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  1. I really had hope for this guy, but some WJC guys just don't pan out... He was passed by White and Pyatt and we've given him enough chances. Better luck in Anaheim, Kyle!
  2. Sucks to be Leach! lol Or... good because he might get an NHL shot.
  3. Spelt "Canadians" a few times early on... lol
  4. This is brutal. I think I'll go back to doing homework.
  5. Psycing


    Hahaahahahahah I'm a n00b
  6. Psycing


    Tiger gets beat up by a gold club? Now THAT'S dramatic irony!
  7. Psycing


    Serious condition but driving under 33mph? This has weird written all over it.
  8. Rumor has it Jaroslav Halak will dress in Sergei's place as the 18th skater.
  9. Hahahah oh man... add another $3M? to the injured list.
  10. 4-3 win: Habs: White, Cammalleri, Metropolit, Gorges Jackets: Nash, Nash, Huselius
  11. Nah, I think someone would take Chips. Sure, he hasn't done much to this point, but the fact that he had junior success (Captained Canada no less) helps his cause... where as Stewart is what he is... not a ton of potential there. I definitely laughed hearing that Wyman got the call up. I never expected much from him... but I'm anxious to see him get a shot. He's a big guy, and sounds like he's a grinder a la Moen. I'm wearing my Travis Moen #32 shirt right now... so I think I could like Wyman.
  12. I always wanted to like Latendresse, but never could. Maybe Pouliot will win me over.
  13. Haha, oh man, I think the first game I scored in my own net?! And then the other one I call a bad line change and you go in on a 2-on-0, hahaha amazing goal too. Took me forever to score on Anderson, lol, really fun game though. I don't have Fight Night anymore, but I know what you mean! I always pick the wrong guy to fight with... Setagouchi? What was I thinking! lol We'll have to play again soon, hehe.
  14. Only because I have no time to actually boost my player... adn I've got MS points I had no plans in using elsewhere.
  15. lol, my guy is boosted... I even bought the Power Forward pack.... lol
  16. I'm going to go out on a limb and say: Sanford. I feel the old Habs' injury curse kicking back in.
  17. We could always get Pierre Dagenais back...
  18. Sergei Kostitsyn's FB status: Make of it what you will...
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