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  1. Dumba had another goal today and on top scoring at U18s with 9 pts in 5 games Teravainen has 7 pts in 4 games Forsberg 4 goals in 4 games That Scott Laughton seems like a very nice player and just another possible centreman 2nd round pick for Habs? Canada must be pretty big underdog vs USA tomorrow.
  2. I agree, cant see him being fired, even if lose in 1st round.
  3. If he comes into camp at 225lbs, he will not be long for the AHL before being called up i bet? May also depend on whether Habs pick up Bryan Allen or the like on July 1st.
  4. Whatever role he might have, it would make for super entertainment and the total opposite of Martin and Gathier/Gainey. Has there every been a superstar player who was also a great GM/Coach (Lamaire would be one eh)? Seems the grinders and plumbers of the league tend to make better coachs dont they?
  5. 2 awesome games by Schneider. Are there any takers for Luongo this off-season?, because i think if traded Schneider, the uproar over Halak trade would repeat itself on the left coast. Super win for Sens.
  6. I think Pribyl is under contract and will play in Europe 1 more year before coming over? Havent heard any word whether Quailer may be signed or not? I think he must of completed his degree? Habs do have till mid-Aug 2013 to sign him.
  7. I think i remember Canucks were rumoured to want him and were picking just before the Habs? And i am by no means crapping on Tinordi at all, just question the 2 for 1 (i know MacMillan also) trade to move up 5 spots when lots of nice prospects were still available, thats all. And i cant wait to see how Tinrodi fares vs Pros next fall.
  8. 2010 1st round pick, 22nd - Jarred Tinordi (from Phoenix - picks #27 & #57 traded for picks #22 & #113) 4th round pick, 113th - Mark MacMillan (from Phoenix - picks swap) 4th round pick, 117th - Morgan Ellis Timmins seems to make some swaps and another one this year would be no surprise. Just i would be more in favour of quantity, as he did last year trading a 3rd rounder for two 4ths. And Ellis,Gallagher are a couple examples of why more later picks seems to pay off. Especially if turn 1 2nd into two 3rds, or something like that. Etem had 61 goals in 65 games? No matter how good a defensive d-man Ellis is, a big scorer is what Habs could really use moreso and if you would take Tinordi (and MacMillan) over both Etem and Johns (who is heavier than Tinrodi) who is a big physical d-man, fine; but i argue the other way. Or; could of had both Faulk who jumped from NCAA straight to NHL (and did fine on a crappy Carolina team) and Johns (who may be an equal to Tinordi by himself?). But Timmins must of seen something he really liked in Tinordi and Price is gonna love to have him on board. And like i say, hindsight makes it just too easy to pick apart every trade or move. If he trades up again, that is fine by me, just i would prefer to have an extra player picked in the 2nd round, as there are a bunch of super looking guys ranked between 25th-60some and getting 3 of them plus the #3 pick would be a good haul, maybe as good or better than 2007 was for Habs?
  9. I had thought Gaunce was a perfect fit, when i thought Habs might pick close to 10th and never thought they might end up 28th. I see Gaunce as the exact same player as Mark NcNeill was last year, a big centre who Hawks picks at 18th. But in hind sight, the Hawks 2nd round pick at 43rd, Brandon Saad was the most impressive at Hawk camp (according to Hawk bloggers) and closest to making roster ahead of McNeill. So i wouldnt trade any picks (33rd/55th nor 64th) to get a second 1st rounder, because same as last year there will be; Ty Rattie, Saad and Jurco type players to be had in 2nd round. The last time Habs did trade up, they got Tinordi, but again there were a few big d-men taken in the 2nd round and Tinordi was not likely worth both the 27th and 57th picks combined? So could of maybe picked 2 of these 3 -Emerson Etem, Justin Faulk, Stephen Johns instead of just Tinordi. Hind sight is very helpful, but stick with the picks, or maybe trade down with 1 of them if someone is real excited to get a player at 33rd/55th?
