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  1. Widely considered? Dont know about that, it could be, but not in the top 90 prospects that is for sure, which is where 85% of NHLers come from. I would bet that Habs will have a good haul of prospects and most will be very pleased with picks. My big question is whether Columbus will take Galchenyuk or Murray?
  2. yes, positive reports on All Habs for Quailer and several others is encouraging, Nattenin/Pribyl/Berger etc, Not the most positive on Beaulieu, which isnt surprising but nothing serious;he should maybe take a pointer or 2 from Leblanc/Gallagher on hard work.
  3. Great for All-Habs to follow and rport on development camp. Nice to hear Quailer looked good and another big winger would be sweet. As expected, Beaulieu seems to have a ways to go before matures and is NHL ready; but his poor backward skating is something that is easily fixable with some hard work. As Louis Leblanc is doing right now to improve his skating. Will RFA d-men; Nash, St Denis, Diaz get resigned? Most likely these 3 will eh? And Weber will be gone within 2 weeks, or destined for 7th d-man status again?
  4. not with a 10 foot pole would i go near him, he is done as BGL is as well.
  5. I agree and dont think Hurberdeau will be that great a NHLer, and possibly be a Benoit Pouliot. Not sure why but even last year i wouldnt of picked him in top 10. He does look good vs juniors but just not sold, Couturier i would trade the #3 pick for in a second. But Habs aint trading that pick, so just hope Galchenyuk is available at 3.
  6. Whomever said NJ lucked out getting Larsson? He wil be a fine d-man but. I think they and several other teams missed the boat big time by skipping on Dougie Hamilton and Sean Couturier, but expecially for a defensive d-man. Same as Tampa with Hedman, fine player also but not an impact player to be like Duchene or Kane. I just wouldnt take a defensive d-man in the first round. Tinordi will be good, but there are several just as heavy and solid d-men who went in 2nd round that year that would of saved Habs a pick, or even could of traded down to get and maybe added a pick. But hind sight is what it is and Timmins must of really like the big guy.
  7. I hope so, if he could do better on face-offs he would be a super fit (but then again not one friggin centre on Habs can win a friggin face-off and are all near bottom of league). Love Engqvist defensive play, reach and smarts and would be a nice cheap 4th line centre. Will Moan be offered deal prior to July 1st? I would let Darchee, Nokalenin and Campoli walk, but wouldnt mind seeing Moan and even ol Staubitz re signed. But once Moan hits the market, he will be overpaid by someone very quickly. Will Weber be traded on draft day, July1st or be 7th d-man in the fall?
  8. Yes, 1 goal shouldnt be that hard to top eh. And Quailer was Northeastern's MVP last year i think? what that means? i find it hard to equate NCAA hockey (e.g. shorter seasons, older players, full head gear, no fighting and different sized ice surfaces, etc).
  9. Great to hear, always loved his size, but hope he is does better than Berger in 1st pro year?
  10. And all i am saying is i find answer to be BS and why wouldnt he just admit , that is the direction they are going/ or francophones are better fit for postiion/ Molson told me to, or anything truthful, it wouldnt hurt his popularity and just seems to lack character (which reminded me of the Leaf GM). i wont beat dead horse anymore, just his statement rubbed me wrong way is all and other than Therrian and Brisbois hires, it looks like a good group he is assembling and hope Gallant rumour is true.
  11. you think he was referring to earlier hires? when he was standing beside Brisbois/Lapoint and Lefebvre and all had just been hired and press conference was to announce these 3 hires? And he was the one who hinted at language factor, if you buy that all 3 being french is just a coincidence, i got some Facebook shares and Greek bonds you should buy also. If he didnt mention language issue at all, fair enough, but to try and BS about it, seems weak. And like i have said, Lapoint/Lefebvre seem to be super choices, the other i aint sold on; but know nothing about what he actually can bring to table. Now will all the political pressure play out at draft table and on July 1st also?
  12. Bergevin said today about hires; "they just happen to be french, as well as good hockey people." I think i can safely call BS on that one and again Bergevin seems to be blowing smoke.... for no reason, cause aint foolin no one. Just have the balls to admit one of requirements is language, he shouldnt try and duck the truth and spin it. Not a good sign, to talk/act like a Brian Burke so early on.
  13. you may be correct, but like the hire as much as Crazy Mike taking over behind bench, mediocre and only hired cause he is french, which is lame; but maybe all will go fine, hope so.
  14. yah seems odd to keep the lowest pick almost possible?
  15. Dont mind the Lefebvre nor Lapoint hirings one bit, but Brisbois one not a fan at all, he was a cull on the ice and doubt he can offer much sage advice
  16. they are listed as 9th and 12th rated Euro skaters, but i wouldnt waste a pick on a Russian playing in Russia and Lindell is a d-man, who may go in 2nd/3rd round, but i would prefer to see Timmins restock forward group, not that he would pass up Lindell if he was a clear BPA on his list. Simply could use more skilled and gritty forwards and already have a bit of logjam on d (not that would be same roster situation at all in 3 years when Lindell is NHL ready but...)
  17. Hope you are correct; but, enough of that positive stuff! this is a negative topic thread. haha
  18. Ya, why i didnt mention Sabres helping out Habs, like u say unlikely for them to offer up a nice pick and help out Habs Even one of us couldnt screw up too badly this year with 4 picks in top 63.
  19. I think any prospect is in Hab range, except Yakupov or 2nd pick. Several teams have 2 first round picks and Habs could likely squeeze one from Yzerman or Caps given the right package (2013 1st round and 2012 2nd round picks) and a Timmins favorite looking to fall into their slot? BUt more than likely trying to keep all options open?
  20. 2009 Leblanc was fairly obvious at 17th (with Louis ranked 18th and draft being held in Montreal), 2010 Tinordi was a surprise and i had pulled for big centres Charlie Coyle or Brock Nelson. 2011 Beaulieu once fallin to 17th was a no-brainer, but i had originally hoped for 1 of 2 centres to still be available at 17 in Marks Shiefele or McNeill. Maybe this year, will finally get a highly skilled centre or 2, a skilled winger and a Ryan White type with better hands. But however turns out should be a super restocking. But overall you are correct and draft is a big crapshoot; but early next week JugHead Bob McKenzie will put out his (TSN's) final ranking and he has correctly named the #3 pick for 5 years running and if you had to wager, it would had to bet against him (he had Ryan Murray at #3 in Feb)
  21. For me it is just Martin II and i hope the team wins despite a mediocre coach; but, i have set the bar low for expectations and another top pick, in a good looking 2013 draft class, may still be in the works and be good in long run?
  22. I see some super prospects are in Montreal today for Combine. Great to see Lukas Sutter, Stepan Matteau, Dumba , Slater KoekKoek are all at combine. Was either Tim Bozon or Henrik Samuelsson invited i wonder? Will the full list of 40 invitees be released? Are the real player sizes measured at NHL combine ever released?
  23. He also has zero coaching experiance on resume does he? But he has been on RDS, so qualifies him to take on mentoring Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis, Pateryn etc in Hamilton eh? Sounds like a winning plan. May work, but i have reservations, id take a Rick Green, Ludwig or any of a 1000 other d-men who actually could play the position, long before this guy. If he had coaching experiance i would have a bit more comfort. But seems just like a political appointment, you aint really qualified at all, but you have connections, job is yours.
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