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  1. That is one skilled team they're playing. And 2/3rds of the Tampa fans are from Montreal.
  2. I agree. Price gets that 98 out of 100 times. We've looked a lot worse although that PP setup with Tampa does look pretty extreme.
  3. We've beaten some good teams to get here and I think the Ghosts would like to give Montreal something to cheer about.
  4. Hahaha... Good for you Commandant. I'm out of upvotes too. And I do want to thank all of you guys who shared your stories and experiences of the year and of the playoffs with all of us. They are lovely; jewels of life full of hugging children and lessons on the human spirit and faith. Wonderful stuff. Why the Habs exist. Thanks to you all. I was in a renovated log cabin on the shores of Lake Huron with a close friend who has an Irish background. Kate said she had just finished saying a prayer for the Habs... when Gallagher set up the winning goal for that line that did so much of the hard work for the team. Wonderful. The Habs are the Habs again. I gave the bus to a charity with the rope still attached to the rear bumper.
  5. And what a wonderful team you guys have made for us too. Out superstars! Many, many thanks.
  6. I hope you can catch one of the replays or the 30 minute versions of the game. Lots of thrills and chills and things worth seeing. You're lookin' pretty good on the Suzuki trade alright. Although I drive a Toyota product.... sorry... can't help myself. ..
  7. As John Lu is saying it was "poetic justice" that it was Gallagher, Danault and Lehkenen who finished off the Vegas Knights and won the series for us. Wonderful , wonderful players.
  8. What a gift. And on St Jean Baptiste day in Montreal! I knew there was reason we lost the one prior. This was for the fans at home..... and of course..... .the GHOSTS!!
  9. How appropriate that those three end the game for us. Thanks you St Jean!!!!
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