  10. For sure it is hard to forecast, but of all the top 5 or 10 (ranked) prospects, Grigorenko is the only one who makes me nervous about being picked at #3. If he was from Saskatoon i would feel much better. But i have faith in Timmins making a good decision. Nice to hear positive reports and chances are he will be a fine NHLer, but the Habs so rarely have a top pick, i am just pulling for a safe pick and if Timmins is going to take a risk, i might prefer to take a flyer on Dumba, who could be even better than Subban?
  11. [ Dumba still leading scorer at U18s, with his production and Grigorenko's lack of it, in the playoffs, maybe Dumba would be a better choice (if Yakupov and Galchenyuk go 1-2). But Timins would surely still take Forsberg i would guess?
  12. Size can be overrated, there are as many cons as there are pros for being big or small. UNless you are superskilled like Gaborick/Malkin/Kovalchuk and the like, bigger is normally slower and lacks the quickness of smaller players. OIlers have drafted several big "Power Forward" prospects in last decade with little success at all, but get a small 2nd rounder in Eberle who is just super and will be a 50+ goal scorer within next couple years. Small players can be overlooked and then in hind sight, many GMs kick themselves for not taking a player like a 5'10" 165lb Giroux. And the most sought after UFA this year will be a guy who is under 6'0" and NJ just wishs they had the cash to keep him. A mix of sizes on a roster is likely best (Habs top 2 centres are small(ish) and really need an upgrade to have at least one being a bit bigger/stronger), but that really shouldnt influence who the Habs pick at #3 i dont think?
  13. Button had Grigorenko at 7th in March and it dosent surprise me that he has fallen a bit. He is now 34th in QMJHL playoff scoring, well behind some other rookie players and not doing well in faceoff circle, so add that to some questions about his compete level and you get him dropping out of top ten. I think Grigorenko is similar to Zemgus Giegensons by having all the physical tools but is just not driven enough to really impress scouts, as they say Forsberg and Galchenyuk have. I dont agree with some of Buttons rankings (Subban at 10th, Collberg at 18th and Grigorenko should be at least top 10?), but he has been around for a long time doing the scouting thing, so i wouldnt dismiss outright that is for sure. I just noted, that Sweden beat Russia today 2-0 at U18s and Filip Forsberg had both Swedish goals.
  14. I think you are a bit off-base, saying some classless acts by a minority extend to 'substantial portion" of Canuck fans, is the same as Booing the USA anthum and cheering an injury to an opposing player is typical of Hab fans. By and large a Canuck/Flame/Hab fans are no different what so ever and are just typical Canadians, but we each have our own opinions and stereotypes eh. I actually had thought Canucks would finally pull it off this year, but looks to be slim chance now. And with the Habs out, i am more concerned with my golf game and who the Habs will draft in June, than the playoffs.
  15. Dont get the not cheering for a Canadian team? I will pull for any over an american based team and that even includes the hated Leafs, i have a dislike for leafs but if they were playing the Rangers or Philly i would pull for the most dysfunctional franchise in Canada. Go Sens and Canucks go!
  16. Couldnt see ratings but seems fairly clear cut; Price is MVP Subban best d-man Yemelin is best Rookie Leblanc is best call up from Bulldogs Cole is best forward Desharnais most improved Pacioretty come-back player St. Denis is most underrated Cammalleri is most overrated Gomez is biggest underachiever
  17. I had picked Caps vs Canucks in finals. And will stick with Vancouver till fat lady is singing Great for Sedin to come out and say Brown;s crushing hit on him, was a clean one. Caps are finallly healthy and have no choice between the pipes for once and Holtby is doing very well.
  18. Only if Holland plays on a line with Gallagher and Kristo (all 3 are wingers), would he put up super offensive #s. But if put with Nattenin and some other checker (Shultz) they could form a nice checking line? But i would bet he is to become a 3rd line checker with Habs, becasue he can really skate and is super defensively (Tom Pyatt with bit better hands); but if he ever gets 20 goals in a year i would be pleasantly surprised (Pyatt did have almost 15 with Tampa this year i think). Beaulieu is weak defensively, he gets away with it in junior but wont in pros, and will go exact same route as Subban (with almost same pros and cons) and will need at least 1 full year in AHL. Given Tinordi's size, reach and OK skating he might be able to hold his own as an early call-up for Habs, especially if he comes into camp at 225lbs or heavier. But Pateryn, St Denis or Nash may also be in line for early call up if injuries crop up? Just my guess how might play out.
