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  1. Just watched Flash Forward, looks like a good candidate to fill my Lost once the final season finishes. Another new show to check out is Modern Family. It's a mockumentary style show on ABC, the premiere had me in stitches.
  2. The Library is your friend.
  3. Great win, Revis is seriously one of the best defensive players in the game right now. Andre Johnson and Randy Moss shutdown in back to back weeks! The Steelers (namely Jeff Reed) cost me 245 bucks by not covering the spread :puke: Favre has been everything I hoped he would be up till this point. Of course its only the Lions and the Browns, but he has played second fiddle to Adrian Peterson and he seems perfectly fine with it. I was a bit worried he would force things in order to be the star of the show, but that hasn't been the case. Percy Harvin has really changed our offense as well, he gives us a great weapon to complement Peterson and has contributed in both the passing and running games. It's a lot of fun to watch right now, but I'll temper my expectations for now as again, it was Detroit and Cleveland.
  4. any update on this JMMR? Also I can't seem to find RDS's online package this year, can anyone give me a hand? I'm assuming tonight's game is on there?
  5. Yeah I definitely plan to see Reservoir Dogs at some point, perhaps if I enjoy it I'll give more of his films a go. Laurent was also great good call. The scene where Waltz and Laurent are talking over milk was another gem. Its too bad really because this movie could have been one of my all-time favourites. I still need to see District 9, but that might end up being a rental at this point.
  6. ah Tarantino. He almost had me. The first scene was one of the better openings to a movie that I can remember off the top of my head. Everything was going great. Then he got flashy. Tried to take over the movie and add his own flair to it when it really wasn't needed. He never fully lost me because it is a good movie, maybe a very good movie, but a few "Tarantino-esque" scenes ended up ruining it for me, keeping it well below the "masterpiece" he so boldly claimed it was, at least in my opinion. I'll still give it an 8/10, would have been a 7.5/10 or lower without Christoph Waltz. To be fair I've only seen Pulp Fiction and a part of Kill Bill vol. 1 (couldn't finish that), but Tarantino just doesn't quite make it for me and I doubt I'll ever really see what everyone else sees in him.
  7. meh i agree and disagree. No doubt the biggest obstacle he had to coming back was the fact that he didn't want to participate in OTAs or even training camp. This is not a secret. But I think Favre had reason to feel he didn't need the extra two weeks of camp. This is the same system he has been in for quite sometime. He knows the playbooks and the calls as well as the coaches do. Granted it might take some time to develop chemistry with the receivers, but there really are no surprises here for him. 3 pre-season games should be plenty to get him ready. I do wonder what the opinion is of some of the Vikes veterans though. It looked like everyone was all-smiles at practice today but I'm sure there are some players who would resent the fact that he skipped out on TC.
  8. Overall, I'm pretty excited. Rosenfels had a nice opener in the preseason but he was never a guy who could win us games. T-jack is injury prone and ineffective, he'll probably be waived or dealt. Favre gives us a better chance to win in my opinion and that should be the main thing. Teams will be hard pressed to stack 8 in the box now against Peterson and Taylor, and with a rock solid defense I don't see any reason why we can't win 11 or 12 games. Plus, living in the GTA, this will surely give me a chance to see more Vikes games on TV I've obviously never been a Favre fan. This is a bit like the prospect of seeing Sundin in a Habs jersey. But i think this move is in the best interest of the team, and that's what should count.
  9. To be fair, there is no guarantee that Stallworth will be re-instated after serving his one year suspension. But back to the actual games, Vikes first preseason game tonight, looking forward to seeing Percy "Purple Haze" Harvin in action. By all accounts he has really stood out in camp and the Vikes are going to use his playmaking ability in a bunch of different ways this season.
  10. I was also an rds.ca online user and I'll probably get it again. The high quality stream that they introduced towards the end of the year made a big difference. It's a much better option for me than buying digital cable.
  11. Bruno is the most disgusting - yet hilarious - movie i have ever seen.
  12. I hate to continue on this rather trivial point, but Stewart had 17 fights between the AHL and NHL last season, 13 the year before...
  13. Anyone know when Jamel Richardson is coming back?
  14. Gregory Stewart is afraid to fight?
  15. Well can't we pull off a trade rather than losing Plekanec for nothing? Pleks and Hamrlik for Arnott would be a dream come true.
  16. Easily one of the best sporting events I've ever seen. Poor Roddick. I'm a big Federer fan but by the time it got to 10-10 in the 5th set, I didn't care who won anymore because both were so deserving. I hope Roddick gets a Wimbledon eventually, he's really remade his game and he deserves it. Could stick it to PTG who called him the biggest failure in American history
  17. Ok, but he wasn't fired. Surely there is little to gain about continuing that what-if scenario?
  18. Would you prefer he continue in denial?
  19. Yeah I meant buy outs after this season. Thanks for the info.
  20. Not much of an expert on the cap, how much would a buyout of Hamrlik or BGL cost us?
  21. I dunno, this cap speculation seems like a bit of a crapshoot. Wasn't it supposed to go down this year? I'd rather spend to the cap this year, not worry about next year, then make a trade or two if the worst case scenario happens.
  22. I can certainly see where you are coming from, but how does this warrant no coverage? There was a time when you could say Jackson was the most famous man in the world. Whatever he did in his personal life, people are going to be interested in his sudden death.
  23. In what way? As in it was so good/scary that no horror movie can do it for you anymore? Definitely my favourite horror movie. Up was incredible, it worked well on so many levels and is one of the better movies ive seen in the past 2-3 years.
  24. Good outing, but also look at what Doc did against the Braves... By the way the wheels are completely falling off the Jays. I continued to maintain that our hot start wouldn't last but I didn't think it would happen so fast. We'll see if they can get going again, as it has only been four games, but I won't be holding my breath.
  25. Yeah have to agree about those stats. Not a big fan of looking at W or SHO in either hockey or baseball. My favourite stat for a pitcher has to be K/BB. IMO if you can make people miss and let your defense make plays for you, you are going to have a ton of success. It's one reason I didn't believe Dice K's numbers last year, and eventually I expect him to regress to a high 3s ERA, unless he somehow works out his control issues.
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