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  1. The Fourth Period also ranked the Habs fifth this week.
  2. Let him play in the minors, Habs are better off the way they are.
  3. I hear the Danis-Theo thing all the time. One good start doesn't mean squat. I'm a huge Yann Danis fan don't get me wrong, I've seen him play in the AHL and he's quite the goalie but people just need to give Theo more time to adapt.
  4. Wow nice read. I had no idea he was a Habs fan growing up.
  5. Kitty Sugar Those are on the top of my head.
  6. Yes it is. Advantages...well we get to see the best match ups in the NHL. Disadvantages...well so much competition in the division that it's going to be hard getting a playoff spot. Right now, if we assume Ottawa will completly dominate and hold onto the first spot in the division, only 5 other playoff spots will be up for grabs since the other two will go to the leaders of the other two divisions in the Eastern Conference. If you do the math, the odds are slim for the remaining four teams in the Northeast clenching a playoff spot when there's so much competition in the remainder of the Conference.
  7. Tony_


    The guy got sodomized by a broom stick, doesn't sound neat if you ask me :puke:
  8. Don't worry, we all love to read his stuff
  9. If Crosby isn't picked, it's easily because that he doesn't have much international experience aside from the juniors and that a veteran player would be a safer choice.
  10. You can easily elimate all goalies aside from Brodeur, Luongo, Theodore and maybe Turco. When are other countries announcing their list?
  11. Maybe he's a bit late on his latest column.
  12. Unless he currently is but the Habs should give him at least an "A" on his jersey.
  13. If the Leafs aren't ranked in top 5 in their power rankings they usually fire the guy who wrote them
  14. Give him some time to adjust. Who knows what could happen. He does have some assistant coaches for help. Didn't Mario Tremblay make a jump to coaching out of the blue when he coached the Habs? He didn't do too bad.
  15. Theo should be in nets tonight, if it was Danis then this would be all over the news.
  16. I saw this today and I was super pissed. Nice to see how TSN finally shows they true colors.
  17. That's easy, unless he has proof of authenticity it's worth nothing. And by proof I mean pictures of the players signing the stick and showing more than one picture too or having a certificate of authenticity.
  18. Would be funny if the Coyotes would win 5 in a row.
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