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  1. Just wanted to share that I went to the Canucks game yesterday. FRIKKIN AWESOME!!! That is all.
  2. Hiller will do fine IMO but we'll see soon enough. Whitney and especially Wisniewski have been great for them as of late and that could help.
  3. You won't admit it but I know Jacques Lemaire is your first choice.....
  4. I will admit you were right on Granato, but I was just trying to be optomistic. He still couldn't coach the Avs to secure either Tavares or Hedman. I also meant that the Avs will sign Arnason to a 5 year 25 mill deal. If the Avs don't get the top pick, then hopefully they go with Duchene. The kids going to be sick.
  5. You can drive an actual car? I always pictured you driving this...
  6. So what's Noah's take on the Bills signing TO?
  7. Nyce. I better get out and grab it this week. Hopefully anyways...
  8. I thought you said Halo Wars had no multiplayer? Tells you how out of the loop I've become on the latest games.... lol
  9. Burrows is the 3rd Sedin now. Kes is a part of the RPM (Ryan Pavol Mats) line. Unless a total meltdown happens(knock on wood), they're likely to stay on their respective lines.
  10. It can happen a month down the road. GTA is still good too. I wish HALO CE had LIVE multiplayer. That'd be crazy to play.
  11. I'm sure Staz will get more healthier as time goes on(knock on wood). He's awesome to watch. On Kes, I've pegged him as my favourite player since 2004. I can remember the Philly offer sheet and how everyone was saying take the 2nd round pick and I thought they were all stupid and crazy. Looks like I was right. Kind of pisses me off though to see the same fans now sing his praises and start calling him their fav though.... but that's what you get with bandwagoners. Oh, and my Kesler jersey finally came on Friday.
  12. I like too many so I'll just mention three of the top of my head.... Paul Stastny. Agree completely with Mike, he's a solid one. Ryan Kesler. The guy's a warrior. Wears his heart on his sleeve, has size, speed, grit, brings leadership and the list goes on. I can be a homer but he's only going to get better. He was everywhere against the Sharks on Saturday. Mike Richards. What can I say? I like solid two way players.
  13. One of these weekends we're going to have to get in a game of Gears or something.
  14. Ironic. I was JUST playing Halo CE with my little cousin and was thinking about whether Halo Wars had come out.
  15. I guess the burgundy and blue is fading and red is taking over.
  16. It's not that. Any 3rd line centre like Pahlsson or Moore and I'd care les of what the Alberta teams did but doing nothing kinda makes me sad. I loved it when at the press conference, it sounded like Gillis hadn't a clue Pahlsson went to Chicago...
  17. You playing Halo of any sort still sounds weird.
  18. This thread is awesome. That is all.
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