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  1. ghost busters might even help... I mean... get rid of Audettes ghost so he starts playing like in atlanta. Get rid of Koivus injury ghost so he can get back in top shape and play like he did 96-97. There are many ghosts to get rid of in the bell center so CALL GHOSTBUSTERS!!! :hlogo:
  2. Id love to hear why they cant lose normal so I dont get su upset... why do they allways have to lose in the last minutes of the game. Buljong suger lur. I will never call him Bouillon anymore... now he is Buljong... the liquid that meat lies in in soups.
  3. his name is not mäts sandin... its mats sundin
  5. just caus of that they tied it... damn
  6. hey folks GO HABS GO... any point tonight is good since the leafs are HOT right now. Nice to have the lead.
  7. I bet if this deal happens I can predict the future right here. 1. the trade... Koivu dominates in NYI Peca plays so and so 2. Gainey thinks Peca has too high contract and gets into a dispute with him ending with a trade for a pick. 3. The pick is used to draft another french-canadian player that never becomes a nhl-player. 4. Montreal stinks for another 10 years and it all ends with empty bell center and a move to USA.
  8. good point huzer... therefor I pick him as the winner Joni Pitkänen wins the calder... other nominees are Fleury and Ryder.
  9. Id say it was thanks to Hackett... and Leclair... allways former habs players and swedes that ruins for the habs... Kim Johnsson, Marcus Ragnarsson, John Leclair
  10. Hackett IS a ghost as it sounds... YIKES... let one in damn it
  11. As it sounded on CJAD habs outplayed Philly in the first. My prediction is that the habs will win this as long as Hackett doesnt act ghost all night. GO HABS GO
  12. jävlar anamma... Jag som trodde jag var det värsta och enda svenska montreal-fanet. Tydligen kommer jag inte ens på andra eller tredje plats. Jag orkar inte va uppe sent med mitt jobb. Konsum i sälen under vintersesong e lite drygt. Jag har en del gamla minnen från canal plus matcher.. har bara sett några matcher totalt i år (includerar 1 montreal match. 0 - 1 toronto) men annars brukar det bli många.
  13. I agree totally. Ryder shoots much and Koivu can pass. Could be a nice line. I think we will win tonights game Nucks - 1 Habs - 3
  14. before I break the gamecd into 20348743 pieces and piss on them. GAAAH I HATE THIS ######ING GAME!!!
  15. to be honest I still remember winning a playoff game 2 years ago against boston 2-1 while being outshot like this last game. Maybe Theo is getting in form again.
  16. to be honest I still remember winning a playoff game 2 years ago against boston 2-1 while being outshot like this last game. Maybe Theo is getting in form again.
  17. thanks for the 2 points Theo. Poor Ottawa. VICTORY!!! :hlogo:
  18. a thing I hear on the radio is this... allways when the habs have a scoring chance they say (couldnt pull the trigger) while when the other teams have scoring chances they say (SAVE BY THEODORE!!!) We need people who can make the other goalies touch the puck.
  19. how about that... we choke another lead... fantastic defence system we use... The system works like this... if we are lucky... we tie and get 1 point. GAAAAAAAAHHHHHH WE SUCK
  20. maybe something is wrong with the habs tonight... 2 goals in 30 seconds... scary... GO HABS GO WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YEAH HAHAHAHA
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