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  1. i was pleasantly surprised of Shultz's play. Any word on if Nash will be back this year?
  2. Sure, i see Habs finishing maybe 10th in east as they just arnt that bad. So will likely pick 8th to 10th and there are at least 15 great looking prospects, but only 3-5 that are centre pieces for teams to build around/ game changers. But is an interesting topic to discuss as there are 1000 different theories and views as to how to approach the crap-shoot that is the draft.
  3. I saw the game and Gallagher slid on his ass backwards into boards, he looked in pain but not head injury i doubt. although Patrick Holland caught him with his head down and layed him out crossing the blueline, just before that, was a clean open ice hit, and Holland had another identical hit later on in game, which was super to see. Holland is also on a 12 game point streak i think it is now, works the point on their PP and seemed good with puck, skating and average size. I think he should do well in Hamilton next year and role wil be a grinding hard working winger likely destined for 3rd liner status, but is still one of top players on top WHL team with few stars, so Flames did well for 7th rounder!
  4. Again i agree 100% and no way we catch Columbus, Carolina, Oilers, so will be lucky to be in top 5, and i do see a half-dozen super looking forwards, just dont think the natural skill of an almost sure-bet game changing superstar pick like Yakupov or say a Nugent-Hopkins that will be available. But possibly a Sean Couturier-like player should be in Habs range, like a Gaunce, Forsberg, Faksa or if really lucky a Galchenyuk? I still cant see how Sens and Jets both passed on Couturier last year? Shiefele and Zibinajad will be good most likely, but Couturier put up back to back 100 points on a shity team, he already is on Philly's PK and etc etc. time will tell. He was about the only one i thought the Habs should of traded up to get and would of been a PR home run also, a big francophone centre. I am finding the Price criticism as laughable, as i have said before you can just lump the total production of 11, 13, 14, 21 and 79 togeather for the $25-30m they cost and see what is reason for 25th place, no need to look any further and start picking on a guy who's value is "Priceless" (just ask teams like leafs/sens/philly/tampa what they would trade for him)
  5. What is talk about goalies? Trade Budaj, why? He is an adequate back up, which is all they need and he trade vlaue would be dick-all. The Habs have much bigger fish to fry before ever looking at tarding Budaj. Gauthier is having Weber showcased lately and Campoli and that Finn on 4th line are useless spare parts to be jettisoned. Then i see Gill as being the next to go. Up front Moan, Kostitsyn, Desharnais and Plekanec would all be valuable assets that should be at least shopped around, that is if the team is clean house and go a totally different direction under a new GM and coach. Not that i dont want to see them as Habs come next fall, but Plekanec is signed to a fair salary, prime of career and could be a big part of a big trade and Desharnais is signed cheap and other 2 are upcoming UFAs who cant be let walk for nothing. And if Plekanec and Desharnais went and a bigger young centre came back, it would instantly change top 6 look of team. But back up goalie is small potatoes and negative talk about Price, i just dont get it, he is playing for a weak team with a bunch of youngsters leading the way in front of him? Shootouts, sure i grant you that and Price will be first to admit he sucks and same goes for Canuck goalie, who also stands on his head most nights to keep that team in games.
  6. I agree, i would guess the Leafs/Philly/Caps/Sens/Oilers etc etc would give up 1/2 their team for Price. Unless Price can score/check/or work the PP he really cant do much more than he has for the team and i thnik Miller is a scapegoat in Buffalo as well, go ahead Sabres try trading him and see how you do, again many teams would love to see him on market as well. Just admit it. this Habs version is just not that good and cant compete; while the youth up front is holding their own and looking promising, the high paid forwards are not. And the youth on the backend are holding their own, but still are just that, young and relatively inexperianced, but improving. Are Yemelin and Diaz top 4 d-men, no, but give them time and add in Markov and only 1 (Yemelin) will need to play 20 minutes/game next year. And allow Diaz and Kaberle to play 3rd pairing with a bunch of super looking prospects moving to AHL next year to push them and i would say the d-core is pretty set, as is between the pipes. Just need that Gaborick/Hossa high scoring superstar type forward to be added on July 1st, posibly Parise or the like?
  7. Boone , Gagnon, Milbury, Cherry are all good for a chuckle or 2 once in a while (for being so absurd and just kooky) and what they say dosent bother me too much at all, cause everyone has an opinion, however biased or intelligent. I can only understand bits and pieces of French, but i watch every game on RDS and do not miss listening to CBC or TSN mouthpieces, although TSN is much better with McQuire gone, but then he pops up on american broadcasts along with Milbury, but just tune them out. (i heard Milbury say Habs "are a trainwreck, are too small and have below average goaltending" which again was quite funny i thought) I used to read Boone's comments, but no longer as i just didnt agree with his take on games, coaching and players.
