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  1. All I've been doing is defending my team. Morrison.... like come on... now if it was like Sedins are girls then fine, it's just a joke but I do make a substantial argument regarding cap problems and Morrison. The stuff that's not true I will argue but if it's like Luongo is unproven and could suck then fine. That is very possible. Thank you.
  2. I may be a homer but I know what I'm talking about and that is an absurd statement. Seeing what the market determines for players like him right now, that contract is perfect. Brenden Morrison is among the most UNDERRATED players in the league becasue mainly everyone says he feeds of Nazzy and Bert...... which is just plain stupid. The guy's a heart and soul guy and steps up in the playoffs and key situations and was our top forward when Bert was suspended. He sustained a hip injury around early December and played through it all season longs and didn't mention it at all. We didn't know he was even hurt until the last game. Look at Bert's stats and Nazzy's stats and then Morrison's. Look at the plus minus rating of the 3 as well. Morrison does it all offense, defense, key faceoffs....He's a true warrior and will step up this year. With Bertuzzi gone, he will show the league why he can be a #1 center and prove the critics wrong and I have no doubts about it. In Vancouver's POV, you just don't move a guy like him.
  3. I know you all could care less but here's Nonis's take at the moment from an interview yesterday: -Bulis will play on a wing -expects Bulis to score 20-30 goals -Will be awhile before we see Edler in Canucks uni. -We will end up around 42m on cap -Most of gaps still there will be filled form within organization -Morrison doing well in rehab, well be ready for camp -people who keep complaing about lack of offence on the roster haven't done their homework - 4 of the top 5 point getters are resigned -- Naslund, Sedin, Sedin, Morrison. Only Bertuzzi (4th) and Carter (6th) aren't. - we're not all defence, will never plan to go that way - emphasis on obtaining 2-way players and scoring by committee - will compensate for as much scoring as he can; Luongo helps - looking to give young players a big opportunity to step up and breakout - no doubts about Bulis; healthy scratches show he didn't fit in montreal, like now Naslund was benched by Mike Keenan before - looking forward to road trip at beginning of season; wants new-look team to be tested as much as possible in first 30 days. - will have several manitoba/depth players signed for 450-500k but wants experience on first 3 lines - may make one more signing for D or winger if financially can fit. (Got info of Canucks.com) For those who might be interested..........
  4. He never will either as Nonis took our offer off the table. It should be him begging to come back, not Nonis begging for him to as Nonis is the one who gave him that chance with the Sedins.... so Nonis waited and said forget it...
  5. Trust me I know, Nonis didn't pick up Linden's option... Nonis IS looking to sign Linden to a cheaper contract right now and he IS a UFA. Expect something very soon.
  6. I heard that Keenan reconsidered and only wanted Belfour as a backup. That is most likely the case here and he will go with Auld as the starter.
  7. LMAO................. They're wrong...... That's been known for a long time. Nonis declined Linden's option and he's negotiating a new contract. Linden is a UFA right now.
  8. I read this and right away and I knew it was from last year............... Carter is a greedy bastard and I don't consider him a Nuck type. Comes in and gets the Sedins make him look like a star and runs away for cash. Nasty, if you were trying to trick me you failed. To prove it.... Carter played for 1 mill last year and I checked the date right away.
  9. Don't get me wrong... I love Jovo and Bert and will miss them a lot but you don't go out and replace a guy with one player. The Avs did it perfectly replacing Foppa and Foote with Turgeon and Breezer....... then use the rest of the space to add depth to replace the guys they let go.(Laaksonen, Lappy etc etc) We're replacing Jovo with Mitchell, Krajicek and hopefully Bourdon. For Bertuzzi, it'll be the depth of guys like Bulis, Pyatt, Chouinard and hopefully Santala and Reid. Improved offensive outputs from Kesler, Linden the Sedins and Mo and Nazzy as well. We have more than 1 first line talent besides Nazzy and Morrison is severly underrated. Same goes for the twins as they've more than proved they're ready. They've put up ponts consistently while playing other teams top units last season. We're underdogs and I like it better that way.
  10. The Canucks had a roster of 21 last season and Nonis has indicated that this is what he's going to do again. A cap of 42-42.5 mill is what Nonis has set for himself and guys like Ryan Kesler(800k), Mikka Noronen(750k), Lukas Krajicek(700k), Kevin Bieksa(550k) should all be signed soon. Yannick Tremblay's amount has yet to be given but should be near the league minumum. Trevor Linden should be signed at around 650k and Reid, Green, Santala, King, Schultz, Rypien and Burrows should all be in lower figures. Our team is done from the looks of it. We'll be promoting youth this season and should have from 1.5-2 mill in cap space for a trade(s) later on in the season. Better than our 500k cap space last year....
