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  1. Oh man was this game huge we had dominated most of the game and Weekes stood on his head. That was just an awesome pass by Markov and a nice play by Ryder to draw some of their defense and make that pass to Markov. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO go habs big win and a big loss for Buffalo who gets to see Ottawa again on wednesday.
  2. Sadly i believe this has nothing to do with a trade and i think it's going to be something negative such as Sourays injury is more serious then expected or about the Habs organization losing money and needing to make it to the 3rd round in order to break even. I just don't see this as being a press conference about a trade or anything like that. I'm praying for it to be something about how Montreal is going to help out the habs and back some of their proposals to the government to help this team such as the tax players and lower property tax.
  3. You know whose fault this is that theres a split in the locker room. It's the coaches he's the one that has to fix this problem. This team is completely falling apart.
  4. Thank god those 2 usless bums are gone i don't mind seeing Kilger back on the 4th line. oh well 2 down about 10 to go. Rape Gainey Rape
  5. Which ones the man in that relationship? It would've been hilarious if Bridges broke the window when souray couldn't. Well it's good that they got their hummer back but truthfully the crooks went about getting the hummer the wrong way. They should've went after bridges and tried to get the hummer instead.
  6. I hope Jose isn't involved why the hell would he need more money anyway.
  7. well how many brothers does Theodore have because it said either his father and 4 sons were arrested or suspects.
  8. Theodores father got arrested. Damn loan shark. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=44...759&hubName=nhl edit : title [Edited on 2003/6/18 by puck7x]
  9. WOOHOOO i finally won something this damn season.
  10. can i get some stats on Dion Phanuf?
  11. Stupid me forgot what i changed it too took me a couple of tries before i could finally get back in.
  12. Thanks for the help got it now.
  13. Is there a way for you to change your password on this board? That way i don't have to remeber a bunch of letters and numbers that equal nothing.
  14. What Sakiqc said is the correct version. atleast the way i learned it too. H stand for Hockey and not Habitant.
  15. Habinator33


    Throw at someone for me please. I think i set a record for doing that. JEREMY BURNIT GRAND SLAM OFF RUSS ORTIZ. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [Edited on 2003-5-27 by sakiqc]
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