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  1. Yah used Other, just thought since he is sure fire late 1st rounder that i missed name; thats all
  2. Cook's was a clean hit (as was Pacioretty's and Torres) , Marchand can-opener? miised that one (another Bruin broke Raymonds back but wasnt Marchand and was just an acident also), Crosby never has been brutally hit that i can remember?, Weber got bit carried away, but not suspendable so says Shanahan. I might agree with a bit of what you say, but like Bull riding, it is a big boys game, are well paid and if NHL players had more than high school education they may even realize that they are unionized and worker safety is in their hands to fight for, but they dont bother, so why should we care? Like you say, you like when Subban knocked an unsuspecting Adam Larsson off balance and shoved him backwards into boards to put him out of action with back injury for 10 games, you call that clean eh? Could of easily broke his back and by your wording, some (me) could even call that reckless endangerment,, So wouldnt you agree there is a gray area when split decisions are made in a sport as fast as NHL and some will not be good ones, but is the way it is and up to players themselves to speak up for changes.
  3. Or is his drop similar to Angelo Esposito and earned? More likely the Ducks will get a steal at 6 and Grigorenko will be Malkin II.
  4. To announce that the new line of LL-DD-FF will be established this fall and Marleau will centre 67-72? (not that really matter, but couldnt find H Samuelsson in your mock draft pool, was he listed?)
  5. We cant be farther apart in point of views and it is history now but; Absolutely zero diff as Scott Stevens laying out Lindros or Kariya, whom on both he tried to remove head and seriously injure (which he did, we now know). And clean slate always plays a part in judicial hearings. And if Pacioretty tries to embarrass Chara, he should of known to keep his head up and expect some payback if not willing to drop the gloves with him. It is a contact league that encourages fighting and the most visious hits make sportscentre every day. So what is big deal! Torres made a totally clean open ice hit and gets book tossed at him, only because he didnt have a clean slate (and not a superstar). NHL just makes up rules as they go along to maximize $$, it is just entertainment, it dosent have to make sense or be fair, it is all about $$ at end of day (sweep Chara incident under rug). Player safety will not even be discussed during the CBA i bet. Players wil just want 50+% of $$ and if get that they will be all happy. It was just an accident which will be repeated bout 1 /year. But i bet you cheered every big hit Subban made when running over someone who never saw him coming and each one of his hits could kill/paralyze. So cant really cheer aggressive hitting and condem only when turns out the worst can you? Seems a lot hypocritical. Do you ever see Chara run at anyone before or after Max's hit, never, if he did take a run at; say, Kromwall and caught him with head down, as Kromwall, Subban or Phaneuf do to many forwards, it wouldnt be pretty. And even today i bet Chara is one of most repectful and respected players in the game. Time to turn the page and hope Pacioretty plays super for next 10 years as Cole has done. and put injury/accident to bed.
  6. Chara is a clean player who made one big err in 15 years, he tried to drill him into pole as pay back, but attempted murder is ludicrous. But is super to see Max's great comeback be recognized, he seemed very happy.
  7. Wouldnt want Jagr nor Latendress. Jagr is a good fit for a contender like Rangers/Canucks maybe and Latendress is good for a local McDonalds flippin burgers.
  8. Would be one of my picks at 64th for Habs if some of other more skilled guys like Troock/Gordon/Maidens/Athanasiou are all gone. Moan-type seems bout right, i keep thinking more Lucic but he isnt quite as aggressive in running guys over.But another good prospect summary.
  9. I agree Sutter is not the top six guy at 33rd, but you had all my favorites gone (Bozon/Matteau/Laughton etc) and i think Sutter may be gone before 50s; but a more skilled guy like Winther/Troock will still be available at 51. I think a later pick would be fine for a goalie (if Dell still still wont sign with Habs), but the first four picks, i hope are all forwards and then get a project goalie, as you say, out of the 35 or so middle of road tenders. Another Huet/Halak would be sweet to find!! However plays out, i am confident the prospect pool will look much better come Sunday morning.
  10. Murray is as safe as it comes and i would pencil hm in as 6th d-man for the fall for NHL, which would also trigger a big summer sale of mediocre d-men by Bergevin on July 1st. But Forsberg it is and sounds good fine me.
  11. No laughing here sir, i would say your top ten will be darn close, if not bang-on and i wouldnt change any All the Habs picks seems fine but; I wouldnt wait till 51st to take Lukas Sutter, take him at 33rd (Just love his mix of 150+PIMs, 30 goals, shit disturber, front of net presense, hard worker and bloodlines) And then Nieves at 51st; or maybe consider one of these guys; di Giuseppe/Winther/Troock/Frk/Sissons/Gordon at 51st. at 64th i would have to skip goalie till later and take Mitchell Moroz (again to add more grit to system) For a goalie Makarov stood tall at World Junior gold medal game and Murray was just OK to good at U18s, so i would lean towards Russian (but are lots of good goalies to pick from and i hardly know any).
