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  1. I see that Gwinnett only have the Rangers as NHL/AHL affiliate, hopefully Delmas can settled there for a while.
  2. Chaput signed in the LNAH yesterday lol http://cornwallfreenews.com/2013/11/cornwall-river-kings-sign-stephane-chaput-did-you-buy-your-road-trip-tickets-yet-click-for-details/
  3. "Kings add 2nd NHL drafted defenseman to their roster this year. Sullivan-BC/Montreal now, Boyle-Union/Ottawa September." https://twitter.com/SouthShoreKings/status/391636627644485632 Seeing that this Tim Boyle guy joined the higher division, I'd assume Sullivan will too. Also, that USPHL league, it's brand new, but other leagues merged with it, one of them is the EJHL, you probably seen that before, a couple of late rounders at the draft were getting picked from there.
  4. @USHLHockeyOps ROSTER MOVE: Green Bay (@GamblersHockey) has added Colin Sullivan (D) to their roster. https://twitter.com/USHLHockeyOps/status/387956331551789057
  5. I have no idea how, but "Green Bay (USHL) has picked up Colin Sullivan’s rights." https://twitter.com/WeissFC/status/387742237272338432
  6. Since I only have Mayer in mind right now, gonna ask this, I could be a little off in my memory, feel free to correct: He said on the radio something like Tokarski/Mayer could be the best duo in the AHL, I'd like him to elaborate on that, mostly regarding Mayer, maybe he (and the organization) knows or sees something that us the fans can't see by watching the games/looking the stats.
  7. It's common practice on NHL.com imo, have seen many players on try-out been added to reserve list during main training camps.
  8. He moved on to German 2nd division. http://www.pointstreak.com/prostats/playerpage.html?playerid=6231169&seasonid=9470
  9. Well, I don't know but 3 of the 4 known invitees are CHL overagers (1992 born), I could see them been offered to come to Hamilton's camp since Habs rookie camp is cancelled.
  10. He ain't, he will turn pro next season even if he gets 20 only in December (like Beaulieu this season)
  11. Yeah, he could very well join the Dogs between early March and early April, depending how far they go in the NCAA playoffs.
  12. He said something like not knowing what was going on with the Habs management, eased his decision to stay in college.
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