  8. What a sweet deal, i was thinking Semin or Setagouchi, but this is much better than i could of hoped for, a 25+ goal guy at 1/2 price of the one sent packing, dont let the door hit your..... and a 2nd rounder, Just a super fit and exact player Habs need and 27 goals in each of last 2 years and same pace again (not that it is vital this year), Plekanec must just have a big smile on his face right now i bet! A Cole clone? With Spacek and Butternuts sent packing, i dont know if i could ask for much more from Gauthier? Gill, Moan, Campoli and Weber for a bunch more 2nd rounders i suppose. And to top of trade, the Habs kicked ass all game long vs the "Super Team" and Mr.Subban was just awesome, loved it, just a fun game and could he have smiled anymore while pissing off the whole Bruin team and everyone else in the building and New England. Just a treat to see a NHL player seriously having fun and enjoying himself out there. If his brothers and cousin have a similar attitude, i am all for Gauthier drafting each one as the come up for draft. And Gorges blocking shot after shot, loved it. Had a great laugh at all the Toronto experts take on the trade, was exact same take as with halak trade, just too funny. Dosent seem a bright move by Calgary but are that desparate to make the playoffs just this year i guess, a bit short sighted i think but miracles happen, especially with Kipper between the pipes. Keep on same track Mr Gauthier, tis a good start and your doing dandy so far, with a vet puck moving d-man (who again had another point last night) signed long term at reasonable cost for a washed up Spacek, Gorges signing and a big western canadian winger signed at reasonable cost long term and extra pick next year. All is right in Habland this morning.
  9. I aint got your patience (if he was hard working or was productive last year) , but no matter, i wonder if trade with Minnisota for another possible mal content in Setagouchi and maybe a pick for Superstar is doable or fair trade?
  10. I hope Weber is just looking at Campoli as to whom he is better than? I was always a bit worried about his defense, especially being smallish. But unlike Campoli and Kaberle he is still learning the game and no doubt within a couple years he should be a OK to good offensive d-man for some team, but Diaz and Yemelin playing as they are, his hope at playing full time for Habs must be quite low? And with no 2 way contract and no chance of AHL without being grabbed by some team, it really is likely it is more a showcase for him, if we can get a 2nd round pick for him that would be fair i think?
  11. I actually think they will win this one. It is same as when Leafs or Bruins suck, the rivarly always seems to matter more and are 50-50, flip a coin games every time. Even with Butternuts (#13) still in lineup cheers
  12. I agree and even with no french spin on his other comments my opinion on Cammalleri has not changed. Even last year when i heard criticism of Kostitsyn, i was wondering why a guy with same production and twice the salary got off scot free? I have said i would stop being negative about Cammalleri when he started producing, but still am waiting and been almost 2 years now, playoffs aside (which is another example of how, to me anyways, selfish his play seems to be and i had never heard any comment from him neither that swayed my perception. Is he delusional? that is the only new facet that i saw yesterday. He is softest player on Habs and almost hope Gill and Cunnyworth take him out behind the barn and.... I just hope he hasnt lowered his market value to a bag of pucks like Gomez has. I would love to rant and rave and use many more expletives but maybe he was just spouting off what he does in the mirror every morning?
  13. Sure, i just thought you were pokng fun, because knee and Belasusian/Russian connection (Kostitsyn underachieveing/Markov injury), and dismissing on those factors alone. Sizes seem to vary for all juniors, some have him 6'1" 195-198lb and others a tad bit smaller. Habs a lottery pick? would just be too sweet, but they just aint bad enough and i see finishing 10th to 12th in East. So i think the best they could hope for, would be Dumba/Murray or maybe Forsberg/Grigorenko. Gaunce has been rising and is right around where Habs will likely pick and on paper his size is impressive (like a Mark McNeil last year), but as skillful as one of Czechs Faksa or Frk (another injured prospect)? I have never seen Gaunce play but he seems like a OK prospect from what i have read (and he is Canadian which is also a plus).
  14. i think you are trying to be sarcastic?? Galchenyuk will likely be long gone by Habs choice and he would be exactly what Habs need, i am scared by ever picking Russians, but top end skill and a big centre like this fellow would be fine by me and he is not really a russian..
  15. Only way the Habs get a top 3 pick, is by trading Subban,/Pacioretty to Columbus or Ducks, or if Carey said screw this hockey crap and became a full time cowboy tomorrow. But like you, i have tossed in the towel for this season and am looking towards developing youngsters and next fall. But am also not adverse to a crazy winning streak and all the pieces finally coming togeather and all the stars somehow aligning for next 3 months, as unlikely as that might be.
