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  1. Sammy Herzegovina Herzegovina?
  2. yay us! I'd like to thank God, my parents, my many fans...without you I am nothing.
  3. I'll send in an application later.
  4. Billy Corgan has a solo album coming out. I've heard two tracks. "A100" has a bit of a Nine Inch Nails influence, while "Walking Shade" is complete Smashing Pumpkins. Good stuff, I hope to see him in Toronto in July
  5. No. He has no account on any hockey boards. Are the Leafs still available? If yes, I'll send in an application as soon as I know.
  6. Just wanna run this one by you guys rather than just assume it's fine... My friend and I would like to share duties on one team (Leafs.) Everything will be run from his computer, but we will be using my Habsworld account for the forum. Any problems with this? He's the Leafs fan, but I think it would be fun to do this.
  7. A damn good read. Good to see Perezhogin get the nod for top prospect despite playing overseas. I'm glad to see Kostitsyn wasn't bumped down too much. Just because he didn't light the lamp like most expected doesn't justify diminished status. Also, I like to know what's happening with the guys that I can't follow easily (Habs and Bulldogs.)
  8. Trizzak


    I hardly expect them to use Downs in the rotation. I'd rather they move Walker down for a start or two first. But yes, Lilly in the pen will be wonderful. Less work to do, more time to recover. Andy Dominique is somewhere around 5th on the depth chart for catchers. He would get his ass handed to him in a game. At least Huckaby is defensively sound. Maybe if the Jays blow out a team (hahahahaha) they can bring him in to get his feet wet.
  9. Oh well. At least it wasn't the swedes.
  10. I just downloaded "The General" and "Open Up" They remind me of Sublime. :-^ If you happen to mosey on into this thread again, suggest to me some Dispatch tracks you think I should hear.
  11. I just tuned in, Czechs are up by one in the first.
  12. 4 posts in a row....:nono: Music, listen to it and post about it. Currently listening to Warsawpack - Doomsday Device
  13. Gotta agree with Danis getting Rookie of the Year. This team would have been horrid with anyone else goaltending.
  14. Trizzak


    *le bump* Lilly makes me want to break things. He rushes his way out of Spring Training, has one spectacular outing and then proceeds to blunder###### his way through every game he has been in. Maybe his injury is still nagging him. But he really needs to spend some time in AAA working out some problems, or he at least needs to step aside and let someone else have his spot in his rotation for a couple weeks while he works it all out. Lilly is currently a liability.
  15. I gotta say, I haven't heard much about the prospect defenceman. Cote, Archer, Sanford... Is this my lack of knowledge, or are they not worth hearing about?
  16. This might cause a few players to think twice about playing overseas if there is no NHL season again. Terrible news. I hope he makes a full recovery.
  17. That's an awfully young and tiny second line. I base all my line predictions on Kovalev being a habs (don't let the dream die!!!! :contract:) so I gotta go with: Zednik-Koivu-Kovalev Perezhogin-Ribiero-Ryder (also awfully young and tiny) Bulis-Bonk-Sundstrom Higgins-Begin-Ward With Sundstrom/Higgins changing lines occasionally. Same with Bulis/Perezhogin. Also, they'll sign a goon for occasional 4th line work. Hainsey will be given a shot at the Habs lineup. He will fail. D lines stay the same, trades pending.
  18. So let's hear your thoughts... who graduates?
  19. Do you see the Raptors turning it around any time soon?
  20. Apparently so. I've been wanting to visit/live in Australia and now that I see I might be able to lace up the skates down there I'm sold. Australia here I come. I'm liking the name drop in your location Leafs Suck "Rick Nash's hometown"
  21. I'm torn...oh so torn. Big defenceman....big forward.....AHHHH!!! The Habs could use both, but I think I'd actually want a big forward first.
  22. Perezoghin didn't tear up the league immediately after joining the Dogs. It took him some time to adapt. So what if Kostitsyn had an average first year? Let's see how he does in a year or two. Also, I think he was playing on the third line a lot this year (Confirm/Deny?) so let's see how he does on the first or second line after some guys graduate to the NHL. Speaking of which, I look forward to seeing Plekanec or Higgins in the Habs lineup next year. It's pretty much inevitable one will make the cut.
  23. wow. The Dogs sure did make a habit of shitting the bed in the third period these playoff games. Not how I would have liked to see the season end, but oh well. Nice offensive outburst from the guys we'd expect to though; Plekanec, Higgins, Hainsey. Good to see some guys making strides to be a part of the Habs next year.
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