  19. I would assume Palushaj and Nash both resigned to 2 way contracts, but Palushaj may go in a trade? Conboy must be on last legs with Habs and Shultz has probably taken his role?
  20. Collberg 6 points and +5 vs Forsberg 3 points and -1 at the u18S, Collberg seems the mroe dangerous of the 2 again, as he was at world juniors, Forsberg is Captain of Sweden and taller than Collberg, but is he just another Paajarvi. Dumba is leading Canada, albeit after only 2 games. Grigorenko is not lighting up QMJHL playoffs at all, is 33rd in scoring and only 45% on faceoffs, seems to likely be at least 2 years away from being a NHL centreman eh? U18 scoring list http://stats.iihf.com/Hydra/292/IHM292000_85B_5_0.pdf
  21. I saw the same games you must of and you seem typical of most Hab fans, who think he is no good, but i liked his play and he just never got a regular shift as he does now in Colorado. Martin had his favorites and young players were not among them. Which is why Martin begged for Campoli, Sopel, Mara to be signed. i was very disappointed to see OByrne traded from Habs, but he wasnt getting a fair shake by Pearn and Martin (who i was very very happy to see both fired, just might of picked a better time maybe). i know OByrne isnt a big fighter, who cares, he still is very strong in front of net and along boards and i had no illusions of him being a Chara. Also, Colorado, was 11th in goals against this year. But hey, i really like the Kaberle and Bourque signings, which most see as terrible also.
  22. Sure and for as much as many Hab fans have a dislike for OByrne (why, i am not quite sure??), he is exactly what all seem to be crying for the Habs to add this summer, a crease clearing big d-man who is not as slow footed as Gill and tougher. Seems many are in favour of trying to trade the #3 pick and go either up or down? Which i disagree with. Say the obvious choices left at #3 will be either Grigorenko or Galchenyuk, whom you could catagorize as A- prospects and Yakupov is A (not near a Crosby/Stamkos), i just dont see it worthwhile to go from 3 to 1 for the cost of an additional pick/prospect? And trading down, after the Habs hit a home run last time with a #5 pick, just dosent seem to make much sense and i cant see Timmins/Molson group moving from #3.
  23. The US is producing some nice d-men (that Seth Jones kid will be interesting to see play next week in U18 game vs Canada), not near as many as the CHL of course, but Timmins being smart may see them as being undervalued and is not afraid to give them several years to develop in the NCAA, where some teams dont want to wait and dont scout the USHL as much? Komisarik and McDonagh were both super picks, Fischer was not, but got a draft pick back for not signing him anyways. Pateryn and Bennett could both turn out very well and the latest picks; Didier and Sullivan are again being given lots of time to develop. OByrne and Nash were both good sigings out of Cornell also and just too bad OByrne was not one of Martin's favorites and Nash missed all of last year. But still OByrne got turned in Bournival, who is very promising bottom 6 player. For me, i could care less where a pick comes from, with the 1 exception, being Russia.
  24. I dont let friggin facts get in the way of my point. But thanks for slight correction anyways sir.I see Canada made short work of denmark in U18s and TSN is televising a couple games next week, Can vs USA on Tuesday afternoon should be interesting. Branden Troock is a big lad who may be an OK late 2nd or 3rd round pick, but just may not have alot of offense eh (and just be another Turner Stevenson type)?
  25. But Galchenyuk listed Moscow as his home (if i recall correctly) and also i think has dual citizenship and he has a strong Eastern European/Rusian accent also; which could never be said for 99. But i highly doubt he is a danger of going the KHL route and he would be my choice if available at #3.
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