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  1. Why it a $2.75 million contract for a 23 year old being called a screw job? It's all nice and fine to compare PK to Myers or Staal or Doughty but you can easily compare him to others in the $2.5-$3.5 range which is where the contract was. 7 goals, 29 assists and 36 points with a +9 Zack Bogosian 5 goals, 25 assists in 65 games and signed a 2 year $2.5 million contract. Alex Edler Final year in entry level had 10 g, 27 assists and 37 points +11signed at $3.25 per season Victor Hedman 5 goals, 18 assists in 61 games signed at $ 4million per season VlaSIC 6 goals, 30 assists for 36 points +15 and signed for $3.1 million Letang 3 goals, 21 assits for 24 points and signed for $3.5 million A list of guys who are just as important to their teams, put up similar numbers to Subban, all except for Bogosian are better in their own zone and yet they cannot be used as comparibles because the totals are not in excess of $4 million? A $2.75 million contract is definitely not low balling. It was the starting point to where PK will sign for between $3.0 and $3.5 which is where he deserves to be signed. Forget the Myers and Staals, think about the majority of players in his category.
  2. You can argue that Patches deserves $4.5 million now let alone his worth 4-5 years from now. I think this is a tremendous deal assuming he continues to work hard.
  3. The rumoured offer of $5.5 million was apparently bogus anyway was it not? At least that is what Meehan said. Personally I think the offer was fine. Pk was anointed the #1 guy only because Gorges and Markov were injured. Now he'll be settled into that #2-3 spot. Were people up in arms when Detroit paid out $ 3million for Kronwall or what about when Keith and Seabrook were both signed at $3.5? A $2.75 contract may be slightly lower than what PK will sign for but it is nowhere near a low ball offer.
  4. Negotiations are fine. Carey Price in his previous contract took until late in the year just as Subban is now. Bergebin wants him signed for 2 years to ensure he remains an RFA when this deal is done and Subban wants a long term contract. In the end they will sign for 3 years at a dollar value around $3.0-$3.5 is my guess. As for whether I would make that trade no. Yakupov has the potential to be a superstar but I would argue that right now Subban is the 2nd most important player on this team. He is, at 23, our best D-man, our PP catalyst, our PK shut down guy and the player who goes against the oppositions best. The problem is that we do not have anyone right now capable of filing the void should he depart. Under different circumstances and if Tinordi, beaulieu, Ellis, Dietz or whomever else were ready to step in then I would say make the move because we are extremely thin on LWers but right now it makes no sense for MTL.
  5. Carbo's system was pretty up tempo but Therrien seems to like an aggressive game plan. In the past this would have hurt us because of our lack of size but now we have guys like Bourque, Eller, Armstrong, Pacioretty, Cole, White, Prust, Moen, Blunden, Nokelainen who have good size and capable of laying on the body
  6. I find us just way too passive. Good faceoff teams have 2 guys rushing for the puck. We always seem to have one guy play b ehind the center looking for a one timer for some reason. Go for posession already.
  7. Was it puzzling when Pacioretty signed for less than $2 million? Some teams give huge money to players coming off their ELC but Montreal has never done that. Pacioretty under $2 million, Price under $3 million........why change course and all of a sudden offer Subban $3.5 or more.
  8. Exactly.....I mean is there much of a difference between Fehr and Blunden?
  9. Players are not property? Then what gives a team rights to trade them if they don't own them?
  10. Come on guys, forget an offer sheet. MB is likely offering a small 2 year deal just as he offered to Emelin, Diaz, etc...If a team wants to come in and offer PK $5-6 million then they will do so and it will be for 7-10 years and MB will within an hour simply match whats being offered and secure Subban as a lifelong Hab. Options here are 2-3 years at a lower dollar value or 6+ years at a slightly higher level. Either way Subban will remain a Hab so we all have to relax.
  11. Faceoff percentage has as much to do with the center as it does his teammates. May be off base here but one of my major complaints when it came to Martin was that on faceoffs we rarely saw our forwards attack the faceoff circle but rather sit back and wait for a clear win. Some of the best faceoff men do have the ability for clear wins but also win a fair share because of their wingers attacking the faceoff circle and battling for the puck. If Plekanec had some biggers wingers then he can play for the tie up and then watch his line mates go and retrieve the puck. I think that with Therrien's more offensive/aggressive system you are going to see a better faceoff record and more puck possession.
  12. I love it when a team offers up an offer sheet for a pending RFA player but there is a side of me which thinks that offering these contracts should come at a cost. I would love to see a stipulation in the CBA that says if team A offers any player a contract that the cost would be: X Draft pick. Just a thought
  13. There is no chance NJ gives up Clarkson for Gionta however unless the Habs seriously sweeten the pot. And then how does that address our forward situation and lack of a LWer.
  14. Although I still think the Habs will try to land a top 6 forward to play on the left side, I wonder what Tomas Holmstrom has left in the tank. He doesn;t address our top 6 but as a 3rd line guy who sees PP time I imagine him to be still effective in this league.
  15. I am with you. here are plenty of guys out there who can fill that position. I'd like to see a guy like Mark Bell or maybe offer another deal to Brock Trotter.
  16. Didn't read the article but Anaheim offering Fedorov doesn't exactly fit that and neither does NYR with Sakic
  17. I say f Gomez is on this team he'll play center and not LW. Problem is that Gomez and Eller are both piss poor on the left side.
  18. Bourque spent a good portion of his career as a LWer. Alot of left hand shooters seem to excel playing that side of the ice. Problem with now is that we have Cole, Gionta, Armstrong, Bourque, White all pencilled on that side of the ice. I believe that Prust spent a significant amount of time on the right side as well. What this means is we have a gapping hole on the left. We have Pacioretty, Moen and that's about it. I think this is the major reason why Bourque's name keeps coming up in trades. My guess is as soon as the Doan decision is made we'll see the hammer drop with MB either dumping salary if Doan becomes a Hab or tradding to add some salary if Doan selects elsewhere
  19. What does it matter if an offer sheet is given to PK. What will the amount be? Will it be $6-7 million a year? In all likelyhood if an offer sheet is given it will be in the $4.5-$5.5 million range meaning MB will match and PK will be a Hab for life. An offer sheet s the least of my worries for PK
  20. Going today to get that prust Jersey. Still need Emelin though
  21. So what you are saying is that we are not trading Gomez for Henrique?
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