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  1. That's all it is. A rumour. Avs need Duchene.
  2. It's kind of sad. Pierre just keeps bringing in his friends. I guess that's a good thing because they have a shot at Taylor Hall/Cam Fowler now too. Going to be a good future if they can end Pierre's band of misfits parade.....
  3. It's going to be weird seeing a bunch of former Nucks coaches working with the Oilers next season.... Good choices nonetheless.
  4. Last night just sucked but I'd be a fool if I didn't think that game was downright entertaining. The officiating sucked and can certainly be argued that it was in favor of the Hawks, but it's not what cost the Nucks the series. Hawks definitely deserved to win that series and congrats to them. During game 4 while we were leading with about 4 minutes remaining, I was telling myself that the Hawks very well could tie it here and I'll be looking back at this point as the turning point. Of course I was hopeful we'd go up 3-1 but I can read this team like a book and they did it again. Always next year. Great year Nucks! As for now, go Hawks!
  5. Great career Nazzy. It's unfortunate he declined so much but he did some great stuff here in Vancouver. After he hyperextended his left elbow in the Steve Moore hit, his shot was never the same. Hopefully for him, the Nucks retire his number.
  6. Well the Pats traded Ellis Hobbs to the Eagles for two 5ths... which they then parlayed into the 4th to get Ohrnberger and a 6th this year. Though from the way Rex Ryan was talking earlier today, I don't think Jones going anywhere. Guess we'll see. So far I think the Pats have had a solid draft. Patrick Chung -SS Ron Brace -DT Darius Butler -CB Sebastian Vollmer -OL Brandon Tate -WR Tyrone McKenzie -OLB Rich Ohrnberger -OG As well as gain the Jags and Titans seconds next year which should be a much deeper draft.
  7. Jets move up to #65 just like you wanted Mike but they didn't pick Murphy. Shonn Greene, RB from Iowa.
  8. Not really surprising. Good old Al Davis.
  9. Wow. There you go Mike...... Sanchez is a Jet. Excellent pick.
  10. If anyone can guess who I am, I'll....... well.... bragging rights for you then...
  11. WHAT A GAME, WHAT A NIGHT, WHAT A ######ING FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for round two!!!!!!!!!
  12. You don't even have Gears 2 anymore do you?
  13. Who's up for some LIVE action this weekend?
  14. No apologies needed AC, that's terrible news. My condolences.
  15. I did the same thing. So actually you're tied.
  16. Yeah, I realized that right after I posted it. I've been watching it so don't worry.
  17. Can't wait to watch that game. I bet you can't wait to cheer on your Flames too.
  18. Of course it is. That pokecheck happened in the 2nd too. Probably going to keep him from playing the next few games.
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