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  1. Screw Chelly playing.... how about as the new defense coach
  2. It's based on a points system with points alloted for first, second and third stars of the game. Price was first star in Toronto, and Buffalo, and 2nd star vs CHI. He beat out Moen for the award.
  3. You and I seem to post this type of thing once every 2 weeks or so.... I think maybe it will never sink in
  4. .... If I guess all the right numbers I will win the 6/49 tonight as well. What a horrible post
  5. That was my point.... he doesn't have any of the attitudes of the players you listed. He can't wait to come over, and he doesn't care how long he has to play in the AHL until he makes the NHL roster.
  6. He is a sure fire talent, that's for sure. The real game breaker and reason he will do well in the NHL is his attitude. He is a non-typical Russian player in that sense, and his attitude is very much like Ovechkin's..... Just don't tell him that.
  7. Remember when Pittsburgh shit the bed last season and turned it on in Feb? Were they the 1st seed, did anyone give them a chance at all?
  8. Nicely put. In the summer everyone knew that it would take a month or more to find chemistry and or gel as a team and they seemingly had no issues with that... "It is to be expected" . Now however not even 10 games into the season and the same people are starting crap threads like this. Makes me sick
  9. I agree completely. But, I think Halak has alot of value to a team with Huet as thier number one LOL
  10. Yeah the rumor of the day was S.Kostitsyn + Halak (Possibly a pick or D'Agostini) For Barker and a lesser light player/pick
  11. Not to burst your bubble but half of that was a rumor floating around a few weeks back.
  12. It's easy to look back and say Savard accomplished this.... but he inherited a good team already with some very young stars already here. Chelios 21, Claude Lemieux 19, Mats Naslund 23, Carbonneau 23, Bobby Smith 25, Mark Hunter 20, Mike McPhee 23, Rick Natress 20, Momesso 20, Penny 22, Rick Wamsley 24, Craig Ludwig 22. Then add in the vets, Gainey 29, Lafleur 31, Shutt 31, Robinson 32, Rick Green 27, Tremblay 27. It's already a solid teaam with a defined rookie crop already playing in the NHL. After a start like that how much of it is just maintenance? The '84 draft was fantastic for
  13. Not to beat a long dead horse here but again, there are factors you never thought of that just didn't happen. You're smarter than this Koz, think about what "could" have happened with both of these guys and you won't be far off.
  14. I still wouldn't trade Max Pac and especially not for Ryder 2.0 (Boyes)
  15. So Pacioretty + S. Kostitsyn + 2010 1st for Boyes? No, No, no..... no thank you St Lou I like the S. Kostitsyn and Halak for Cam Barker thought much much better
  16. Way too easy, I'll leave that one for a rainy day As far as the personal stuff, I disagree. I never specified anything to any individual, it was a vague statement to all the people that think thier ideals for the team is the best option. If it's easier to accept, consider it a reminder why you are on a forum and not signing the dotted line in an NHL gm's office on a daily basis.
  17. I made the point in question bold. Maybe that wasn't clear enough? I never said this was a "Stupid thread"
  18. Maybe pay attention because I didn't say that. As for the other, it wasn't aimed at Koz, it was vague and included you.
  19. If you knew the underlying factors you'd be in favor of Ribs going for nothing, not even Niinimaa. But you don't and yet you still call on this like it was Gretzky who was traded for future considerations. Last year the Habs had the same types of distractions in the dressing room, and just like the Ribs trade, those players are now gone. If you hate the moves, then so what, I'll take the opinion of a real GM over some fanatical ravings of an armchair gm anytime.
  20. If you have Grundman at 4 and Savard at 7 I no longer need to read this thread..... it was all explained right there
  21. Aside from the required $3M needed to be able to offer a $3M contract like you suggest, I'm not sure money is the determining factor for his decision to play in the KHL anyway.
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