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  1. regarding Diaz? Chris, are you Mike Milbury? sorry for insult and am just kiddin, but a bit quick to write a rookie off arnt you? He wasnt invited to All Star game by accident. You think Diaz would clear waivers, if he had to?? Not a chance. AK46 is a solid 20 goal guy who forchecks and if no big offers are out there for him, i hope he gets resigned ASAP.
  2. Sorry to disagree 100% and which jury would still be out? Segain by himself is a better all round player than "Kess" and Hamilton is a big cant miss d-man. It is almost in the MIlbury catagory of dumb deals for a non-playoff team to make. Kessel is a good scorer for sure, but other than that, he is Cammalleri-like and as soft as it gets.
  3. As Cucumber pointed out, you and most seem to be exaggerating the negatives at present, which is fine and maybe correct; but i think all 3 deals done by Gauthier lately are all for the better and you wont sway my stance on that, time will tell if Bourque and Kaberle are bums, but both are doing fine right now (in my opinion) on an offensively challanged and non-competitive team. These final 20 games are just for practice anyways, same as September MLB games for non-playoffs teams. Trade all spare parts and play the crap out of all the prospects.
  4. At least is Hab game sucks today, i can check out Dietz and Saskatoon today, havent seen Dietz play yet.
  5. He must just be loving being on a competitive team, after a couple years in Cape Breton. I had him pegged as a Gorges type defensive d-man, but he seems to be much better all round. Will be super to see him and Bournival in Mem-Cup this spring; and possibly Beaulieu/Tinordi/Holland as well?
  6. well put sir, i like Kaberle and the trade, cause Spacek brought nothing at either end of rink. All media and most Hab fans seemingly seem to think Kaberle is a bad deal, but who cares, if he puts up points for next 2 years and continues to move the puck as he does and be + player, the $4.25 is very fair. Gomez is the only one that needs to be dealt with ASAP, waive him /tell Molson to cough up the dough and buy him out, do whatever needs to be done so he is not on roster next fall.
  7. I thought his typical Russian inconsustant play has been noted all year? And we have seen that in way too many highly skilled Russians, Kovalev is easiest example. At least the options of Forsberg/Galchenyuk or a super d-man should be there for Habs to choose from. Collberg played very well for Sweden and i thought looked better than Forsberg, but is smaller and 1/2 year older. I think Tampa may tank and challange for lottery spot by April, but hopefully Habs can hold on for a top 5 pick.
  8. thanks for info. I have only seen Shultz play that 1 outdoor game and he was surprisingly OK, or almost best forward in a bad game for Bulldogs.
  9. How bout Joe Stejskal? is he progressing at all, he is not playing, is he hurt or just scratched? Maybe get to see Shultz and Geoffrion after deadline and Gomez is waived? You keep saying Shultz cant fight, but neither can Tom Kostopoulas, but that dont stop him from droppin them and getting pummelled. And Shultz seems quite willing also dosent he? I wouldnt say White is a big fighter neither, but got to love his effort and especially the fun he seems to have, even in losing.
  10. Hey. sounds pretty good to me? I just really see the need to move either Plekanec or DD and this does that and increses size up the middle and instantly reshapes the forward group. Risk/reward with his long term contract, but if he puts up 30+ goals it would be a much needed boost to one of most offensively challanged groups.
  11. Bozon is another Swiss player, so would fit right in Habland. And he has been climbing the rankings alot, but unlikely to be high enough for Habs in 1st round and maybe too high for their 2nd pick,as it stands, but would be another super 2nd pick if possible. But there are a bunch of good looking forwards to choose from, so will just depend on how Hab scouts rank him i suppose. He is 35th ranked by ISS, so for sure a possibility and another skilled LW would be nice to have opposite of a Gallagher/Kristo/Holland. Of course with Galchenyuk at centre.
  12. Seems like he has future NHL coach written all over him
  13. B.C. Canucks fans and media were raving over Hal Gill's play last night and him shutting down Kesler and his line and killing penalties and saying he is too good a fit for Nashville for their liking! Good for Big Hal!
  14. Dealing Kaberle should be low on priority list and actually hope not done. There is only 1 cull that needs to be made and it is a major one, #11.
  15. TSN just put up a post this afternoon, that they are having some Trade Deadline coverage next Monday.
  16. Any interest in Campoli i wonder? He just seems so scary defensively that i assume he is only playing to be showcased and even Weber/St Denis are "better". Could they get a 3rd round pick maybe? 4th ?
  17. Can you have too many d-men? And they can be part of trade packages, be it this or next July 1st, as well as any other player. But maybe Gauthier thinks the same as you (and most of us i assume) and why a deal aint done yet? Red Wings do have lots of forward prospects to try and get swapped for Moan.
  18. play the crap out of all the young guys seems like an OK plan to me (got another 20 games of practice), and Gomez would not be playing 5 minutes, let alone 15+ minutes with Eller/Palushaj/White playing less on my bench.
  19. i concur, he is just turning 30 and is a tough smart player, with limited skills, but another 2nd and prospect would be sweet also. Just as long as he dont walk for nothing on JUly 1st.
  20. Since with Habs, on a 50.8 point pace, and that is on a offensively challanged team that is not piling up the excess goals.
  21. i think all 3 goals had not alot to do with which forward line was on. Plekanec won faceoff and bounced off his skate on first, another went off guys knee and 3rd was a weak shot screen from the point. And really all the forwards were bout par for season on offense. Cept Eller who is spending most of games stapled to bench for some reason?
  22. Just to satisfy fans/media curiosity does not seem like an important reason to disclose anything at all is it? I know some might like to have a blowhard like Burke running things and spouting off every chance he gets, even though 1/2 of it is B.S. But i am fine with and actually prefer, the more conservative/reserved approach of a Gauthier/Holland/Bowman, who speak only when needed and does little grandstanding.
  23. Ouellet has similar stats as Beaulieu and might be fine for Moan? Can always just draft (concentrate on) mostly all forwards in June and he could be, in essance, the token 2nd round d-man? But Tomas Jurco was also a Detroit 2nd rounder who would be a much better fit to Hab needs.
  24. i would be more than happy if 46 got re-signed for couple years (or traded if got a nice package for him) just my 2 cents
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