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  1. Was that from the fake Habs twitter?
  2. So his trade value is of a 1st line center and his contract value is that of a 1st line center but he's really just a 2nd line center(one of the better ones though).
  3. Chicago was a little more desperate in clearing cap space than Winnipeg was right now. They got back a 2nd and a 7th round pick though most people were kind of surprised they had to give up Teravainen. All habs gave up was Bourque and got back Armia (3rd line NHLer, former 1st rounder), a 4th round pick, and a 7th round pick I wouldn't just ignore those picks. I'm not a big MB fan but he definitely reached out to a lot of the free agents, he's known as someone that is constantly working the phones and is always active. Keep in mind as well if Statsny signs with Winnipeg that same deal probably wasn't available to Montreal. It's easy to say I wish Montreal signed x player for the amount they signed but have to remember it's a two way street.
  4. With the interview period Montreal probably was already told there was no shot at Statsny. When you look at the rest of the free agents there weren't that many that are appealing and instead of sitting on $8m+ in cap like last year they decided to use it. They basically got Armia and 2 draft picks for cap space(they wouldn't be able to use) and Simon Bourque.
  5. Fake news on the pacioretty to san jose rumor apparently according to friedman and others.
  6. Slow habs news day for them, I'm sure they have taken out a few guys that could potentially go no 3.
  7. now lets see what crazy price contract wise he pays for Domi.
  8. This is the normal looking No Markov Habs just terrible without him.
  9. Pacioretty stopped driving the net when he got pushed into the goal post a few times and got hurt.
  10. Figured that Hemsky and Streit would get sat for Mitchell and Davidson/Morrow. I've been rooting for Hemsky but he just hasn't shown enough, puts himself in the box too often, and just doesn't fit in a 4th line role. I also thought the pp looked it's best when Gallagher was in front of the net on the 1st unit.
  11. 46-27-9-3 101 points 2nd in division 5th in East 237 goals
  12. After last nights game I definitely thought Galchenyuk-Holland-Hemsky were going to get a look tonight and possibly start the season together.
  13. I would've liked to see Mete in the lineup vs ottawa. So far Weber has only played one game so mete has only gotten 1 game.
  14. Considering the lines at practice it seems that Audette has jumped over a lot of players in this camp. While that is good for Audette it's probably whats frustrating Julien right now. De La Rose, McCarron, and Scherbak really haven't shown anything thus far outside of a good shift here and there. The way I see it between those 3 and the AHL vets no on really has earned the 13th forward spot or done enough to push out someone from the 4th line. Lets see if Julien calling them out yesterday and a few cuts wake anyone up. If they keep this up and Mete breaks camp I wouldn't be shocked to see them go with 7 D in a few games if a forward is hurt.
  15. Juulsen out 6 weeks with broken foot from blocking a shot vs Boston.
  16. Tough to evaluate guys in a game like this since you don't know whose holding back. The main guy you wanted to see have a good game though was Hudon and he did exactly that. Always good to see Reway on the ice as well.
  17. Another event that had mobile ticketing had an issue where 1500 people had to go to the box office and get their tickets printed out. This caused them to missed part of the show.
  18. Since Therrien isn't really doing anything with his time he wants to keep up with the game and asked MB for a pass to see the florida area games. He's not an actual scout but Bergevin said he could always ask him for some advice on those teams. Bergevin made it pretty clear though he's not scouting for the habs.
  19. The whole mobile ticket helps with the environment and prevents scalping is all a marketing scam. While it does help those two areas it's really 90% about collecting consumer data. This allows the venue, promoters, ticketing agencies, sponsors, etc better market to you. What they don't tell you is that slowly the mobile ticket is going to turn into a tracking device. It's already been in testing in some smaller venues. This allows them to see where you are at all times during the event. Again the sole purpose of this is to collect data to be used in marketing. This can't be done with a simple print at home or hard ticket. I personally am not a big fan of mobile ticketing it does have it's perks but there are too many negatives associated with it for my tastes. Also I'm sure 90% of people would disagree with me on this but scalping(not scamming and selling fake tickets) is actually really good for the industry. My friends on long island used to get $60 islander tickets for $2-5 all the time. You look at Calgary flames 12/20 game min price is $51 but on resale it's $13. Part of moving to mobile tickets is to prevent people from getting those cheaper tickets and having to deal with only the primary. When you only have 1 real market things like Mayweather fight happen where face value all of a sudden turns into 10k a ticket. Another issue is what happened to the U2 concert in Vancouver and I think on the east coast a few weeks ago. The service went down that had the mobile tickets and no one could get into the venues. http://www.commercialintegrator.com/blogs/ticketmaster-mobile-outage/
  20. The main problem is he looked completely disinterested when he didn't have the puck, that'll probably delay his arrival to the NHL especially in this organization. You can definitely see his value though on the pp.
  21. I'd probably add in there some new coaches for Julien as well. Namely JJ gone and someone else in.
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