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  1. Seems like he has future NHL coach written all over him
  2. B.C. Canucks fans and media were raving over Hal Gill's play last night and him shutting down Kesler and his line and killing penalties and saying he is too good a fit for Nashville for their liking! Good for Big Hal!
  3. Dealing Kaberle should be low on priority list and actually hope not done. There is only 1 cull that needs to be made and it is a major one, #11.
  4. TSN just put up a post this afternoon, that they are having some Trade Deadline coverage next Monday.
  5. Any interest in Campoli i wonder? He just seems so scary defensively that i assume he is only playing to be showcased and even Weber/St Denis are "better". Could they get a 3rd round pick maybe? 4th ?
  6. Can you have too many d-men? And they can be part of trade packages, be it this or next July 1st, as well as any other player. But maybe Gauthier thinks the same as you (and most of us i assume) and why a deal aint done yet? Red Wings do have lots of forward prospects to try and get swapped for Moan.
  7. play the crap out of all the young guys seems like an OK plan to me (got another 20 games of practice), and Gomez would not be playing 5 minutes, let alone 15+ minutes with Eller/Palushaj/White playing less on my bench.
  8. i concur, he is just turning 30 and is a tough smart player, with limited skills, but another 2nd and prospect would be sweet also. Just as long as he dont walk for nothing on JUly 1st.
  9. Since with Habs, on a 50.8 point pace, and that is on a offensively challanged team that is not piling up the excess goals.
  10. i think all 3 goals had not alot to do with which forward line was on. Plekanec won faceoff and bounced off his skate on first, another went off guys knee and 3rd was a weak shot screen from the point. And really all the forwards were bout par for season on offense. Cept Eller who is spending most of games stapled to bench for some reason?
  11. Just to satisfy fans/media curiosity does not seem like an important reason to disclose anything at all is it? I know some might like to have a blowhard like Burke running things and spouting off every chance he gets, even though 1/2 of it is B.S. But i am fine with and actually prefer, the more conservative/reserved approach of a Gauthier/Holland/Bowman, who speak only when needed and does little grandstanding.
  12. Ouellet has similar stats as Beaulieu and might be fine for Moan? Can always just draft (concentrate on) mostly all forwards in June and he could be, in essance, the token 2nd round d-man? But Tomas Jurco was also a Detroit 2nd rounder who would be a much better fit to Hab needs.
  13. i would be more than happy if 46 got re-signed for couple years (or traded if got a nice package for him) just my 2 cents
  14. I am not sure what you mean by stepping up? He assisted on the Habs only goal and dont even know if he was on for any against was he? and not everyone is pointing fingers, cause i am not, but yes, it seems most are for some reason, not stepping up is a bit vague? And that is my point many seem to say he sucks, but dont or cant say why exactly why? Even Markov is not super defensively; but most simply look at his point production and say he is super, but Markov dosent hit, clear front of net, fight, give speechs and costs $1.5m/year more. Which i am happy he is signed for.
  15. Interesting, i think way early too give up on him, he is just a 2nd year pro and love the size, compared to year after year 4th line centre rotation, would be nice to just use a prospect like he or Nattenin for the 7-10 minutes /night and he has surpassed his offense in 1/2 the games from his rookie Pro year. You do realize he has played less than 1/2 the amount of games that a Plekanec played in AHL. Who do you see as 4th line centre? White? or another UFA? surely not that Nokalenin guy, what a waste he is, Engqvist is a better choice than that today.
  16. Kaberle is on a 50+ point pace, is super carrying and dishing the puck, good on the PP, makes less $ than Komisarik does just for sitting in pressbox, has a grand total of 12 minor penalties in last 2 years/so is a smart clean player, has had a relatively injury free career, just came off winning a cup, is not a whiner and said all the right (Team-First) stuff every year the Leafs were shopping him at one deadline after another and he is a + player on a shitty Habs team. He is a bit soft and not overly physical, is the only negative i can see to pick on? But that also has its advantages. Again, what negatives do people go by when they say he is not worth $4.25 for next 2 years? Who in the heck would replace his offense at this price. I could care less what rest of league says. Please, can you explain to me in your own judgement why he just sucks so bad, i cant see it in his play (which is the bottom line isnt it)??
  17. St Denis was fine as a call up (better defensively than Weber or Campoli), so if deal either Weber or Campoli, still have 7 d-man, if Markov almost ready, deal both Campoli/Weber and does it matter if Henry has to play a game or 2 along with St.Denis does it? So numbers should not be a big consideration for Gauthier, Habs are managing to lose with 7 d-men so if only dress six, what the big diff? Who knows, Weber may already be a July 1st pawn and is not even being considered for deadline dealing??
  18. i think you are underselling him, especially what he brings every shift for such a low salary and a later round pick. maybe even a 3rd might be had?
  19. $3.75/year max, and 3 year max deal (so $11.25m). I would hope Gauthier and Kostitsyn's agent would already have discussed, but if not extended come the 27th; trade for sure, just cant afford to have any more UFAs walk for dick-all. A 2nd round pick and prospect ( i chucked in prospect because i undersold Gill and more buyers than sellers). KIngs or Blues would be my guess.
  20. why hard to swallow?? i just dont get the negativity on Kaberle, all he is doing is rolling along at a 50+ point clip and is no where near as bad as a MAB or Spacek in own end. Sure a bit soft, but experianced and super wiith the puck and likely a good mentor for Diaz/Beaulieu/Subban.
  21. Other than Subban, he is youngest d-man and still leads d-men in PP goals and points i think, even with dick all ice time. And the Habs defense is not bottom of league, again it is up front and lack of scoring that is killing them and needs upgrades. He is young offensive d-man, with a big shot, who will likley only get better over next couple years, and is signed to a very low salary, so could be very tempting for OIlers/Islanders or the like? And he also could form a good part of a package deal? I would like to keep him, but 1 way contract and Habs depth make him expendable.
  22. 4 points in first 2 games in Hamilton, i lke it. I think is hard to say where he could be in a couple years, just 2nd year pro so will have to see how rest of year and next fall go before really forming any real opinion? Even the Sedins started NHL as 3rd liners.
  23. Nice to see Shultz and Nattinen chipping in and Geoffrion may be a real bonus in Gill trade eh? If Engqvist could just improve on faceoffs, he should be a lock for 4th line centre next year?
  24. So as it sits , picks are 5th (Galenchyuk), 35th, 55th and 65th, 1 more 2nd/3rd rounder would be sweet. Lots of good looking forwards to pick from in 1st 3 rounds such as, Bussieres/Sissons/Maidens/Wilson etc etc. If took Galchenyuk/Sissons/Bussieres/Maidens with 1st 4 picks, could be similar quality to 2007 haul by Habs first 4 picks; McDonagh/Pacioretty/Subban and Weber. Any chance Moan/Kostitsyn worth a 1st rounder to anyone? not likely eh?
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