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  1. I can certainly tell that you are.
  2. I think you misunderstood why your sister kicked you out.
  3. Happy B-day Hippie! Like I said, don't get trapped in any dumpsters on the way home from the party.
  4. In the later rounds, a lot of overagers and older euros were taken. Vancouver took a Norwegian as well but he's turning 20 I believe. I guess it depends whether management thinks Holos is ready to come over.
  5. It really does suck. Can't even imagine how you feel right now Dutchie. The Dutch are out but they showed resilience and stayed in there. Russia had amazing pace however, and really dictated the play in the later stages of the match so it was no surprise they pulled away. Major props to them and I guess I'll root from them the rest of the way. After today's performance, Arshavin really cemented himself as one of my favourite players.
  6. Ballard is an awesome dman. Florida's got a real keeper in him, no doubts about it. Boynton is still a solid guy himself and will do wonders in shoring up the Panthers blueline. Also I think the pick they got was used(moved up 3 spots from 49 to 46th i believe) to nab Colby Robak who was a projected 1st rounder so I think they made out reasonably well.
  7. Just saw this now. Karlsson is a great pick IMO. These are the kinds of dmen you're going to need to be successful in today's NHL.
  8. My friend told me about him a few years ago saying he was friends with him. The guy's from Surrey and he's east indian. He had a better season last year so he might turn out into something still. I think it's an ok pick but my friend isn't going to let me hear the end of it now. lol
  9. OMG WE TOOK PRAB RAI! THIS IS SO ######ING FUNNY!!!! I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!!!! Did the same with a few teams. I saw Calgary's been trading with themselves as well.
  10. The Kings are doing an awesome job. Along with the Coyotes and others, the West is going to be insane in the coming years....
  11. Agreed. Toronto has 3 picks in a row coming up. Let's see if they've gained anymore smarts. Can't wait to see who the Nucks take after that. I should mention David Carle is retiring from hockey due to being diagnosed with a heart condition. That really sucks... he looked to have a promising future ahead of him too in hockey.
  12. Apparently, the Avs traded Brad Richardson for the 61st pick from LA. They selected goalie Peter Delmas.... Weird. They needed a goalie though, so not surprised.
  13. If he can overcome his skating woes, it's an excellent pick no doubt. He has a high skill level mixed with a great work ethic. Just that skating.... good value at this point no doubt.
  14. Wow. Justin Jokinen just went to Buffalo after aquiring the pick from LA. They're coming off fast now.
  15. Arniel, Stefanovich and Long go to Boston, Toronto and Phoenix respectively just now. That really sucks.... As for the Avs, Harri Sateri, the Finnish goalie is still on the board. At least I'm pretty sure he is. Some solid players out there still though. Jenks to Florida.... Scratches another.
  16. Prospal's rights have now been traded to Nashville for a 7th. Guess TB was unsuccessful...
  17. It's so true but it's not like Kristo is a soft player. IMO, if he's brought up the right way, Timmins and co made a good pick in my books. Time will tell nonetheless.
  18. By all accounts a good pick to make in the later part of the 2nd.
  19. Danny Kristo. RW from the US National Development team. 5'11 and 172 lbs
  20. Also wanted to say shit that Calgary got Mitch Wahl. ###### sakes....
  21. Happy B-day Macadonious! Don't get trapped in a dumpster though. Nucks take Yann Sauve. Excellent though I was hoping for Zac Dalpe. Avs select in the next few picks. Nevermind, the Avs take Cameron Gaunce from Mississauga of the OHL. A dman no less.
  22. I like Tanger still(not as much as I used to for obvious reasons) but that is indeed funny.
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