  16. We have a better chance of playoffs than a lottery pick, Columbus, OIlers, Isles, etc have the basement locked up. If Price gets hurt is only way the Habs sink that low to get in top 5. I see 9th-12th as finishing slot, which will still net a very promising pick, just not one who will likely suit up for Habs as a teenager. But, the main thing i hope to see is Gauthier getting some picks in return for upcoming UFAs and stockpiling 2nd round or later picks, again i will point to the fatc that in 2007, which was the last year the Habs have had a 2nd round pick, they found a Mr. Subban and there are many 2nd round and later picks who just played in Junior championships, while we traded away for Sopel's, Moores, Mara's, etc, that is about my only beef with Gauthier and Gainey
  17. Dont get me wrong, i am a fan of both Kostitsyn and Desharnais, but Desharnais is just 1 too many small top 6 forwards ( if 13 or 21 goes, than he would fit better), has an attractive low salary and may be a great fit on various teams, such has L.A. and Kostitsyn is also an easily tradable player, an upcoming UFA and would also fit well on numerous teams and bring back some good assets, and who knows maybe Habs could just resign in July? Also with Weber, Gill and Moan, i like them but again they could be a nice fit elsewhere and possibly bring back a good pick/prospect or 2? Nothing they will do with coach, its too bad but he will likely be axed along with Gauthier i fear come mid April.
  18. I think you are pretty much bang on, maybe 5% chance of playoffs. Just i would already be looking to place Weber, Campoli and Gill in new homes, Gill might fit nicely with Blackhawks whose defense is weak and Weber for any team looking for a young MAB type d-man whose defense may improve with time, Oilers, Kings maybe? Cammalleri would look good in Pittsburg (or any team not the Habs). I would shop Moan, Kostitsyn, Desharnais, Gionta around deadline if for sure out of playoffs. Cunnyworth has made some sweet changes, Eller and yemelin got 20 minutes last game, which Martin wouldnt have done. And using the 7 d-men seems to be a nice dsitribution of ice and create good competition amonst the group. His communication manner/demenor seems much different than Martin and likely better for players?
  19. Gomez on a broken leg and using no stick is a better centre than our 4th line one is now, but i still would play 51, 81 and 14 over him at centre. If he comes back, plays and earns more icetime, then even better; but Martin running him out there for 20+ minutes/game, seemingly only because he is a high paid vet, drove me nuts (same as Cammalleri). That was just so sweet for Eller, after all the hard work and miles he has skated forechecking and backchecking, he deserved a big game and he is just another reason the future looks much brighter than present rendition of team. Now if Pacioretty can start scoring again (not that the 50 point rate he is on, is too bad at all in his 2nd full year) but he has lost something it seems, confidence, sophmore slump??
  20. Hopefully, Cammalleri is scratched because he is moving to another roster for picks/prospects! But not Kaberle, Habs can use his offense and experiance going forward with such a young group of d-men.
  21. why not just dress Big George and sit him on bench, he is still getting paid isnt he (sorry, Orr is about as useless isnt he?) Islanders are just 1 point behind with 2 games in hand, 27th place is just around the corner baby! The last top ten pick turned out pretty nicely for Habs (#31). As did their last 2nd round pick (#76).
  22. Anyone know where Pribyl was? I didnt see him play in last couple games, was he scratched, nailed to the bench or injured?
  23. Again i dont disagree that Beaulieu will be a great addition to a team that is mired near bottom of league in scoring year after year. And now with a strictly defensive guy like Gorges locked up and others like Tinordi and Yemelin, the Habs should be able to have at least 3 offensive guys who are not afraid to rush the puck. This is off-topic but; I dont think Beaulieu's development will be much different than a Del Zotto, Karlsson, Justin Faulk or Cam Fowler who are all promising young d-men, but had/have struggled to hold their own defensively. A perfect example; Del Zotto is now leading his team with a +25 after being a -20 as a rookie (sure on a better team now but still). Even Diaz and Yemelin (and Subban) have a rookie-like brain cramp almost every game, but you know their decision making should only get better over time with a bit of coaching and experiance.
  24. I dont disagree and most likely will be top 4 d-man and a damn good one, but just will need to pair with a solid defensive d-man is all. Funny that have "too many" righties, being that southpaws are much lower % of players. Hope Beaulieu's face has healed a bit, didnt look good, i thought a broken jaw at first. Cant wait till, Gallagher, Bournival, Ellis, Beaulieu, Pateryn, Kristo, Tinordi all turn pro next year (most likely)
  25. i know i know, i didnt say why nor really care at this point how we got to this record, it is just a fact that when your top forwards and top scoring d-man are not scoring, any team is dead in the water, that is all, 29 other teams have injuries as well and like i said it is just too easy to find fault with team's failure.
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