  12. See, even Mr. HW picked Forsberg in mock draft! It is a done deal! Like you i aint 100% sold on any top pick, but i have faith Timmins will make the right call and if the upside of Grigorenko/Dumba is high enough and he calls one of their names, it all good by me.
  13. I would put Bogosian in class with Hedman/Larsson as top picks that should of been more mid 1st rounders at best, will be good but not top 5 good. And i agree, trading Subban is not something i would even consider.
  14. If Jughead Bob is correct for 6th year in a row, Forsberg it is. Which is fine by me, sure he could be a Paaajavi, whom may yet turn out a fine player (just taken a bit high is all), but easily also could be a Backstrom or Forsberg type. I am sure Timmins has done his homework (and he likely didnt travel so far to visit many other prospects families did he?) so when the Swede's name is called on Friday, it will be the first top 6 Swede for Habs since Naslund a long frickin time ago. But too bad Columbus is taking Galchenyuk, but smart pick for them for a change. He is a good size now and dosent turn 18 till mid August, so once filled out he should be a handful at 6-2 and about 190-200lb in Habs opening game next fall.
  15. is a done deal; we will get Forsberg and Columbus will grab Galchenyuk, which is a smart pick for them.
  16. Murray has more "future Captain" in him, is better defensively and is better skater than Subban, but not offensively. Dumba is a wildcard and could be better at everything than Subban is , tougher, more offense, better shot, tougher; but is several years away and still is only playing vs teenagers. So i would say a toss up, but Subban has already proven himself and is the most important skater on Habs roster for sure and will only get better. Would be one big risk to trade him at his age.
  17. With Markov/Kaberle/Diaz/Weber/Gorges you have one soft group of defenders and Subban is too small to clear anyone from front of net, and Yemelin also is no crease clearer but at least can hit.And we already have enough shot blockers coming over next couple years in Pateryn/Ellis and Tinordi. But for 2012-13 they have to have at least 1 d-man who can or is willing drop the gloves in defense of Price and smaller forwards; period. You need at least 1 who can fight, dont care if he cant play 20 minutes neither, cause Gorges/Subban and Markov/Yemelin will eat alot of icetime and 3rd pairing of Kaberle and X would be 18 minutes at most (just a wild guess).
  18. Bryan Allen seems a perfect fit, but maybe Hannan/Aucoin or Shane OBrien would work for 1 year?
  19. Impossible (darn near) at this late pick to guess correctly, so i simply guess whom i would take or maybe should be (and i have seen alot more of Bozon/Sutter/Moroz/Winther and other WHLers, so am a bit biased also).
  20. I doubt Subban would be available after 1st round and wouldnt want him chosen, tons of other goalies to be had later on, Makarov would be one i would like to see picked, or better yet, just sign a young free agent like Aaron Dell. Jankowski is a wildcard, but stats and on paper looks good for sure. But Tim Bozon managed 36 goals as rookie in WHL, which is a cut above prep school for sure and i would guess a safer pick.
  21. Could be, i havent seen play and he has fallen since last fall hasnt he, due to zero increase in offense in 2nd year? But that big Moroz could be a slightly better Ian Shultz and looked good for a big guy in Mem Cup and 64th is maybe where a Lucic type player should be taken, not another Lefebvre/Fortier/Masse/Dumont/Archambault?? If need french content, could try and get Matteau at 33rd maybe?
  22. Million dollar question! I would say would be flip a coin between Forsberg-Murray. I did a lame/informal collation of all rankings/mock drafts and found Galchenyuk as 2nd rated (in all recent mock-ups/rankings), Forsberg-Murray were identically ranked overall at 3rd and Grigorenko below these. But will see who Bob McKenzie has at #3 today and cant beat his track record of ranking 1st round.
  23. You never noticed he seemed to prefer to defend forwards, or seemed to avoid switching up? Maybe the assessment biased me and am mis-remembering but rings true, we will see in the fall and any skating lacking like that is easily fixable, as Louis is trying to do with his skating (they said he has been at Brossard a lot with skating coach, hope he can add 5-10lbs this summer also) But i see it as another item, Beaulieu could easily get away with on a stacked junior team combined with his natural quickness vs teenagers, but will not work well vs Pros.
  24. Not a chance. Wouldnt touch Latendress with ten foot pole.
  25. mock draft well done sir, of course i would switch in Bozon at 33rd and maybe Winther at 51 and Hudon is likely an OK call for first token Quebecer; but still 64 is much higher than rated. He was only rated 94th of just North American skaters, so should be a 4th rounder at best. I would prefer Mitchell Moroz at 64 and Hudon take at 94th or some other long shot quebecer. As well as Galchenyuk did at combine, Columbus may grab him at 2 eh?
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