashion him into one of the elite d-man in the NHL. Let give him another 3 years to develop and see what the other teams through the league have to say about him. The habs biger liability (afetr Komisarek at this point) during the playoffs is Rivet. I would use him as trade bait anytime to get a player capable of helping us for 2 or 3 years.
  11. The fact that Rivet is playing his best hockey these days only makes him a great trade bait for Gainey. While I agree with you that Rivet deserves respect for his latest effort I believe that his status should be evaluated over the whole year and even his whole carreer. Rivet has always been a fairly big defencemen who refused to used his shoulder appropriatly and always constituted a liability for his defensive play. Here is the chance to use his present value to improve the team for the playoff. THanks Rivet for giving Gainey that possibility!
  12. RYan Smith would probably be the best addition ever to the Habs (for the exception of Ken Dryden of course). We have now plenty of young players this year that will contribute for the next 10 years. The Habs are choked about the play and attitude of Hainsey and Hossa and these two could be very attractive for a team like Edmonton if the Oilers are ready to place a bet on them. YES! Lets get Ryan Smith with Koivu and Zednik and hope for the best. It will come. If not this year we will be so much better with him for the next 5 years.
  13. You can't be serious about Jagr the loser. Yes he gets an average of 1 point a game over the course of the season but he's still such an underachiever. Why? Simply because he's only interested to play when he gets the puck. Jagr has represented a huge mistake for any team that acquired him in the past and present. By the way how many time players such as Forsberg or Naslund have been traded since they became stars?
  14. Komisarek devrait devenir un joueur assez electrisant dans un avenir rapproche. N'echangeons pas le talent pour des bras.
  15. The Habs are creating some excitement this year. Let's keep it happening! What about Ryan Smith from the Oilers..?
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