  11. Giguere knows what he's doing.... you can never have too much depth at defense. I know this too............
  12. Our prospect pool in not very strong but we also have quite of the less known guys who are underrated. Those guys won't put fear into anyone's heart...........well not yet anyways. Reid isn't a prospect either. Jesse Schultz is the one to watch. Luc Bourdon you should know. Reid "could" follow the path of a guy like Andy MacDonald and I see that as a real possibility as he's matured and feels he can play in the new NHL. The only guy I see at the moment out of our prospects besides Bourdon and maybe Schultz right now that strikes fear is Jannik Hansen but I see it as a stretch for him to make our team. I dunno.... we'll see. Neither did Buffalo and Carolina. That's exactly what Nonis is doing right now. He's building a team with a bunch of lesser names that work hard and play as a team. Few stars and a good goaltender. So far he has done just that and given Vigneualt a VERY versatile lineup. That's all. B)
  13. I'm tired of defending my team...... read ALL the posts I've posted including in this thread......... You'll understand why many of you are making stupid statements when you haven't done your research.
  14. I'm good............. I shut Jets up. Nah, in all seriousness, we either boom or bust, so we'll see how it goes but I am confident our team is better than it has been in previous years. I know it..... well almost.
  15. Many of you might laugh but a MAJOR change was also made besides the Luongo thing. That is we have a brand new coaching staff and Alain Vigneault is the perfect guy for this team. He demands the best of his players and that's the type of coach we've needed. I liked Crawford, but he was BRUTAL at defending leads, getting his players to work and absolutely stupid when it comes to goalies. As for Bertuzzi, yes he did put up 70 points, but he was terrible defensively and couldn't focus anymore. He was minus 18 or whatever and still put up 70 points. He led to WAY too many turnovers and didn't play physical 90% of the time.... Jovanovski hasn't been the same since hte 2003 playoffs, all he brought was offense and leadership....he doesn't hit like he used to and obviously his defensive lapses were a concern. Let alone how much the guy was out with injuries over the past 3 years.... Carter was the ideal winger for the Sedins.... stand in front of the net and bang pucks in. That's all he did. Sedins have gotten better every season and there are a lot of guys that could possibly fit and Jesse Schultz seems to be the #1 candidate. Alain says he has one of the quickest releases he has ever seen. Allen was doing well until sustaining an injury himself early on and wasn't the same and I'm sure Willie Mitchell will do a much better job(no offense to Allen). This team is MUCH better than last years. We have much needed depth for once and can roll four solid lines which are defensively responsible. Our defense is nothing to laugh at either. Krajicek and Bourdon, if he plays, can make a difference. A team that plays as a team and works hard is what is important and having our strs healthy will help a lot this time around.( I was actually being funny with that post so we can argue like we are now.... however with that team, our defense is way better than Floridas was and he won't be left out to dry.
  16. Anyways....... I think Nonis is done with the major additions. A lot of hungry players are going to come to camp and I bet Nonis wants some of these guys to step up. We're going to be hard to score on now that we can roll 4 solid lines and a solid defense along with a franchise goalie....... those Avs are going to have a hard time now. Edmonton too....... *Bostonian Rob flies in and argues his Prongerless team will find a way.....* It's time for payback! :king: Those of you who feel Naslunds best is behind him should think again..... the guy will be his old self next season(hopefully no injuries). B)
  17. TSN reporting it now. My Webpage A lot of depth on the team this year. Guys who forecheck hard and we actually have guys defensively responsible throught the lineup. Looking very promising. On the Avs...... I think they're going to be fine and surprise a lot of people. Though the Svatos thing doesn't look good.
  18. Oh BTH....... where are you? Damn, he left today.......
  19. Nonis is going for a versatile lineup I guess..... Have yet to hear his take. Naslund-Morrison-Cooke/Pyatt/Schultz/King/Reid D.Sedin-H.Sedin-Bulis/Schultz/King/Reid Pyatt/Bulis-Chouinard-Kesler Burrows/Brown/Green-Santala/Reid-Linden Ohlund-Bieksa Mitchell-Krajicek Salo-Bourdon Tremblay Luongo Noronen/Flaherty Something along those lines. Apparently, Bulis is a great cycler and that's the game the Sedins love to play so maybe that's why Nonis wanted him as well. Going to be an interesting camp.
  20. The addition of Mark Bell may have something to with this trade. Ekman's a good pickup for the Pens.
  21. Smart move..... Auld is going to surprise a lot of people.
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