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  1. Aw, that means no Christmas episode. Edit: Wait, mid-season. For some reason I took that as immediately. Never mind. Still not a good sign though. I also see Awake isn't on the schedule either, that sucks. Looking forward to that.
  2. Dumb penalties, dumb mistakes, dumb decisions Dumb, dumb, dumb football game by the Stamps.
  3. Joe Pa fired last night. PSU students riot on campus about it showing how intelligent they really are. Then this morning it gets 100x worse. http://www.businessinsider.com/jerry-sandusky-donors-2011-11 I feel ill over this whole thing, so disgusting.
  4. That is amazing. I would love to see teams copy the Flyers there, I love it.
  5. Me either, I wasn't allowed as a kid so I only caught an episode here or there. Some of the lines are golden in this though. I died at basically every line when they watched Jersey Shore. %
  6. I never got sick growing up aside from when I was 13 and got the chicken pox. Then my sister had kids and now I'm sick all the damn time.
  7. To be completely honest, at risk of sounding like a psycho, I mostly laughed. I laughed a lot. The whole scene was just so....ridiculous. Nonsensical almost. Anyway, I'll take a shot in the dark here, but has anyone watched the Beavis and Butthead revival? Only two episodes so far but both were hysterical. That awful crap MTV has nowadays has needed some lampooning and Judge is doing it perfectly. The actual story parts are kind of boring but when they sit there and watch music videos or something like 16 and Pregnant....it's awesome.
  8. Just watched Chuck. Trying to figure out if theres a Dutch person on the writing staff. Only reason I can think of to have a character named Wesley Sneijder. Exact same spelling and everything. Played by Green Arrow/Aquaman no less. Never thought I'd see that guy again after Smallville ended. I was eating spaghetti when he....popped, too. Ugh. I know Maggie was also Volkoff's daughter on Chuck but thats it.
  9. That was the gnarliest I've ever seen Walking Dead, hahaha. Those that watched it, you know what scene I'm talking about. Damn.
  10. I think we beat Edmonton but lose to BC in the Final. Honestly, I'll be surprised if the Grey Cup winner is anyone other than BC. They've been straight dominant for almost 3 months now. Everyone else has looked pathetic in that time frame.
  11. http://www.montrealg...5226/story.html I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Anyway, Stamps look good so far, hopefully if we help the Als then they can help us. Edit: Oh right, and the bad news, Nickelback is doing the Grey Cup halftime show. Urgh.
  12. There were two, one from the group at large saying don't worry about it and another one saying they were and explaining why. I guess it's just the work of one guy from Ohio who everyone else told to knock it off. But if you don't know about Facebook's complete lack of care for your privacy then you live under a giant rock. However, I'm not particularly concerned if the government knows I like The Dark Knight or Arcade Fire. You just have to be smart about how you use your profile.
  13. Zucks is a security nut and they gave him 3 months to plan, I wouldn't worry too much. (Also it's not endorsed by the main Anon group because they primarily use Facebook to plan their attacks, lol)
  14. Hah, I forgot about this. Guess we'll see if they can pull this off tomorrow. Doubtful, like anything else they threaten, but you never know.
  15. For some reason I thought of this premise just with Twilight instead of The Silmarillion. And now I can't stop laughing. I might have a short story idea for NaNoWriMo, haha
  16. Led Zeppelin has a lot of LOTR references in their music. "The Battle of Evermore" from IV has references to The Battle of Pelennor Fields. Misty Mountain Hop contains references to the first chapter of The Hobbit while Over The Hills And Far Away also has references to The Hobbit. A lot of fans also think "No Quarter" is Tolkien influenced though theres some debate about exactly what. Robert Plant is actually a big J.R.R Tolkien fan, he named his dog Strider (who he wrote the song Bron-Y-Aur Stomp for. Just another random fact)
  17. Actually just heard a story from my sister's friend that a church here asked for their financial information to find out how much they make. From that, they would decide how much money they could afford to donate to the church. And it wasn't negotiable, it had to be the amount that the church came up with. So obviously they didn't join that church.
  18. Then he's a poser. Pennywise is like Modern Punk 101. NOFX too. Dead Kennedys and The Ramones would be Classic Punk 101. You can't be a punk and not listen to those two. You just can't.
  19. Ooooh, yep, that was another. Nemesea, Sirenia and Leaves' Eyes also while I'm thinking about it.
  20. I used to listen to Blue and Yellow a lot. Box Full of Sharp Objects and Buried Myself Alive. I still listen to AFI and The Used's older stuff (AFI up to Sing The Sorrow and The Used up to In Love And Death) The Used especially still carries a lot of nostalgia from 2004, Story of the Year as well. Nightwish was one band I listened to. I got weirdly specific and only listened to symphonic female-fronted bands. Within Temptation was my favourite but I also liked Epica, Xandria, Lacuna Coil, Edenbridge, After Forever, Delain and the aforementioned Nightwish. I think there were a few more but I can't remember. I'll post some Sleigh Bells just cause I love the reaction they get. They've got an odd sound, you either love them or hate them. There's no in between. Personally I love them, I saw them in May with Neon Indian and Oberhofer and it was fantastic, all three. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kJ05P-71gY
  21. I hated the Otis/Shane scene for so many reasons. Firstly the execution was awful, they had a healthy lead on the zombies with nothing in front of them. Even if one guy was slow and another was injured, they could have easily made it away together without losing time. If they'd made the situation more dire, then I think what they were going for would have worked better. Instead it felt unnecessary. I have a theory though that Secondly, the idea of wounding someone to help yourself goes against almost all the themes Kirkman has put forth in the book. And that lack of faithfulness to the source material really bugs me. I don't mind making story changes (such as Shane for some reason still living) but leave the themes alone. Regarding Carl, things get much worse for the children of the Walking Dead world. This is nothing.
  22. It wasn't as good as last years but it was still good. I didn't see it as the same premise though, I think it's closer to the fake flashback episode from last year. And yeah, I've been wondering the same on Goodman. IMDB doesn't even have him listed for any future episodes.
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