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  1. I'm going to guess they put a total of 51 shots on Halak
  2. 33 and the second ain't over -- could hit 50 tonight.
  3. nice to see Halak get the donut (bagel), he deserves it and also the performance should help raise his trade value. Bravo Habs!
  4. Penalties again . . . let's go PK! whew, 4 on 4
  5. good morning! so we are ahead scored the first goal, un-fuggin'-believable -- give Markov the "C"! Looks like we got outshot pretty bad though. First period recap anyone?
  6. Habs win 5-1 Cammalleri with the hat trick!
  7. VS 7:00pm in New York Canadiens (15-18-3, 33 pts) Islanders (13-15-7, 33 pts) Go Habs Go!
  8. On tanking: Price 5th overall / Pouliot 4th overall / Komisarek 7th overall / Kostitsyn 10th overall-- we have (had) more than our share of top-10 picks over the last years, maybe high picks are not the panacea we imagine they are. . . . oh, "Wickenheiser."
  9. According to simulations run by this interesting site, Habs now have an 11.6% chance of making the playoffs . . .
  10. 26th in the league and the four teams below us have a total of 12 games in hand :puke:
  11. What the f*ck is Youppi! doing for the team this year? Habs unretired his half-forgotten ass yet he has done jacksh*t to repay them . . . Can we package him with D'Ago for something???
  12. don't worry we'll get a call and go on the PP with 2 sec left OOPs 2 min !!
  13. to change the focus for a second, Latendresse 0 goals and 0 assists and -1 in his last six games. We'll see him this Thursday! Any chance Benny and his Jets make the game??
  14. NHL: GP:67 W:36 L:25 SV%:913 GAA:2.80 Not bad . . .
  15. Hmm. Don't usually have much time for the victim thing, but Astute Colin may be onto something y'know it could be a factor, even an unconscious one. Ref knows Habs got all sorts of media attention, were given the All-Star Game, the Draft -- so Ref thinks "don't let myself give them the game" and overcompensates? Remember when Habs played away over the last year the local broadcasters often aired gushing (Habs-supplied) "Glory of the 100" video clips and even some in-arena stuff was done to honor the team. If a Ref were thought to be favoring the Habs then the opposition fans might imagine there was a grand conspiracy at play. Or maybe we're the ones imagining hehehe.
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